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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today was the best day ever! (well….pretty damn good anyway…)

OK, for those of you who don’t know me personally my employer implemented “cost savings days” this year to help balance our budget. Basically, employees had our pay reduced by 80 hours this year and in return we got 10 additional non-paid days off this year. The 80 hours was pro-rated and taken out of all pay periods so they are kind of considered extra vacation days by most of us now that we are used to the reduced bottom line in our paychecks. Anyway, today was looking to be a BEAUTIFUL Spring day here in Central Ohio so I got a hold of my boss early this morning and said “CSD me!”. After getting my kid off to school I began my odyssey of enjoyment…at the ranges!!

First off I hit up the state rifle and pistol range in the Delaware State Park (Delaware, Ohio…not the state) and got to put some rounds downrange in the “new” M1 Garand I got at the CMP store up in Camp Perry last week. It took me a couple of days but I finally managed to get all of the dried up and waxy remnants of the cosmoline that was used to store and preserve the rifle out of it the hard way….solvent, brushes, picks, swab and a lot of elbow grease. I really just wanted to get it shot and to verify that it would work correctly and it did not disappoint me. Even though the rifle did not recoil that bad into my shoulder (the weight of the rifle really helps with the .30-06 recoil) I did notice the front of the rifle did jump quite a bit. Probably the result of an uncompensated muzzle with the high powered rounds I expect. I would like to keep my rifle “pure” but I do see why guys get their muzzles threaded and add 4” long muzzle brakes to the M1. But again, it functioned just like I expected (and hoped) it would. I only fired 32 rounds (4 en bloc clips worth of ammo) but it functioned just as flawlessly as if it was right off the assembly line in WW2.


The initial portion of the cosmoline clean up of the M1, there were a lot more pieces and parts laid out before I was finished..

Accuracy was only so-so with it and me though. At 50 meters (approximate distance) I was not able to get any rounds onto a 8” shoot-n-see target…or the backing board to boot. Bringing the target back to the 25 meter line revealed that it was shooting low and to the left. I did not bring the proper tools to do a field zero on it because that was not the goal, but I thought with its reputation that I would be capable of hitting a simple circle at 50 meters. A little messing with the sights and by the last clip I was able to keep them in a 12” box shoot-n-see at 100 meters without much trouble other than having to apply some liberal Kentucky windage. I need to read up on the procedures for using the advanced sights on the M1, which are more complex than the setup on a typical AR style rifle.

Check out that sight picture, its like playing Call To Duty in real life….

“OK, 50 meters, M1 rifle, big black target circle…I should have at least half the clip in the 10 ring because I am awesome…..NOT!!!”

Speaking of AR’s, I took the “Black Mamba” up to stretch it legs and had fun with the Eotech XPS sights shooting out to 100 meters at targets and pieces of trash out on the backstop as well. It really does shoot well and impacts pretty much where you put the Eotech “dot-o-death” on the target.

This was about the best pic I could post of my AR shooting, you can’t see the “dot-o-death” in the picture..but needless to say, the sight and rifle shoot very well.

After I finished up with the M1 and AR I headed over the pistol ranges for some last minute practice with my Glock 34 (review on that in a few days) for steel plate shooting this Saturday. I also shot my S&W 22A .22 semi pistol that I may also shoot at steel plates this weekend. It shoots way better than I ever gave it credit. Matter of fact I had to double check my aiming point twice because I was dumping so many rounds into the same area at 15 meters that I started to lose track of the round impacts on the target and thought I had gone off of it. target1 8”x8” target shot at 15 yards with my Glock 34 at quick fire…yeah, I think they would all fit on a standard steel plate..

After the state range I headed South to Black Wing and shot 3 rounds of trap, didn’t do as well as this past weekend but the weather was so damn nice it didn’t matter. I had a great time. Afterwards I went into the store and bought a M1 collectors book to read and try and get “expertized” on my newest rifle. Here is some video from this past week of me and new Stoeger Condor Competition busting some clays.

What a great time on such a great day. Throw my family in the mix and it is damn near as perfect of a day I think I have had in recent memory. Hope you all can have one too soon!!


Kevin Delaney said...

I hot to hang cabinets in a kitchen....i couldnt find any studs......you suck....

B in Gah said...

The Smith 22a with the right ammo is capable of accuracy you'd never expect. I took mine on a business trip to Montana in 2000, it loves Win Wildcat ammo. (yeah!)

My college roommate came up from Denver, he had a scoped .22 rifle. We have video of me plugging prairie dogs at 125 to 150 yards!

I did shoot handgun Silhouette for a number of years but after he would miss a few shots I'd plug them with my open sighted 22A.

The best quote from the video is when he said, "Dude, you're effing sick with that thing!"

Huey148 said...

I haven't found the 22A to "crave" one particular type of ammor over another. Yesterday I shot using all 4 of my mags just to be sure that they all would work on Saturday at steel plates. I used a hodge podge mix of whatevery ammo I had lying loose in my can that included both jacketed and unjacketed, hollow and round nose points and various weights in the rounds all mixed up together. Zero malfunctions in 4 mags. Not a real test, but somewhat note worthy none the less.