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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little zombie fun, gonna get to watch Dod Sno and Fido tonight!!

Remember this clip? (I told you posting it wouldn’t get old any time soon!)

Well, I just got a Netflix account set up and guess what, it is available to play on demand on my PC browser!! The file is Called Dead Snow (Dod Sno in Norwegian) is a movie about a group of friends that go to the mountains to have fun and run into the reanimated corpses of Nazi out to protect their ill gotten booty. Its also got some comic undertones (as the clip clearly shows) so I think that this is going to be a blast.

dod snow

Why would there be German Nazi zombies in Norway in the first place, well for those of you in the "I-don’t-care-about-anything-that-happened-before-grunge generation, Norway was an occupied country by Nazi Germany during much of the war and was used as a base of operations against merchant shipping attempting to reach the British Isles. Chief headache producer for Churchill and the lads was a German Kriegsmarine Battleship called the Tirpitz. Now the Tirpitz was your general big time classic battleship and almost identical to her more well known sister ship the Bismark (no its not just the name of a donut). Big guns, fast, massive armor belts….all the stuff that would make a merchant seaman poop in his fruit of the Looms if he saw it on the horizon when all he had were some light guns and an inch or so of steel between him, this battleship and the cold, icy Atlantic. Even though the Tirpitz only saw limited action its mere presence was enough of a thorn in the side of the Brits that they went all out to sink this one ship. After several unsuccessful attempts (no smart bombs those days) the Brits finally got a few bombs on target and sank her in October of 1944 in a frigid Norwegian fjord (say that 3x fast..). The Norwegian fjords sometimes have the same affect that the water of some of our Great Lakes have. The water is so cold year round that sailors lost in it often to not decompose enough for gasses to build inside of them to bring their bodies to the surface and they sink to the cold depths never to be found. Cheery thought, eh? Anyway, could the Tirpitz be the source of zombies for the flick? Not likely, the Tirpitz was capsized and sunk in a relatively shallow area of the fjords and after the war the majority of the battleship was salvaged and most of the 970+ dead crewmembers’ bodies recovered. Anyway, a bit of neat WW2 history for you there…Tirpitz_altafjord The Tirpitz in a fjord, zombie generator? Not likely…

fidoThe other film that I am looking forward to see is the Canadian zombie flick Fido. Its your basic kid and his pet zombie flick that takes place in an alternate 1950’s universe where a zombie outbreak has caused civilized American cities and towns to be turned into walled compounds run by the Zomcom corporation who take responsibility for not only keeping the inhabitants safe from the zombies, but also controlling their lives a teensy bit. To make things more interesting they have even developed a way to domesticate zombies as cheap labor and this brings us to our films title character. Fido is the zombie owned by little Billy and boy does it look like they are going to get into a whole bunch of adventure. I am not going to spoil the movie for either you or me, but lets say there is a good amount ironic humor and satire of the way advertisers looked at life in 1950’s it it. Man, am I glad I got Netflix now….

michael_jackson_caracterizado_zombie_videoclip_thriller11 Since you are actually reading a gun related blog I probably don’t need to remind you that the entire gun culture is seeded with zombie references occasionally, ok. a lot! Why is that I sometimes wonder? The answer to that from the right side of the audience is that it is all in jest and zombie movies usually involve a lot of gunplay and its just all in fun. The left side would probably argue that its because deep down inside all gun owners are secretly psychopaths that have a dark fantasy about actually shooting and killing people and zombies allow us to experience that fantasy without guilt. Well, I think both answers are more or less along the correct lines of thinking. Yes, zombie movies are fun and entertaining to watch (and sometimes scary too!) and the hero or heroine is more often or not armed with some high power or flashy type of firearm. Gun nuts like seeing that type of firepower in films. Often the term zombie apocalypse is used within the firearm (and also to a degree the survivalist movement) to describe a worse case scenario where being prepared, especially with firearms, would be appropriate. And yes, deep down inside I think that there might be a little inclination to use our skills against some scum that may deserve it and zombies fit this bill nicely since that they are evil without a background. Yeah, that is probably going to sound a wee bit messed up to some of you reading that but lets face it. Just by being a gun owner you have stated the fact that the idea of doing serious physical harm to another is plausible in your frame of reality as long as it fits within certain parameters of reason. The difference between you and I and Johnny Scumbag is that our parameters are generally much more limited than his and our level of self control to stay within them is much stronger. Would I ever consider shooting somebody for getting into a minor fender bender with me? most certainly not, but Johnny is not above pulling out his pistol and shooting somebody for a minor incident such as this. (and yes that it Michael Jackson to the left….despite any other activities in his life the guy was talented and Thriller was a major event in my early life, so he gets to stay in zombie form on the page)i-dont-hate-zombies-400x400

There have even been psychological studies done on our fascination of the zombie as a society (most likely by some dope smoking hippie grad students living off of a government grant while obtaining their PhD’s) and many theories about projection of self and society ills onto a non-real representation of ourselves and ….blah blah blah. Lets face it, zombie movies are just pretty much fun to watch. They are undead, evil and single minded individuals that you don’t have to worry about trying to reason or compromise with. You win as totally as you can when you fight a zombie, or lose as totally as well. It is the ultimate affirmation of your abilities as a person to defend yourself in a way. And so with that in mind I hope you enjoy the next zombie flick a bit more and take a minute to remember all of the wasted effort and probably tax dollars that went into your .99 cent RedBox rental or Netflix order to figure out just why you chose it.

So on out and rent a zombie flick! Need a suggestion? Well I offer up the trailer for Zombieland for your viewing pleasure…good flick

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