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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nurse from Iconic WWII Photo passes away..

Many people will recognize the photo below:

(click on the picture to be taken to the Time-Life news feed of the article)

The nurse in that photo, Edith Shain, passed away at 91. While her name is largely unknown to the public (and the name of the sailor in the picture has never been determined) her image has been a iconic snapshot of the end of WWII and the euphoria that must have been rampant at that time.

Another reminder that the people of "The Greatest Generation" are leaving us in a steady stream more and more often. If you get chance say thanks to a WWII vet (for that matter a Korea, Vietnam or other vet as well) before its too late.

This spring my family got the chance to welcome home an "honor flight" of WWII vets that visited the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. These "honor flights" provide a way for these veterans to visit their memorial. Because it took so long to build a national monument many of the veterans are now retired and living on fixed incomes that prevent them from traveling due to the cost of airfare and such.

My wife and kid and I at Port Columbus Airport to welcome home vets from WWII. The sign my daughter is holding shows a picture of a "ruptured duck" badge that returning servicemen wore to show others that they were just recently returned. Many did not have any clothing other than their uniform and this would allow them to wear it in lieu of civilian clothes up to 30 days after their discharge.

To find out more about the honor flights click on their logo below.

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