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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Multicam vs. ACU in Afghaniastan

xBradTC over at the Bring the Heat Bring the Stupid Blog has a good pic up of multicam uniforms being used over in the 'Stan by it appears 34th Division troops...

Multicam is a 7 color pattern developed by Crye with the US Army. It uses a light green/tan as a base color as opposed to the adopted ACU UCP (universal camo pattern) pattern which uses "foilage green/grey" as its primary pattern. There have been critiques of the UCP pattern ever since its adoption of its effectiveness in the desert, but for every naysayer there is a picture like the one below to show it being used effectively..
Personally I think by looking at various pics found on the net that the ACU pattern is good enough for our current environments in Iraq and Afghanistan if you allow it to get dirty a bit and pick up native color. It also looks OK on top of the vast plain of rocks that every camp, FOB and base is built on top of over there, as I demonstrate here in Kuwait..

It does look out of place when placed against a purely tan background like in the desert..or against the Marines MARPAT desert scheme..which I will be the first to admit kicks some major ass..
Really, what I think is that the camo you wear is at least partially offset by the type of war we are fighting on a wide spread basis over there. Sure there are still guys out humping the boonies and mountains over there (and many of them are Specop guys who get to wear whatever they need), but a lot of our folks are still driving around looking for targets in large, loud vehicles that give themselves away long before the effectiveness of their camo uniforms would come into play. Regardless, camo is not a static idea. There is no "all in one" pattern that looks good EVERYWHERE! I remember doing a LTX (Lane training exercise) a few (OK, a lot more than a few) years back as a young sergeant and my team was the only to ace it because I made my guys take the time to recamo with new vegetation as we traversed from an open grass plain to a wooded area and back. Yeah me!

So, what do you think? ACU or Multicam? hell or MARPAT for that matter, BDU, that Brit stuff or what have you...what do YOU think is the best camo pattern that could be used over there?


Anonymous said...

I say multicam seems like a brilliant camo. I personaly love it. Also the german Arid-flectarn is great too

Anonymous said...

I'd say that Multicam is the more effective in most environments though urban I'd give to the acupat (at least from personal experience) though it doesn't seem so much more effective than acupat to justify the huge cost of Multicam. I'd also say that camouflage isn't perfect, not even Multicam, so its less what camo you use, more how you put it to use.

Anonymous said...

ACU or UCP from personal expirience has worker fine. The only time it doesn't is when it has direct sunlight and green background and standing in the open. Which lets face it no one will do. Your gonna be behind cover and UCP works when behind foliage and brush. Very misunderstood camo UCP