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Friday, November 19, 2010

Is the Glock Inherently unsafe?

I have always maintained it is no more unsafe or safe that its operator. The military switched calling "oopsies" from "Accidental Discharges (AD)" to "Negligent Discharged (ND)" for a reason. We no longer use matchlock firearms that require powder and fire to be in close proximity at all times. Modern firearms have high amounts of safety mechanisms built in that normally require a specific chain of events to be initiated by the operator in order to discharge. This places the responsibility, and blame, of the act squarely upon the shoulders of the shooter.

While some handguns use manual external safeties - sometimes multiple as in the case of the 1911 - to ensure that the initiation of a discharge is deliberate, the Glock uses 3 "passive" internal safeties to do this. This has prompted some people to label the Glock as inherently unsafe since all the operator needs to do is simply pull the trigger.

Human Events: Is the Glock Inherently unsafe?

I have argued against this point on this blog previously and could do so again here at this time. But why should I when Phil Elmore of The Martialist has already done so over at the website Human Events? In the following article he and his co-writer argue against the many accusations leveled against Gaston's creation and defeat them one by one. In addition they do point out some, how shall I say, "safety issues" that Glocks DO possess (but some are clearly applicable to ALL firearms, ie. proper weapon storage) and how to avoid those pitfalls.

I like most of Phil's work. One thing I like most about him is his physical persona. I mean, look at the guy. He looks like a lot of us "Normal Joes"; middle aged, graying a bit, few extra pounds..not bulging with muscles, glasses...but he is out there doing it regardless. Now Phil, don't take that as an insult, I would hate to be on the receiving end of a Ron Collins type Martialist vid (that is an inside joke, look up Phil's Youtube vids to get it). Just being honest. Look at me, basically the same build but without the extensive training unarmed martial arts like you. But if you can do it I sure as hell can try and better myself as well..


Brigid said...

I just don't like the grip, but my daughter loves hers.

Huey148 said...

Brigid, have you had a chance to try the 4th Gen models yet? The base grip is a bit smaller than the stock 3rd Gen but makes a big difference in the feel.