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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Went to the range.....yeah!

Realized it had been a while since I fired something up, so grabbed Kev and headed to the range at Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio last night.

Shot my Kimber Custom II 1911, Glock 34, my new Glock 19 and my Ruger LCP while I was there. As an added bonus my neighbor "Larry the Fireman" just happened to be there with his teenage son showing him how to properly shoot a handgun (and responsibly) so it was a variable "shootapalooza" as much as it could be for an ad hoc pistol shoot. God help the fool that thinks a break in or home invasion on my street is a good idea.

Quick video of me putting some rounds into a target with the Kimber, G19 and the LCP...

Couple of points of interest...

  • The Kimber is great 1911 and deserves the "street cred" it has, the pistol is much more accurate that I am. Larry was able to shoot a nice tight group with it at 30 feet to back this claim up. I have the "budget" Custom II model that does not come with checkering or advanced sights and retails for about $700, its still an incredible piece of engineering.
  • Despite S&W introducing their highly touted Bodyguard .380 at this years SHOT show, the LCP is still a hell of a pocket pistol to own. I was shooting at approx 3 yards which I feel is in the range that this pistol was designed to operate from. The first set of shots I was using a 6 O'clock hold, saw the pattern and adjusted to a center hold on the target for the next 3 rounds. Pretty good accuracy considering the sights are tiny and almost non existent.
  • Those were some of my first rounds using the new G19. I wasn't going for either single aimed shots or rapid fire but somewhere in between. I just put an XS Big Dot sight on it and was just trying it out and also putting rounds down the barrel to "break in" the pistol. Feels great when I shoot it. Compared to the G23 that it replaced, the 9mm G19 shoots softer in my hand and the sights seemed to come back onto the target quicker. I also ran a mag of hollow points through it without a hitch.

I will post a bit more on all three of these pistols in the next few days.

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