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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yet more ramblings on AMC's The Walking Dead..

Hey check out the Blue Falcon with a shotty in the back ground!

Wow, haven't killed this topic off yet, have I?

Anyway, this show is becoming a runaway hit for AMC and is spawning a lot of talk on the internet. Good. I like the show after the first 2 episodes and can't wait until Sunday for the 3rd part of the series. It comes nicely after HBO's Boarwalk Empire in my Sunday night viewing rotation now. Here are just a few more ramblings about the show...

  • Glock Safeties. This has been mentioned not only here but in just about every gun blog and forum in the past 2 weeks. In the series premier the infamous "Glock safety" is shown being deactivated prior to a gun fight at a police road block. Wouldn't you know...there is actually a Glock model with a safety and an after market one as well!!...The Glock 17S was in limited production for a while for requesting customers in government and law enforcement and featured an external safety. A company called Cominolli makes an after market safety that locks all of the internal safeties apparently for around $85. Interesting, but I doubt I will buy one just to try it out and review it since it does require dremmeling a cut out into your frame to fit it.
  • We have seen a lot of gore but haven't seen anyone (other than that poor horse) get munched on yet by the zeds...they can't put this off too much more...
  • Compassion for the Zed..The main character Rick seems to have a certain amount of compassion for the zombie hordes, despite his ability to dispatch them without hesitation. In the first episode he goes back to find the first zombie he came across (the crawler) and put her out of her misery as a way to coming to grips with his situation. In the second episode before dismembering a zombie to use its guts to mask his scent he takes out its wallet and reminds the other survivors that he was a human just like them at one point. I kind of like this trait in him..
  • The Survivor camp is pretty weak defense wise..I know they didn't have much to start with but you would think they could start by at least building some basic barricades and such..having an old guy on top of an RV with a rifle is good and all for a start but I think facing zombies you could use a bit more "umph" like maybe start by circling your wagons and sleeping int he midde of those or something.
  • Shamblers vs. Runners - Neither! There is an ongoing controversy about whether zombies should shamble like in the original Night of the Living Dead or be able to run like in the modern Dawn of the Dead. Being able to crawl on ceilings and crap like in that shitty Day of the Dead is right out...don't even go there. There seems to be a good compromise in the Z's in the show..moving slowly or simply sitting and listening to acquire their prey and then seemingly getting a "burst" of speed to close in. I kind of like the shambling types a la Romero but with a touch of The Zombie Survival Guide thrown in where their abilities diminish over time as they rot away.
  • And best of all..AMC has already announced that its picking the series up for a 2nd season!! Huzzah!

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Mark said...

The wife and I have been watching it. It's the first Zombie media that I've been able to get her interested in, I think the fact that there is more character development and emotional attachment to the characters than most Zombie flicks have something to do with it. I think that's the reason we haven't seen any characters getting munched yet too, it'll be even better if we care about them before their brains are masticated.

I recently put the Walking Dead comic on my Christmas list but I'd be hesitant to read it and spoil the story at this point.