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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smith & Wesson made me happy today!

I have a Smith & Wesson model 22a rimfire pistol that I picked up about a year and a half ago to plink with and such. Problem was the way the gun was designed the recoil rod and spring have a chance to pop out when you disassemble it. Which mine did of course some time ago. The pistol has sat broken down into its parts in a plastic bag in my safe since this fall and I pretty much forgot it was there until I started ramping up for the spring. With the new steel plate season coming up and my renewed interest of taking it seriously this year I thought about using it for the rimfire class.

I went looking for a replacement part on line and found them to be few and far between. I eventually called Smith & Wesson's customer care line and told them I needed a "Firing pin", which is what I though the recoil rod was at the time. They sent me a firing pin for free which upon receiving I immediately recognized was the wrong part. Called them back today to explain my dilemma and they identified the part I needed and again stated that it was free and was sending it out today. In addition they told me just to keep the spare firing pin "just in case"

Thanks for great customer service Smith & Wesson.

I also picked up a couple of spare mags for $30 through an online listing so I am well on my way to rimfire-steel-plate-shooting goodness!

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