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Monday, March 29, 2010

So I went with a Magpul MOE grip for the AR after all.....

When I was out and about last week I picked up a basic MOE grip from Magpul for $21 for the AR. It didn't come with any cool cores to hold a extra bolt or batteries (ordered one to hold two 123 batteries for my EOTech XPS and Insight M3 weapon light though) and does not replaceable inserts or anything like that, just a plain old plastic grip. Nothing was wrong with the Hogue and I really do like their rubber products but I had gone all the way with the other Magpul products so I thought I would just go ahead and put this on as well.

The Magpul MOE grip, basic and functional, isn't that all you need?

The grip was easy enough to install, just remove the other grip and install the MOE using the supplied flat head screw and the washer from the original factory grip. The blue thread locking compound that was on the screw did make the final 3 or 4 turns a pain but there is no chance it will back off and wiggle loose now.

The grip is fairly basic but has some stuff I immediately liked at once. First off although the finger grooves on the Hogue were nice once I had a firm grip, changing hands or repositioning my hand on it I would often land on top of the groves and have to adjust again to get set. With the MOE grip you just wrap around and with the slight flare on the forward portion of the grip you lock in. Secondly, while not a "grippy" as the rubber on the Hogue, the surface of the MOE grip sides and front and back strap give good traction even with gloves on. I also think the grip angle is a bit better than the Hogue, though that might just be my mind playing games with me, but I do like it. Also, since the grip is wider it is more like the grips on my GLOCKs which is OK with me and makes transitioning that much easier I would think. I also like the way it has a "beaver tail" flair on the rear of it that melds into the lower receiver, keeps your hand from riding up the back of the grip when you first grab onto it. Overall I am very pleased with this new addition to the rifle.

So with the grip I have basically constructed a M&P15 MOE edition rifle with the inclusion of a Magpul trigger guard, ambi sling point and an EOTech XPS halo sight. Excluding the sight I spent in excess of $1200 for the rifle. A new rifle in the MOE outfit (stock, grip, hand guards, rear sight and 2 mags) is currently $999 at my local dealer. Well, what I have learned from this is that I could have saved some cash if I had just purchased the S&W M&P15 MOE edition instead of purchasing it all in pieces!!!

This is my rifle...there are many like it...and most people ended up getting them for a lot less than what I paid in total...

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