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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, March 5, 2010

So, where're ya' from?....

I normally don't make a habit of checking how many hits I get a day on this blog, just a bit too narcissistic to me. I know I vary anywhere from 50 - 200+ on a daily basis with a good number of them being unique hits (people not returning from the same IP address). Keeping anally retentive stats on that kind of stuff kind of takes some of the fun out of doing this, its just a hobby that I like to pursue and it keeps me focused on something. I really strive more on feedback than anything else, I would rather have 5 people that visited regularly and gave feedback and had a dialogue with me to some extent than 100 people who take a peek and leave.

Anyway, I do check stats from time to time. I noticed on my ClusterMaps application that is in the upper right column of my page that it will be reset on March 14th so that the map doesn't become a big red smear, just thought some of you whom may have not take a look at it may want to see it before it goes bye-bye.
here are stats of who's who on the map and how many have visited from each country...

Current Country Totals
From 14 Mar 2009 to 14 Feb 2010

United States (US)25,156
Philippines (PH)585
Canada (CA)486
Pakistan (PK)423
Germany (DE)412
United Kingdom (GB)273
Brazil (BR)237
Turkey (TR)165
Thailand (TH)164
Australia (AU)161
Italy (IT)134
France (FR)123
Netherlands (NL)94
Finland (FI)92
Argentina (AR)84
Spain (ES)73
Venezuela (VE)69
Colombia (CO)66
Guatemala (GT)64
Poland (PL)61
Switzerland (CH)61
Czech Republic (CZ)57
Austria (AT)56
Sweden (SE)53
United Arab Emirates (AE)51
Greece (GR)49
Japan (JP)40
Russian Federation (RU)40
Chile (CL)39
India (IN)38
Mexico (MX)38
Belgium (BE)37
New Zealand (NZ)37
Slovakia (SK)36
Norway (NO)35
Bulgaria (BG)34
Saudi Arabia (SA)33
Hungary (HU)32
Romania (RO)31
Indonesia (ID)30
Denmark (DK)25
Ireland (IE)25
Israel (IL)23
Hong Kong (HK)23
Georgia (GE)22
Malaysia (MY)21
South Africa (ZA)20
Portugal (PT)20
Serbia (RS)19
Puerto Rico (PR)18
Iraq (IQ)17
Singapore (SG)17
Montenegro (ME)17
Taiwan (TW)16
Korea, Republic of (KR)16
Jamaica (JM)16
Croatia (HR)16
Ukraine (UA)16
Estonia (EE)15
Lithuania (LT)15
Macedonia (MK)13
Kuwait (KW)12
Vietnam (VN)12
Latvia (LV)12
Asia/Pacific Region (AP)10
Dominican Republic (DO)9
Slovenia (SI)9
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR)9
Honduras (HN)9
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)9
Egypt (EG)8
China (CN)8
Malta (MT)6
Peru (PE)6
Costa Rica (CR)6
Iceland (IS)5
Ecuador (EC)5
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI)4
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)4
Sri Lanka (LK)3
Ghana (GH)3
Algeria (DZ)3
Jordan (JO)3
Luxembourg (LU)3
El Salvador (SV)3
Moldova, Republic of (MD)2
Mongolia (MN)2
Qatar (QA)2
Yemen (YE)2
Azerbaijan (AZ)2
Lebanon (LB)2
Bolivia (BO)2
Cyprus (CY)2
Uruguay (UY)2
Brunei Darussalam (BN)1
Suriname (SR)1
Cameroon (CM)1
Greenland (GL)1
Kenya (KE)1
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ)1
Namibia (NA)1
Madagascar (MG)1
Vanuatu (VU)1
Guyana (GY)1
Papua New Guinea (PG)1
Nicaragua (NI)1
Bahamas (BS)1
Bangladesh (BD)1
Palestinian Territory (PS)1
Morocco (MA)1
Gibraltar (GI)1
Oman (OM)1
Cayman Islands (KY)1
Jersey (JE)1
Grenada (GD)1
Guam (GU)1
Guadeloupe (GP)1
Belize (BZ)1
Panama (PA)1

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