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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swag - The Mora knife.

Bought a couple of these knives off of The Sportsmans Guide after seeing a link on an online forum. Apparently, these things are the rage with the "Bushcraft" crowd, those folks that think nothing of going into the woods with nothing but a knife and flint to survive. They seem to be especially popular in Europe where gun ownership is severely restricted in many places. That's not surprising since this knife has been a staple of Swedish craftsmen and laborers for generations. For them, clipping one of these on and walking out the door to work is just another day much like clipping on a cell phone or pocket knife.

The attraction to this knife is its utilitarian design. This is not a hardcore survival or fighting knife design. No, the blade looks more of what you would find on a steak knife or fillet knife in your tackle box. But then again, for a general purpose knife to cut rope, twine, boxes or any other common chore type duty does it matter? The handles are generally make of wood or cheap plastic and the overall appearance is about what you would expect for the cost, around $10 - 15 for basic models. What people buy these for is for the blades, which are made from high quality steels and can be made razor sharp with the right stone and stay that way after use.

Many people take the effort to produce vids of the knife taking abuse...here is just such an example..

I mentioned the cost being relatively cheap. Good steel at a cheap price, hard to beat that. Yes, you can go to Wally World and find cheap knives too. Generally they are made in China and are stamped out of cheap metal that they call stainless. For the same price you can get one of these, this is the better choice. Hell, for the price get a few. I bought one for me and Kev just for giggles and he used his at the Appleseed event we went to (post pending) to great affect.

The model I bought us is the "military" model with the green handle with rubber insert and green plastic sheath. Its decent, nothing fancy but it works. The rubber on the handle provides a good gripping surface, the sheath holds the knife securely enough for light duty and clips onto my belt fairly well.

So overall, for the cost of this knife versus the quality and utility, I gotta say this is good buy indeed.

Huey tested, Huey approved!


Kevin Delaney said...

Kevie approved too! Kick ass knife!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of these?

Huey said...

they are available online through various retailers...I think I got these from The Sportsmans Guide for about $8 a piece this time last year...