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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The GLOCK Model 78 Field Knife

DSCF1305Did you know Glock made knives? They do, and pretty darn nice ones if I may say so.  I went shopping today (more on my big purchase later but lets just say that this item compliments it nicely..) and one of the “accessories” I bought was this Glock model 78 knife.  I had read somewhere a review or testimonial some soldier had posted about how his Glock knife had been invaluable over in the sandbox and had opened MRE’s and ammo crates, cut holes in walls, gutted insurgents, saved him from both both sniper fire and IED’s and generally had been a bad assed piece of equipment.  I’m not planning on going back over that way ever again so for my purposes  it was a pure impulse buy because I thought it might be cool to do a quick review and post some pics of it….

Anyway, the knives were developed in cooperation with the Austrian military and are issued to various military entities throughout the world.  The style is not revolutionary or anything, just a basic fixed blade clip point knife that closely resembles the famous Ka-Bar knives used by Marines since WW2 but with a slightly thinner blade profile.  The blade itself is made with steel hardened to a RHC of 55 and topped by a polymer handle made from the same material used in their pistols.  It uses a simple but effective guard for the blade that keeps your fingers from slipping onto “the ouchy parts” without being obtrusive.  The blade is 6.5” long and the overall length is 11.5” with a weight of 7.13 ounces.  It comes with a matching polymer sheath that can be worn either on the right or left side of a wearer’s belt and includes both a locking clip for the knife as well as a clip to attach to belts and such .   Colors range from basic black, to OD green or Desert Sand, like the one I bought.

The knife feels good in the hand and seems to be very well made.  The blade seems thick enough to handle some serious use.  The edge was not razor sharp but more than adequate for most tasks I would think.  The model 78 below has a straight spine, while the other model, the model 81, incorporates a saw tooth edge on the spine.  The only fault I could really find with the knife is that the latch to retain the knife in the sheath requires quite a bit of force to disengage from the hilt of the knife to remove.  This is good in that you are probably not going to have this come out of the sheath when not needed.  Of course this is bad because the knife may not come out of the sheath exactly when it is needed…

The price was an affordable $28.99 today and that is about average from what I could tell from online pricing.

Overall, a pretty darn good knife for the money if you need one, or if you’re like me and just want one…


Each knife is made in Austria



The sheath showing the retaining mechanism for the blade on the left and the belt clip on the right.


Huey148 said...

should point out over the past few weeks of playing with it that the latch has loosened up a bit..

Anonymous said...

Did you buy it locally at other than a gun show? I'm looking to buy model 81. BWSC doesn't stock, nor does NASR. Where can I purchase local?
TF, Powell OH
G23C G19 G32

Huey said...

Got it at Vances...at the time they had both 78 and 81's in stock..haven't noticed what is available the last couple of times I have gone back there...STILL waiting on my Gen4 G26 to come in....