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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gerber Profile…cheap and apparently not bad, not great, but not bad….

I have only posted a few blade related items on this blog for a good reason, I am really not a knife guy.  Not that I don’t value the importance of a blade in your bag of tricks, its just that I much prefer to be the guy that brings a gun to a knife fight instead of the other way around.  I do know the basics of what makes a good knife and what to avoid and that generally has served me well.

Hanging out at Walmart the other week (looking for an “People of Walmart” pic opportunity) and I came across this interesting looking knife in cabinet in the firearm section.  It was a Gerber full tang knife with a drop point blade and rubber grips.  The interesting thing was the price was under $20.  “Gerber sells stuff that cheap” is the first thing that went through my head.  The second was “Well, I heard some CRKT knives like my M16 model are sold through the Wally World that are made in China, maybe this is the same deal”.   Apparently it is.  I bought one anyway to throw in the truck as a general purpose knife for cutting rope or anything like that (sometimes those donut packs can be pretty hard to open).

This knife is not that bad.  I doubt that I will be using it to cut through a 2x4 like some Cold Steel commercials will have you do with their knives, but for what I paid for it slicing twine and 55o cord is definitely within its envelope.  The blade is apparently 440 or some other cheap surgical steel (surgical steel generally sacrifices the temper of carbon steel that holds and maintains and edge for rust proofing properties of the metal) but it comes with a decent edge and I have read online that it can be ground down and made better if you so desire.  The grips are a rubber stipple pattern that I think Gerber used on their “Gator” pattern knives back in the day. The sheath is pretty cheaply made, the snap closure to hold the knife in place is almost laughable but this thing will only sit in the cab of my truck mostly so that is no big deal.  Kydex is relatively cheap and the know-how to make your own stuff is increasing in availability so you can make your own if you want something better to hang this off your belt with.

Overall, nothing to brag about but for under $20 a nice little blade.  There are a few other reviews you can find online that all say basically the same thing I just did.  In case your curious why I would spend the time doing this post, its because I am testing out Windows Live! Writer to create and post stuff to Blogger.  It works, it works well….

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