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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TAP-RACK/OBSERVE-ASSESS-BANG....this is why training is important...

Check out how this guy tries to "will" his pistol to correct itself when he has a misfire by staring intently at it...

"We're having problem"...

The comments on the vid on YouTube has some mild Glock bashing, but this looks like it was either ammo or user related...one of the comments suggested that the guy had his thumb riding the slide release the entire time so after the last round it did not lock back. This would explain in the vid why his first course of action seems to be to reach for a new mag...

Regardless of the cause, practicing the basics of immediate action drills will keep you from looking like this guy next time a "boo boo" happens. If this had been a life or death situation with an attacker shooting back this could of been bad. I am not picking on the shooter, he may not have much experience and needs to learn the proper sequence of steps and train with them for the future.

Immediate Action Drill

Traditionally this has been called just Tap-Rack-Bang. I have added the addition of Rack/Observe to emphasize that just simply racking the slide may not be enough. I added the "assess" portion after reading about it in some firearm forums. The old Tap-rack-bang drill instilled an almost instinctive pulling of the trigger during the process. The assess stage puts a mental acknowledgment on this act and provides a "fail safe" if you will to ensure that the target is still valid and no other collateral damage will be committed.

This is a quick run down of immediate action with a auto-loading pistol (performed in order):

  • TAP - Tap the magazine in the well to ensure that it is fully seated to eliminate feeding issues.
  • RACK/OBSERVE - Rack the slide back, slingshot if you will, and let it go forward on its own power - do not ride it back into battery. During this process you should observe the ejection port and chamber area for any issues that may require remedial action on your part. This does not have to be an extensive inspection, just be looking for ejected brass, double feeds ect.. The emphasis on this drill is to get your weapon back in operation as quickly as possible, this "observe" portion of the drill should only minimally detract from that goal.
  • ASSESS - Assess the threat/target again, you should mentally start a new OODA loop since your attention has been diverted from your target to your weapon.
  • BANG - Engage the target if deemed necessary.

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