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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And the new firearm is....drumroll please...

GEN 3 GLOCK 19!!!hey, there's that Glock knife again!

So how'd I get it? I sold my G23 RTF2 to pay for it. WHAT?!? Get rid of the .40 for a "wimpy" 9mm?!? Yep, that's what I did alright. I have a G34 that I occasionally use for steel plates. After researching self defense loads to buy for it I found that many 147gr. JHP rounds available are only slightly less effective (on paper) than their .40 S&W equivalent rounds from the same manufacturer. This combined with some real world data and testimonials and opinions from others makes me confident in the real world stopping power of the 9mm as a defensive round. Like I posted a while back, "chaos theory" dictates that no outcome is predictable 100% of the time, but the 9mm Luger's long track record of service and use in both conflict and combat show that it is a good round to bet your life on.

9mm performance...not too shabby...

Somebody on another forum pointed out that saying a 9mm is underpowered as compared to a .45 ACP is akin to saying that a 20ga. shotgun is weak compared to a 12ga. It certainly does have less power, but just how many of us would volunteer to be shot by either a 9mm or 20 gauge just to see what it felt like? I didn't think so either...

As for the pistol itself? Its a 3rd Gen Glock, plenty of info out there on it and I have commented on it before so lets just say its a Glock. I had the choice to get the LEO package in either 3rd or 4th Gen configuration. I chose the 3rd Gen because it felt familiar, the texture on the grip would not be as irritating as on the RTF2 or Gen 4 grips (a major-minor bitch I had about the G23) and nobody complains about reliability issues with a 3rd Gen G19. On the plus side I get 2 extra rounds in the same size config as the .40 G23 (15 compared to 13) and as I pointed out in the review for that pistol, the size of the G19 is just about perfect for a dual use weapon. Whether on a duty belt or on inside the waistband as a CCW pistol, the G19 can fill either role equally as well. It is, in fact, the issue sidearm for the NYPD, but with a much highly noted stiffer trigger due to liability issues that make it pull much more like a revolver than a semi-auto.

Of course I made all of the standard modifications to this Glock that I do to all others I have owned:

  • Add a grip plug to the bottom hole at the rear of the pistol grip.
  • Switch out the slide stop lever with an extended model.
  • Replace the stock connector with a custom one, in this case a Ghost Ranger 4.5# model.
  • Add night sight, ordered an XS Big Dot system for this that should be here by the weekend.

I can use all of my holsters and gear that I got for the G23 so that saves me some money. I just need to get some more quality ammo to finish the transition, that and get out and put some rounds downrange with it!

Overall, I am very happy to have it on my hip.

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