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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its never minor surgery when it happens to you...

Hey, back from vacation in the Orlando area of Central Florida down by the Everglades, that will be ironic in a moment..

Interesting title, eh? Its true though, ever notice how anyone else having minor dental surgery or a bunion removed is such a trivial affair until it happens to you? Then every facet of the procedure is 100 feet tall in your world and every minute detail is a paramount event to observe and comment on. The same can be said of our observation of TV and Movies. We always seem to point out that which is out of place on our favorite show of our own expert ice. On ER everybody always talked about how their doctor and nurse friends would riddle it for their procedural errors. Police dramas are often cited as unrealistic due to their lack of almost any reality in crime scene procedures. Hell, there is even something in law now called the "CSI effect" where juries have been swayed by the evidence that ISN'T presented to them...if the crew of CSI could get several valid DNA results in 3 hours on the show the local PD should be able to get them to...fail!

Well, with me, and a lot of you too I suspect..guns and weaponry are my thing I seem to notice. More so than the "100 round magazine" and the lack of proper technique its the other things that catch my eye the most. The things that you would have to be "in the gun culture" to notice. My wife has got me watching this show now on the A&E network called The Glades, its a pretty good show about an abrasive detective in the Florida Everglades (see I told you irony was afoot)who has a knack for solving crimes. Weapon wise, the guy carries a S&W pattern pistol (4506?) in a small of the back holster which is kind of cool but you never see him have to mess with it while sitting down or riding in a vehicle which seems a little unrealistic, but that is not the meat of this post.
On tonight's show there is a spree of shooting victims during a hurricane. What makes it interesting is when they inspect the 2nd victim who was shot in the head through the glass of his limousine the main character, Jim, digs an perfectly shaped bullet out of the headrest and the following dialog (more or less) takes place between him the and Carlos, the local medical examiner:

Jim: What type of round did you take out of the first victim?

Carlos: 9mm hollow point, what type is that?

Jim: a 9mm hollow point, what are the chances of the same weapon being used twice in the same day..

Carlos: we got a spree killing...

This is where the gun folks start to chuckle a bit. A 9mm using a hollow point bullet is one of the most common rounds carried and used for both self defense and law enforcement use in the country. Add to the fact that Florida has one of the largest concentrations of CCW holders in the nation and you just implicated a couple of thousand people withing a 30 minute drive of your location most likely.

But again, thats just me noticing.....
Anyway The Glades is on A&E Sunday nights at 10pm EST, give it a look, pretty good in my book.

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Huey148 said...

also should of added that after traveling through a car window, through the victims head and hitting the head rest that Jim was able to retrieve it (a hollow point none the less) with no deformation!!