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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Somebody tell me why we are still working with the ANA instead of just giving them Rubik cubes to play with to stay out of the way….

I have posted a vid previously of the ANA (Afghan National Army) in “action” with our troops…showing them unable to get ready for a patrol on time, smoking hashish and generally being more of a problem that our troops have to babysit than anything else.

Over at Bring The Heat, Bring The Stupid, Xbradtc, the GIC (Grunt in Charge) over there has a interesting vid of Marines from Echo 1-3 fighting it out with some Talibastards over in “The ‘Stan” with the help of some ANA troops it seems.  It kind of unique in that their cameras are mounted to their helmets (do Marines call them ACH’s?) and/or their weapons.  Kind of like the Military Channel’s Special Op Mission’s Will, but for real this time.  The ANA troops in this vid fair much better than in the previous one I showed but there were still some issues…

  • One ANA troop is shown around the 1:00 minute mark next to a Marine.  The Marine is aiming down his sights, the ANA troop shooting over his head…
  • Another ANA troop is shown without a helmet on…
  • Another – apparently named “Spanky” – is shown on several occasions letting loose with a RPG without any regard to his back blast area, Marines on at least once occasion have to warn each other about it.

Maybe I am a little harsh on these guys.  Hell I never actually worked with them personally and at least they are on our side and not the Talibastard’s team.  One thing I do take some comfort in is that, despite the propaganda crap you see them put out, the average Talibastard probably is a lot like the ANA guys we have to work with.  Sure, some of them are hard core fundamentalists, but I have to believe some of them are just fighting on their side because somebody in their tribal hierarchy is a Tali big wig and they do as is expected by them from their tribe.  There are a lot of Talibastards out there, more than we would really like to acknowledge.  With so many of them you would think that they would be more aggressive and effective than they have been.  My buddy Steve is getting ready to come back from a year over there with very little action from them.  He is actually pissed about it.  To think he would travel half way around the world to play with them and they refused to show up most of the time.  Sure, there are pics and movies out there of Talibastard training camps with guys with full face masks and AK’s jumping through fire and shooting up targets and stuff, but really if they had sophisticated camps like that I am sure our satellites and drones would find them and put them out of business. 

We are “guests” in their country and maybe they just don’t want  to commit too much to us lest we run out on them like we did on the Hmong who fought along side us in Vietnam.  We kind of deserve that treatment I guess.  Still, life under us is sure a bit better then repression under the Talibastards…

A Marine being a Marine using his marksmanship fundamentals….ANA troop with his M16 over his head spraying in the general direction, the “allah ahkbar” method…

Why can’t all Afghans be like Rambo?  A couple thousand like him and we could have that place cleaned up in no time!

Rambo Rambo in Afghanistan…no not the dude from the movie played by the ex-porn star, anti-gun Oscar winner…the REAL RAMBO…balls the size of coconuts I tell you….

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