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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can anyone recommend a good Gunkata trainer?

Ever seen the 2002 movie Equilibrium? It takes place in a dystopian future where a single leader, the “Father” rules and all show of emotion is outlawed and people are forced to take drugs to suppress all feelings. Enforcing these laws are the Grammaton Clerics, a caste of deadly warriors trained in the fictional art of Gunkata. To make a long story short, the hero of the movie is a cleric who stops taking his meds and goes against the system he once enforced, Hilarity ensues…

The martial arts style they use in the movie is called Gunkata, it is extremely effective….as long as all your adversaries are choreographed stuntmen in black trench coats and motorcycle helmets wielding G36 rifles while you duel wield custom Beretta 92 pistols…


Anyway, the movie is good entertainment and has gained a cult following on DVD since its less than successful theatrical release.

So what’s this got to do with anything?….

A LONG time ago I took some martial art training while a young man. I do not practice it now nor do I rely on many skills learned from those lessons for personal protection, save some basic punch, simple kicks and holds. Now that I have finally completed my college classes, my kid is a bit older and I have the time I have thought about studying some form of martial art just to help get in shape and have a backup plan for self defense in case 1) I cannot be armed legally in some place that I find a need to protect myself or 2) the unlikely event that I need to draw and use my CCW and it fails to function…

The styles I previously studied were UKS karate (a proprietary style taught by an instructor at BGSU in the 80’s combining different styles of karate but based on the Ishin-ryu style of karate. I also studied Tae Kwon Do in Columbus as well as gained some grappling experience wrestling in high school. Now after doing some research and study I find myself drawn towards Aikido. It is not a old style of martial art, it was created in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba, aka Osensei (great teacher). It is based upon the principle of using an attackers force against them and advocates no permanent damage to your adversary.

While this may seem quite different or strange for someone who carries a firearm to want to practice it actually makes sense. I do not train to “shoot to kill” or “shoot to wound”, I train to “shoot to stop”. If I were to have to fire my weapon in self defense it would be to stop an attacker from advancing against me or another and nothing more.

Actor Steven Segal popularized aikido in the 80’s and 90’s with a slew of cheesy action movies that showed aikido in a more aggressive manner than I think Osensei would of wanted. Here he is on the Merv Griffin show in the early days before he was a “big” movie star..

…and in some of his action movies…

Meanwhile, back in reality this is more of the skill set I would like to obtain..

There are several schools for Aikido here in Columbus and one has classes on Monday and Wednesdays evenings, they have an open classroom policy, which means that you can observe their classes openly. I am going to check them out this week. If anyone in the Central Ohio area knows of a good school to check out before I commit to one style or teacher please let me know.

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