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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bit more swag…cool little tool…


Got a few minutes before the season finale of True Blood…

Went shooting Friday night after work (more on that tomorrow).  Before leaving I took at look around the shop, The Powder Room in Powell, and found this interesting tool .  It was only $8.95 and seems to be just chocked full of some helpful tools for the range.  Its from a company called Avid (link to their page here) and they seem to be a real solid outfit.  It seems to be well made and has some real useful tools (listed below).



hell, they even have a video of it!!


Again it seems well made. I, however, have never dealt with their products.  Anyone have any first had experience with this tool? 

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Huey148 said...

OK, took it to Appleseed, worked like a charm on several issues we had, and since I got it for less than half what it normally retails for online or at other stores I call this purchase a WIN!!