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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Range testing the Crimson Trace LG-431 on the Ruger LCP / Wounded Warrior Project

Forgot to post this last week, but to get you back up to speed click here....

Took the CT unit to the range and took some video of the results (below). All in all the unit is a pretty good addition to the pistol, though the bullets don't magically go to the intended place like you were guiding in a smart bomb using a laser or anything. The one big thing I took away from this visit is that the long trigger pull required of the LCP (and other similar pocket pistols) really needs to be mastered with this unit installed. I was constantly pulling shots low with it unless I used a very steady position, which is something that the CT unit is indirectly advertised to not need. In their videos (available on the Crimson Trace web site here) they show in a few scenarios people shooting from behind cover using their lasers to aim in lieu of a standard sight picture. Of course many of them are using pistols with better triggers than the LCP, that isn't that hard anyway! With the LCP I could see this being a good tactic when first drawing it, putting the dot on your attacker and then firing the first round as a hip shot. Again though, practice is the key here. Without a good knowledge of how this weapon will shoot in those situations (and I am sure my shooting low tendency is shared by many) you do not have the ability to confidently shoot these types of shots without possibly endangering other individuals.

Bottom line: practice, practice and yet again, practice.

Wounded Warrior Project

I posted here before about my (limited) involvement in the WWP and since then I have signed up to be a local volunteer for them in Central Ohio. I think that this organization is a fantastic way to give back to some of our most deserving service members, and if you can afford a bit of time or money to their cause I encourage you to donate as you see fit!

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