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Friday, August 13, 2010

Adams Holsters by Luke Adams



Craftsman: (def.) (Merriam-Webster Online)

1 : a worker who practices a trade or handicraft
2 : one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts


Let’s face it, we don’t carry our pistols out in public like in a Hollywood action movie walking or running down the street sweeping every civilian passerby with the muzzle as we chase after nuclear terrorists.  Unless you have unhealthy and dangerous habits you’re like the other 99.9% of us and carry your weapon in some type of holster arrangement in order for it to be ready in case you need it (the entire purpose of carrying a CCW in the first place, right?).  Luckily for the masses you have a vast array of choices when it comes to picking a holster for your carry needs when it comes to things such as style, material, finish, construction and hardware.  I am not going to lie to you and tell you that the holster I have from Adams Holsters is the one absolute accessory you need to go and buy right now for your pistol, I could tell you that but I won’t.  The truth is that for the majority of us almost any holster out there will fulfill the basic purpose of a holster as stated above..


If you want a holster of exceptional quality made by hand by someone who truly cares about his product and making sure that you’re totally satisfied with your purchase…

Then I can definitely under those conditions recommend that you take a look at one of the custom, hand made products that Luke makes and markets out of his small, mobile operation for people who know that carrying a weapon comfortably and with some style is only slightly less important than having one with you in the first place!!

Luke has only been making his hand made creations for a few years now, and in that short time has developed a solid product made with quality material that he sells at competitive prices via his online store.  He used to hand stitch all of his holsters (the reason hand stitching is preferred is explained on his website here) but increased demand and orders has forced him to go to machine stitching to save time and now hand stitching is a (well worth it) premium option on his products.  Not that machine stitching is bad mind you, especially when you consider that you just don’t walk into a JoAnn Fabrics location and pick up a machine to stitch leather.  The machines used for this purpose are special built and the story behind how Luke came about his and the reverse engineering he had to do to get it running is available over at the forums at We The Armed, where Adams Holsters is one of their primary sponsors.  Adams Holsters even has its own forum area for you to talk to Luke and others about his holsters.



As I stated above, all of Luke’s holsters are hand made with the majority made to order.  The process is time consuming to get the level of quality that he strives for so when ordering allow for a good bit of time to receive it (Luke will generally give you a fairly accurate turn around time when you place your order and update you if that changes at any time). The the wait is worth it.  Luke told me on the phone one day that he strives to make a product that he as a customer would not only have trust in but also be proud to be seen wearing.  I should also mention that he and his wife live on the road in an RV traveling across the country both enjoying life and selling his wares so be sure to find out where he is located (generally Texas or Michigan with a few stops here and there) when your order gets close to completion and maybe you can even pick it up in person and meet the man himself.  Communication is another thing you get with his products.  If you have a question or need to make a change in your order, email or call Luke and he will get back to you quickly via email or a phone call.  That is a level of service that some of the bigger manufacturers just won’t offer you.

Luke also offers a discount to active military and Law Enforcement officials so be sure to take advantage of the savings if you are either.


The Texas IWB holster, get it with the shape and all?…anyway, a fine product made in America by an American for other gun toting Americans, WIN!  My new G19 is securely tucked in it here.  

OK, lets talk about my holster.  The model I have is called the “Texas” holster (due to its shape roughly approximating the Lone Star State’s shape) with kydex clips.  Its his basic bread & butter IWB holster and he sells a lot of them.  There are a few basic colors to choose from but since this one would be holding a Glock inside of my pants I opted for basic black with plain leather.  There are various special leathers that you can order your holster either entirely made from or used to add optional trim pieces to it.  One of the more curious pieces is the “Ostraphant” holster (that’s it up at the top of this post, it his crossroads OWB model) he made for another Buckeye shooter who lives about a hour North of my location.  I still have got to get up there to see this thing.  An obvious mixture of ostrich and elephant, the pictures of it are quite striking.   My own holster features the full hand stitching process (I was one of the last to get it free before it became an option…win!) which not only offers the advantages that hand stitching provides but also adds some character to it.  It features basic kydex clips which can be upgraded to adjustable ones or leather keepers and a sweat shield to protect the metal part of the pistol from my sweaty flanks in the summer heat. While wearing a full rig like this one took a bit to get used to, other than the texture on the grip of my now sold G23 RTF2 rubbing me raw, the holster carries very well.  The dual clips help distribute the weight of the pistol well and the leather conforms to your body helping the pistol not only blend into your shape but also sit comfortably on your hip.  It does need some adjusting to get used to an all day holster when I am used to my Versaclip kydex rig I have previously used.  While the kydex sleeve is easy to slip on and off it does not give to your body and needs adjusting as you shift in your car seat or while sitting down in order to not dig into your side.  There is much less of that with the Texas holster.  While I don’t forget I have 30+ ounces of loaded weapon on me, it does help it carry quite a bit better and more comfortably throughout the day.DSCF1315

A full sweat shield protects the weapon from the salts in sweat that can damage finishes over time.

 DSCF1316 Close up detail of the hand stitching Luke does as an upgrade on his holsters.  Notice how tight the stitching is he does by hand, when I say “craftsman” I mean it.  I would totally screw this up if I had to try and duplicate it.  Hand stitching will add a few bucks and some time to your order, but is well worth it.

So a quick recap, you need a holster.  Sure, you can go order a leather holster from Galco, DeSantis or any of those other larger companies and pay a bit more to pick it up in a store or in a week or so in the mail and it will work fine.  On the other hand you could save a bit of cash and order a Adams Holster model of your choice and get a quality product made to your specifications by a skilled craftsman (see I worked that opening line in the post..somehow) who cares not only about your satisfaction but also about his product that you will wear with his mark on it.  Again, in my opinion its worth the time to do business with Luke Adams and get a product that is made here in the US (not in some sweatshop somewhere) by hand by an American who supports gun rights and is somebody you can trust.

As always I am in no way, shape or form associated with Adam’s Holsters professionally and my opinions here are not for any financial gain from his company.  But when you find some cool guy out to make a living doing what he likes to do, doing it well and being an all around stand up guy…well you just got to pass it on.

Click on the Adams Holster logo below to be taken to his sight to view his current offerings and for the latest pricing and availability info and be sure to visit We The Armed and check out the posts in his section to see what others already know about his work.


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