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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poll results on interest in the ACR

Wow, totally forgot that this poll was still sitting at the top of the page! Got to remember to watch it next time. Well, the much vaunted and talked about ACR has been out on the market for a while and its selling much like any other $2,000 rifle does I guess. The articles on the web and in print about it have cooled off as other items have come into being, but it is still a very identifiable rifle on the scene today and at the forefront of rifle design going into the 21st century...

So how did you feel about its initial offering price being way above what the guys from Magpul originally told us it would be?..

of you were like me, the exceedingly high price compared to what we expected turned us off of this rifle and back towards our familiar AR or other shooter of choice..

of you have money to burn and a desire to be the first kid on your block to own one..

of you were like "meh.." anyway to begin with..

and a suprisingly high 12% of you didn't know what all the fuss was about anyway...

The first couple of categories pretty much fell along the lines that I thought that they would. That much money for just a basic rifle would get you a top of the line DIG or piston AR and a decent optic as well as some extras, not surprising that most of you turned away. The big surprise was that 10+% of you didn't even know what it was, wow! How could you of missed it on the front cover and in stories in gun rags and on the internet over the past year telling you how awesome it would be, or the segment on Future Weapons?

new poll later today....

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