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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A 5 minute review...Blackhawk Legacy XP-6 flashlight..

Whats in your pocket?

Its lunch...I have eaten and I have a few minutes...lets try something new. Fishing through the pockets of my jacket lets take a look at something that I am carrying. I do not have a dedicated EDC - every day carry - setup like many folks outside the fact that generally I will be carrying a pistol in my vehicle or on my person, my wallet, watch and a phone. Other items tend to follow me around though. Let me take 5 minutes to crank out a quick and dirty review of this item and even take a pic or two with my phone's camera and see how it turns out.

First what do I have? A flashlight!

To be more precise a Blackhawk Night-Ops Legacy XP-6 light...I found that out by searching prices on line, Blackhawk only shows one flashlight on their web sight. It's a good little flashlight with a rubberized polymer exterior with aggressively molded sides and a anti-roll bezel. I remember picking it up at Vance's for around $35 just as a cheap second flashlight. I own a Surefire flashlight that I picked up overseas for around $90 and this seems to be a good, cheap alternative to that.

One thing I like about it is that the switch does not require it to be twisted or anything like the Surefire. Just simple press lightly to turn the light on for a brief illumination (as if you were taking a quick glance into a dark corner before "getting off the X"), or depress it fully to stay on continuously. It does not have an adjustable beam and the beam is not fully focused on the center..but this does not matter much for what I use if for. As a general purpose and defensive light it is more than adequate. The beam is rated for 65 lumes and when I have used in in my backyard the beam has been strong enough to clearly illuminate my dog hiding way in the back of my fenced in yard under a tree...a distance of over 100 feet without a problem.

Overall, I am very happy with this light and would recommend it to my readers. Blackhawk is generally known for making quality tactical/tacticool stuff and this seems to be no exception. Finding one may be tough as it seems to be discontinued, but a little googling found one online through a retailer for $35, same as the store price I paid.

So there...5 minutes start to finish.

Huey tested, Huey approved.

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