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Monday, June 28, 2010

Some M1 problems at the range....seeking advice..

I have already posted about my M1 Garand and how much I have enjoyed it so far..

Took it to the range yesterday with my friend Pat and had an issue with the Garand. It would fail to either feed or eject rounds and basically turned into a single shot rifle. It worked fine after the first time I took it apart to clean and hit the range and am trying to figure out what is up now.

Several on line resources point towards either bad parts or lubrication. I might also think that it is related to the gas system also...

If anyone has any idea where to start troubleshooting this issue please comment below.


Pat trying his hand at the M1...unfortunately what you are looking at here is a pretty sophisticated bolt action rifle at this point...

..and btw, we got some pretty good time in with pistols so the day was not a total disappointment!!

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