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Monday, August 23, 2010

Look what came in the mail today….a laser!

A few days ago I posted about my decision to keep my LCP and add a Crimson Trace laser over buying a new S&W Bodyguard .380.  Well, today the UPS guy dropped a package off on my doorstep with a Crimson Trace LG-431 laser grip for my LCP in it.  I  bought it from an outfit in Iowa called Trophy’s Tactical that I found on the web with the lowest shipped price available.  At first I was a bit concerned as they had no feedback about their service, but they have a larger parent unit called Trophy Outdoor that had some positive reviews so I threw some cash at them for the unit.  I got an immediate email for the purchase but nothing following up for the shipping info.  I emailed today to get a tracking number and had a response in a few hours.  Low and behold the package was scheduled for delivery today.  Awesome!

Anyway here are a few pics… (I apologize for how washed out the quality is on them).


The box from Crimson Trace, just a nice cardboard box, yeah!



Inside you have an owners manual, installation manual, warranty card, decal, the laser unit itself, a battery, mounting screws, 2 Allen wrenches and some cleaning swabs for the lens. DSCF1340


Installation is a snap following the simple instructions.DSCF1341


The unit fully installed, total install time…about 2 minutes and that was taking my time..DSCF1342


Although I can no longer use my Fobus or Don Humme holsters, this Uncle Mikes pocket holster (that I normally use anyway) still fits the pistol even with the CT unit installed.  It is a bit snug but it still draws fine and the extra space taken up by the CT unit actually keeps it the holster better, win!DSCF1343 

OK, so now I need to “lollypop” the unit by adjusting the laser beam using the included Allen wrench to where the dot sits on top of the pistol sights at a given range to roughly put the impact at the point of aim at that distance.  A future trip to the range will have to be used to verify this adjustment.  I will also fire a box after I have it zeroed and see how well it keeps its POA with recoil.  If needed I will adjust it back and add a drop of locktite (weakest) to the adjustment screws and see if that keeps zero.  I do not anticipate any issues though, from what I have read online. 

More info to come….

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