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Friday, November 26, 2010

Slipstream for the troops drive..join in!!

I have mentioned many times before on this blog about my affinity for Slipstream lubricant from Crusader Weaponry. It lubes the majority of all of my weapons and I have found that it pretty much lives up to the hype that surrounds it from the company. I should note that the company is run by a couple of guys that I associate with on the We The Armed gun forum and also on FaceBook. The oil to me is well worth the price paid and does and outstanding job at its intended purpose.

I have also previously posted about the program where Crusader will send this product to a soldier or marine overseas if you would like to buy one for them. I have done it twice before and just did it again today after reading the following post on WTA from a member who goes by the handle "bluedog"

June 13, 2010 I posted complementing the Crusader Weaponry customer service I received. I wanted a kit for my son deploying to Afghanistan. Some expressed interest in his experience with the product. He is home for two weeks and we have been able to talk. He treated his M4 when he retrieved it and is very satisfied with the results. He hasn't cleaned his weapon, only wipes it down, and hasn't had a malfunction. He has shared his Slipstream with others in his unit. Some of them have placed orders. They are in TF Raider. He is reluctant to go into detail, citing Operational Security, but doesn't worry his weapon will malfunction when he needs it. Thank you for an excellent product.

Now I don't know Bluedog, nor do I know his son. But I do know many like them. Parents and children separated by the hardships and insanity of war across thousands of miles. You can replace the word "Parent" with so many other titles in this sense, wife, husband, child, friend and the list goes on. My buddy Steve is a short timer over in the 'Stan and I am awfully glad it looks like he will be coming home soon. But then again nothing is written in stone.

A soldier or marine counts on their weapon as one of his insurance policies to make sure he does get to come home and be reunited with those that he or she holds dear. A fully functioning weapon is very important in this case. Sure, the CLP that the military issues is good enough..but is "good enough" good enough for you? I would rather know that our troops are being given access to state of the art materials to make their lives and mission easier over there. Alas, this is not always the case. But at least we can help.

I urge my readers to buy a bottle of Slipstream during the remaining holiday season for one of our service members overseas. Its easy and inexpensive. Just go to crusaders Slipstream page by clicking on the pic below and add a bottle to your cart and check out securely via Paypal. During the final confirmation page there is a link to leave a message, just cut and paste the following text in the box:

Slipstream for the troops from Huey's Gunsight.

Total cost is $13.98 including shipping. Not much to ask for when you take into consideration some troop's life may depend some day on his rifle going "bang" and not "click". Help be a "bang" in that soldiers life.

My goal is modest, I would like to get 5 other readers of this blog to donate bottles. Joe at Crusader has graciously pledged to match what is raised. We would be talking 12 bottles shipped over to the troops here. Doesn't sound like much but thats about half a platoon, which is a good start.

In recognition of Bluedog's son, I am asking Crusader to send the kits to that particular unit. It is more likely that soldiers will use something new if one of their own in their midsts has something positive to say about the product. Slipstream does them no good stuck in the bottles over there, it needs to get onto those bolts and bolt carrier groups in their AR's.

Please donate and thank you in advance.


Click the below pic to take the first step in donating a bottle...and be sure to let them know Huey sent 'ya!

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