2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heller vs. DC goes nationwide in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday..

The historic decision that reversed D.C.'s oppresive (and illegal) ban on firearms ownership 2 years ago is again back in front of our nation's highest court, this time to see if it is applicable to every citizen in every state. The previous decision was just applicable to D.C., which is a federal disctrict zoned and regulated by the federal government. This would "incorporate" the right to all US citizens.

Check out the vid..

The quote that struck me odd was from Denis Henigan, the Brady Bastards lawyer..

"the Court implicitly recognized that there is still broad legislative authority to enact reasonable laws to reduce the risk from that right. And we hope the Court gives similar assurances in this case."

WTH does that mean? I know what it means, but we need to be protected from our rights? How about our right to be protected from being sickened to see our country's flag burned or to have feces thrown on it by somebody exercising their 1st Amendment right to free speech? Give me a freakin' break, that's the thing about standards....ther are just so damn many of them to choose from.....

Article from Fox News...

Bonehead move of the moment: BATFE seizes a shipment of airsoft guns….

Now I am no big fan of airsoft, if it floats your boat sorry to hurt your feelings.  To me, they clog YouTube with vids spouting names of real firearms and sucker you in just to see some 14 year old kid show off how he put Magpul MOE grips on his $149.00 toy.  But I respect a persons right to go out and dress up all Rambo and roll through the bush shooting plastic BB’s at one another….

I don’t know how Kelvin Crenshaw got his job with the BATFE, but it was obviously not due to his extensive knowledge of firearms.  I agree the toys should of had orange tips, but to say an airsoft replica could be turned into a functioning “machine gun”……sorry, just pee’d in my pants a bit because I was laughing so hard…….oh brother, tax dollars hard at work here….

Mr. Crenshaw, I realize you probably are not a front line agent and are some administrative or public relations type, but for God’s sake you have to know something about firearms just to work there right? I hope the other guys at work ride you unmercifully for this one…


OK, there is starting to be a lot of buzz about this on gun boards across the county.  According to some sources the lower receivers of some of these foreign produced toys may be both made of metal and somehow able to accept an AR upper.  Very little mention of how any of the other lower receiver parts would come into play, but just want to play devil’s advocate for a second and give the benefit of the possible doubt to the government here for a second…..I am not an anti-government type by any means…..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gun math..

10x10_Magpul-Logo_V02  + glock_logo =

Magpul and Glock together….its like a modern firearm version of that old Recese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial…”Hey you got your Glock on my Magpul!”..”Well you got your Magpul on my Glock!”

I am kind of surprise the show that featured this would actually put a weapon not in production into its list, but whatever rocks their boat…

Planning ahead for emergencies….

waterI had a bit of a plumbing crisis at the house yesterday (self created, hey I work in IT not plumbing) and basically it caused me to turn off the water main until I could get a pro in here today (he is working as I speak).  The thing that struck me instantly was how inconvenient it is not to have running water available at the touch of a lever.  You would think that after living out of a canteen cup in the woods for all those years that I would be used to “roughing it” but that is far from the truth.  In fact, I think now that I am totally separated from the military I have gotten “soft” to the point that I am actually more whiney and sensitive than before I entered the service 23 years ago.  Anyway, my family has never really had to worry about that stuff and since they are females the have even a bigger water need than I for “aesthetic” purposes.  Even then all the things we use water for on a daily basis is staggering..cooking, cleaning, washing, toilet use…and it goes on.  Not having it readily available and the impact it had on us even for an evening was pretty eye opening. 

Both the federal and state EMA offices in Ohio clearly state to store water for emergency use in case our normal supply is contaminated or otherwise unavailable, but how many of us actually do just that.  We were fortunate that this was just an isolated incident at my house and we could easily go to the store and buy some jugs of water for hygiene and drinking last night (we went to my in-laws for showers) and we filled buckets with snow and melted them over our heat registers to have water to flush the toilets.  All in all we were OK.  But what if there was some type of situation that we couldn’t “make do” for a day and had to rely on what we had on hand?  The FEMA guidelines suggest 1 gallon per person / per day.  So I would double that or even triple that amount to have on hand for 3 days.  So lets do my water math:

3 people x 2 gallons/day x 3 days = 18 gallons on hand!  Adding an additional 2 gallons for animal use (I love my pets) and it comes up to 20 gallons I should have on hand at all times for emergencies.  Thankfully this only amounts to about $20 in cost and giving up some storage space that I already have to give.  And of course I am generously over budgeting also, better to have and not need that need and not have with water….and besides I am a former “desert warrior”…water is my thingy…

scan0006So what does this have to do with firearms…well, all of those lists that the government puts out never have firearms on them (for what I see as political reasons – can’t endorse guns you know and upset people).  Regardless, I am a firm believer that having a firearm ready for a time of crisis is a very prudent thing to do.  I hope I never am put into a situation where I have to defend myself or my family in a time of crisis but you never know.   I remember back in the 90’s during the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict that there were a group of Korean business owners that kept looters at bay by guarding their businesses from their rooftops with weapons.  The following vid shows this and its almost comical listening to the announcers “well they don’t seem to have AK-47’s, just regular rifles” and “there are a lot of people armed” and “we certainly have all the ingredients for confrontation”….yeah, a bunch of rioters and looter consisting of criminals and some armed citizens protecting their property…lets vulcanize the gun owners shall we..

During Hurricane Katrina there were weapons present to that the police and other government agencies quickly (and illegally) confiscated.  5 years after the crisis gun owners were finally able to get their property back after a series of court challenges.  It was wrong to take their guns but in certain situations I see where it would have been necessary to do so to ensure the safety of officers and troops on the ground.  But in the way some of this confiscation was carried out was waaaay out of line, just watch below..

Either way, in my book it is better to have a gun if you are in such a situation and have if confiscated that to not have one to begin with.  Hell, even if its just a .22lr revolver its something.  I am not talking about getting ready for the next revolution or the “great zombie apocalypse” here, but being able to protect your family in times of crisis when law enforcement can’t. But hey, that's just my 2 cents….you mileage may vary.

Part of my “contingency plan” in case of emergency…

Monday, February 22, 2010

Going to a national park...you can now start packing...

Starting today (Feb 22nd) it is now legal to pack a firearm in a National Park as long as all other pertinent rules concerning the lawful ownership and possession of a firearm and/or CCW are followed.

Good story on it over at Buckeye Firearms Association (aren't there always though?).

As for all of the Toby Hoopers of the world who think that this will lead to mass shootings in National Parks....well the data to show that CCW holders are more of a risk to society than any other sector of the population just doesn't pan out.....you keep exercising you 1st Amendment right to spout bull and I will continue to exercise my 2nd.

Come to think of it, we have a little national park up by the People's Socialist Republic of Cuyahoga, I think maybe I'll take a little trip once it warms up with a .40 caliber friend of mine in your honor Mr. Hooper...

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Laws and Policies (Please refer to any pertinent laws and regulation before carrying in any National Park, as I will when I take my little trip.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still teasing you with the new Glock 23 RTF2…..

I have been busy trying to finish up a paper for my last class at college before I graduate (42 is never too late!!!)…..

I promise to get some more pics and info up about it before too long….


My P-3AT turned into a LCP….

Well, not literally.  Basic story, I’m selling my P-3AT to a good friend of mine and buying Kev’s LCP from him.  Why? Well if you happened to have read my thrilling LCP vs. P-3AT review back in August you would remember that even though I gave the LCP a 4-3 victory in the battle that I also thought that they were pretty much dead nuts on even for all practical reasoning.  The fact that I actually owned the P-3AT owed more to actually being able to find one of the two in stock than any other factor. 

The truth is, and I allure to it in the article, is that the Ruger is just a more refined and polished design and I wanted that “eye candy” factor of the pistol.  In addition to the styling I also get the manual slide stop which is nice at the range.  I have to carry another ounce in weight, but I feel that this should not be too much of a problem for my 250 pound frame to handle. There is not a damn thing wrong with the Kel-Tec that would make me not recommend it to a friend.  Matter of fact, I am selling the P-3AT to a very good friend of mine and am entrusting it to safeguard his life, something I would not do otherwise.  In addition, I have thought about trying out a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm compact auto sometime in the future.  I think Kel-Tec makes some great stuff that is priced to suit most buyers in the market for dependable firearms for serious self defensive needs.

So, in honor of my “new” LCP here is the uber-cool video that Ruger used to launch the pistol at the 2008 SHOT Show..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Lord, I have a hankering’……

draco …for a Draco pistol.  Yep, its a shorty AK that is totally legal as long as you don’t attach a stock.  Then it becomes a SBR (short barreled rifle) and you have to fill out the ATF forms and pay a $200 tax stamp to own it.  This thing looks like it would be a lot of fun to shoot if you have the proper range to use it safely on.  As far as practicality, I don’t know about it.   Despite its label as a “pistol” it is much too heavy in that role and I dare someone to try and hold and fire it using traditional pistol techniques. Its basically just a bullet hose, not a whole lot of long range shooting is going to happen with it.  Maybe if you could somehow attach a single point sling to the rear so you could push against it for some stability maybe you could engage targets out  hundred or so meters.  A friend of mine and I were talking about the AR versions of these that can be found locally and what they would be good for. Maybe as a vehicle weapon to have on hand for a SHTF scenario possibly?  One of these, 2 mags of ammo and you could have a serious “deterrent” to aggressors on your hands.

Currently I cannot find these in the Central Ohio area, but they can be had online for about $370.

Some guy in Tennessee went into a park with one of these over his shoulder dressed in camo and got into some trouble shenanigans with the law.  Personally I have to think to myself (based on the info provided in the link below) “OK, he was within his right to carry as he did, but wearing a camo jacket and carrying an AK pistol in public is just asking for it”.  This thing is an unusual weapon and I would not expect 100% of the LE community to know what it was and that it was legal unless they had some assistance with classifying it.  Anyway, here is a link to the story on a  firearm forum that gives most of the info.


Back to the pistol, again it looks like it would be fun to shoot.  Here is a YouTube vid of a couple of guys having some fun with theirs. 

More posts later this week.  I am finishing up a paper for the last class of my 20+ year college career so my time has been short as of late.  I have a few posts in the works as well as some ideas for the blog.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someday I would like to have a backyard set up like this guy….

And pretty decent shooting to boot.  Nice review of a Glock 19 (and all Glocks for that matter).

and yet more…..nice set up….well lets see, I’ll shoot this a couple of times, take a step this way and shoot that and so on….

Do I care about the Winter Olympics…..is shooting cool? Sure it is and its cooler in the snow!

lg-vancouver2010_16d-aJ Took notice the other day that the 2010 Winter Olympics are almost upon us.  Wow, they sure snuck up on me.  I normally don’t follow much of them as a rule, maybe a hockey game now or then but generally it is just background noise on the TV.  Way back before cable and satellite TV it was almost impossible to avoid them, but now that I have 200+ channels (many of them copies of other channels) I have alternatives to watch instead of the nail biting curling final between Canada and Sweden. 


Then I thought to myself “wait! there’s the biathlon….rifles and shooting!!” Now we got some sport going on here!   biathalon1For those who may not know, the Winter Biathlon is a competition consisting of cross country skiing combined with small bore rifle marksman competition.  Imagine a marathon where every five miles or so the runners stopped and then had to fire at targets immediately while constrained to a time limit.  I did a post a few weeks ago about a Marine sniper who could control his body to shoot between heartbeats.  These folks take it a couple of steps further.   Imagine having to exert yourself physically and then stop while your lungs are heaving only to have to force them to behave while you shot.  I have a hard enough time often enough doing it while I am sitting at a table or lying prone on a range, let alone to try while winded.  Obviously, these athletes are in excellent physical condition.


Now they are shooting .22 rifles, but they are not the Ruger 10/22 that you and I picked up at Wally World for $189.  Nope these rifles are custom jobs costing thousands of dollars specifically geared towards competition.  A German company called Anschutz makes biathlon rifles apparently used by 95% of all competitors.  Another manufacturer of note is the Russian company Izmash which makes, among other products, anschutz rifleAK rifles and Dragunov sniper rifles for the Russian military and export.  Anyway, these rifles are out of the purchasing reach for most of us, though I would love to get behind one and watch the shock in the owners eyes as I feed some CCI lead nose rounds I fish out of my pocket into the mouth of his baby….


Now the sport has some fierce competition, but generally the participant are a very tight knit group and many have been competing against each other for many years.  However, sometimes tension can be quite high and tempers flare in the heat of competition….

and of course these jerks can always show up at any time….

(yeah, posting this vid isn’t going to get old any time soon….)

Some interesting fact I found out about these games….

  • A Norwegian named Bjorndalen is apparently ready to make Olympic history in the event if he wins his 6th medal in the event.  Considering the sport has only been in the Olympics since 1960 means that this guy has won a medal in 1/2 of all competitions held in the Olympics since its inception.  Cool.
  • This is a picture of the Canadian Women’s Team (picture posting dedicated to Kev), I kid you not they have their own calendar.  While the calendar proceeds don’t go towards helping wounded veterans like the Magpul calendar does, it does help finance their team.  Like I said before, these athletes are in EXCELLENT condition. Flaunt it if you got it I guess.



Official 2010 Olympic Biathlon page (web site kind of sucks, links don’t always work)

Wikipedia article on the Winter Biathlon

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Central Ohio Gun Owners & Sportsmen Association (COGOSA) Facebook group..

What? your not on Facebook yet? Get with the program and waste part of your life on the latest trendy social networking site on the internet. And why you're there check out the group I made...

Central Ohio Gun Owners & Sportsmen Association (COGOSA)

I created this group so I could keep in touch with some of my shooting buds in the area and be able to put out info on upcoming events we may be interested in on one central web portal. So far I have 5 members, including George "Mad Ogre" Hill, from Utah but hope to grow the group soon.

Some of the things I have envisioned for it the site to allow people to do...

  • Get a couple of folks together to go make boom at the range..
  • Get a group together for competition shooting or a clinic (steel plates or Appleseed as examples)..
  • Put out info about sale pricing at a retailer in the area or maybe availability of ammo..
  • Advice or recommendations on gun related matters...
  • Swap/trade stuff....
  • Gun related dating site.....

Well, probably not the last thing, but you never know...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slipstream for the troops update…

ss_main1 I mentioned some time ago about how you can send Slipstream lubricant to our troops overseas by buying and donating online at Crusader Weaponry.   Without sounding my own horn too much I think I had one of the first orders placed for them and it (along with many others) was sent before Christmas over to a group of Marines in Afghanistan.  On a board I frequent one of the founders of Crusader posted the pic below of the Marines that we “adopted”.  Its not a great pic in terms of size or detail but its real, like the war that they are fighting and the product we sent to help them in that endeavor. 

If donating lubricant isn’t your thing, please consider donating to another serviceman related cause.  I recommend the USO because it may seem trivial, but the little things that they do overseas to help our troops really does make a difference to them.  Take it from me, I used their services and they helped my morale immensely while deployed.


25,000+ hits, 229 posts and I still don’t have a clue what I am doing here….

Just checked the stat counter that I have been keeping since March of last year (the Map one on the right) and wouldn’t you know it, I have over 25,000 locations on the map plotted and over 29,000 hits total!  While not a milestone of any real significance it at least shows me that its worth while to spend a couple of hours a week keeping this blog updated and running.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a visit at least once and especially for those of you who follow the blog on Blogger’s service and all those who take the time to comment on posts!!

surpriseI can haz blog?

How appearances differ from culture to culture…

For example, in America the AK-47 is seen by the mainstream media to be an evil killing machine with no other purpose that wholesale slaughter.  In other countries and cultures its seen as a tool for defense, hunting, guarding livestock against predators, lighting a smoke…….what?!?

Guy fires a tracer round and then digs down to it quickly before it extinguishes itself in the sand.

The Columbus Dispatch notes that DeWine may be in trouble with Conservative groups….gee that sentiment sounds familiar around these parts…..

OK, first off I do not consider myself a “Tea Party” member.  Although I support many of their ideas and principles, they are not a mature party or movement and traditionally closer to election time their message will be picked up by a party and incorporated into their platform.  As much as it hurts to admit it, most affiliated voters vote along party lines come election day.  Right now I would not consider myself a Republican in Ohio as far as political affiliation goes, there is too much going wrong in the Republican side of the house as far as 2nd Amendment and Gun rights goes for me to give a blanket statement saying the GOP is for me anymore.  I would say I was a Libertarian save for a few pillars of the platform that it runs on that I am not totally in sync with.  Being a independent is truly too wishy-washy for my tastes and you do not get to have any input for anyone running in the general elections that you do get to vote on.   I guess at this point I would say that I was a very confused and disturbed voter who generally votes republican but is somewhat disgusted in what he sees as his party’s lack of direction and vision for one of its traditional core principles.  Even the NRA is endorsing non-GOP candidates in this state which has traditionally been unheard of.  Of course I realize that gun rights do not belong exclusively to one party, as it is a right that is extended to all Americans regardless of political affiliation.  Matter of fact, I believe I have stated on more than one occasion on this blog that its a right that extends beyond classifications of politics, race, ethnicity, religion, age, income, social background or anything else.

I am not a political whiz kid on Ohio Politics by any means.  If anything I am like the majority of citizens, fairly comfortable living my life day to day as long as the powers that be in government do not encroach on my freedoms as I see fit to exercise them.  Yes, call me a sheeple if you will, but at least I am being honest here. I have normally made the assumption that the GOP has looked out for my interests as a member of the party.  It is becoming clear with the history of anti-gun legislation of its candidates along with recent graft and corruption under GOP administrations in this state that to blindly follow one political path is folly in this environment.

On his deathbed Siddhārtha Gautama, known to most people as Buddha, told his disciples "All composite things pass away. Strive for your own liberation with diligence." This is frequently been translated in modern verse to the saying “Be your own light”.   Find your own way.  As a gun owning 2nd Amendment supporter in the Buckeye state, this is a philosophy worth heading.  

“All composite things pass away”  - The GOP which has been may not be the GOP that goes forward

“Strive for your own liberation with diligence” – Discover which candidates support your views and support them if they will represent you well.

By the way, I am not a Buddhist, but a Christian.  While I believe Jesus is my personal savior I also believe in the folly and corruption that is man that brought the bible to our time.  I truly believe that there are parts of Jesus’ life that are hidden from us and we can learn from other religions those bits and pieces that fit into our own Christian model of life.  Some Hindu sects openly accept the existence of Jesus and even claim that for a time that he traveled there and studied meditation and enlightenment, which he then returned to the holy land with.  You would think that this would be good evidence to support Christianity by the church, but church leaders to this day would refute the words of non-believers even to point of their words supporting the legitimacy of their beliefs in the eyes of others.


Sunday,  February 7, 2010 3:28 AM

By Jack Torry

<p>Analysts say independents could turn against Mike DeWine if he is backed by Tea Party conservatives.</p>

WASHINGTON -- To understand the difficulties that former Republican Sen. Mike DeWine has with Tea Party activists, just check with Bonnie Oleksa.

Oleksa, a Tea Party organizer who lives about 20 miles north of Mansfield, describes herself as a conservative. She looks back fondly on President Ronald Reagan's two terms. She knocked on the front doors of neighbors, imploring them to vote in 2006 for Republican gubernatorial candidate J. Kenneth Blackwell.

But DeWine? She derisively dismisses him as "recipe boy," a reference to the baking recipes frequently distributed by DeWine's wife, Fran. Oleksa refused to vote for DeWine in 2006 when he lost his re-election bid to Democrat Sherrod Brown. And she will not vote for him in November in the race for state attorney general against Democratic incumbent Richard Cordray.

"Why do you think we have Sherrod Brown?" Oleksa said. "Because DeWine was such a loser. An F rating from the National Rifle Association. He voted with Ted Kennedy. He screwed up conservative court nominees. True conservatives loathe Mike DeWine."

In an election year in which Republican candidates in Ohio and across the country are performing well in polls against Democratic opponents, GOP hopefuls such as DeWine and U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman are groping for the right notes to convince the conservatives who dominate the Tea Party that they are one of them.

DeWine has traveled across the state to meet with Tea Party activists. Just last week, he distributed a two-page summary of what he calls his "conservative voting record" as a member of the U.S. House and Senate.

"They've been good meetings, and I intend to have more of them," DeWine said. "Their message is essentially less regulation, keep taxes low and keep spending down. I certainly agree with those goals for state government."

Portman, too, is energetically trying to win the same voters in his Republican primary race against Tom Ganley, a Cleveland auto dealer. Portman said he has "a lot of friends who are Tea Party people. They're not going to agree on everything. But they do share a belief that Washington has overreached and our federal government has gotten too intrusive."

The people who make up the Tea Party and similar organizations are a loose coalition of economic conservatives, social conservatives and libertarians. Oleksa, for example, backed social conservative Patrick Buchanan in his unsuccessful 1996 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, while Jason Rink of Columbus, who helped found the Ohio Liberty Council, supported libertarian congressman Ron Paul for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

"The GOP doesn't really understand this movement," said Rink, whose Liberty Council leadership team includes Tea Party members. "We're not completely Republican. We're not looking to preserve the Republican power structure."

But in their zeal to win the backing of Tea Party conservatives, Portman and DeWine run the risk of alienating moderate independents crucial to deciding the general elections. Tea Party activists are enthusiastic and committed, but analysts warn that they represent a small slice of voters in Ohio.

"There's obviously a loud outcry from the far right in terms of the Tea Party," said Greg Haas, a Democratic consultant in Columbus. "But pandering to that group is not unlike a Democratic officeholder pandering to the extreme far left. It doesn't play well with the vast majority of people."

Political analysts suggest that DeWine has a more daunting task than Portman, even though DeWine is staunchly opposed to abortion rights and backed President George W. Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.

Many conservatives have not forgiven DeWine for joining six other Republicans and seven Democrats in 2005 to forge a compromise that made it more difficult for the Senate to kill judicial nominations with a filibuster. Instead, conservatives wanted Senate Republicans to use their muscle to change rules and confirm their favorite judges by simple majority rather than 60 votes required to overcome a filibuster.

Conservatives also sharply objected in 2004 when DeWine supported an extension of a ban on the sale and production of 19 military assault weapons.

In his letter to conservatives, DeWine tried to assuage their worries. He pointed out that the judicial compromise cleared the way for the Senate to confirm the U.S. Supreme Court nominations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito -- both among the court's most conservative members.

At first glance, Portman, a former congressman from Cincinnati, is everything Tea Party activists dislike -- an establishment Republican who served as Bush's budget director and trade representative.

But Portman reminds them that he supported the 1997 budget agreement that transformed years of deficits into four consecutive years of surpluses. He receives strong marks from the NRA and backed the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

"Rob Portman is being embraced more by the Tea Party movement because he's good on most issues that Tea Party conservatives find important," Rink said. But Rink conceded that "Tom Ganley is sort of an ideal candidate for the Tea Party movement."

Unlike Portman, Ganley is cast as the political outsider. He has never run for office, prompting an admiring Oleksa to say that "he's not a slick, polished politician," while Portman to her "is just a re-tread."

Ganley has aggressively sought their votes. To Ganley, the Tea Party activists and other conservatives are the key to defeating Portman. Ganley's campaign manager, Jeff Longstreth, said, "The numbers are huge, and the energy is through the roof."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ohio Politics and the Second Amendment…When Black is White and White is Black

confusion-newBack in July I wrote a post about the way the governors race was shaping up in Ohio and what it might mean to gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters in the Buckeye state.  My job had been made easier because Brent Greer over at The Ready Line had broken down the subject to a large degree in an article in May called Anti-Gun John Kasich to Announce Guv Run.  Well, Brent has done it again and recently published a post called (appropriately) “Ohio’s Attorney General Mess”.   Rather than re-hash his ideas Brent has graciously allowed me to repost his article in full.  I have added Brent’s The Ready Line to my blog list on the right side of the page.  It has become regular reading for me.

26 January 2010

Ohio's Attorney General Mess

I hate it when the political parties move candidates around like so many chess pieces. But then politics -- and policy -- is a giant chess game. What you are doing today and tomorrow is based on the five or six moves you planned out months ago.

While it may be for the good of the party, and perhaps the people of a given state, it just looks bad. Even if the motivations are well intentioned.

Case in point. Yesterday, pro-gun Ohio attorney general candidate David Yost, a prosecutor in Delaware County, announced he is dropping his candidacy for that post to run for state auditor. He is a former county auditor and would do well in that post. But he was asked to move because GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich -- squishy on the 2A (when in Congress he enthusiastically voted FOR the 10-year, 1994 ban on so-called "assault weapons) -- has tapped current Ohio Auditor of State Mary Taylor as his Lt. Gov. running mate.
Dave Yost (for disclosure reasons I once again note that he and I have known each other since college) would have been an excellent attorney general. But he is doing something good for the party, if not the state. But the way it was orchestrated . . . . well? . . . . it all kind of starts out with an aftertaste.

Which leaves the Buckeye State attorney general's race one of concern. The incumbent, democrat Richard Cordray, was anti-gun for years, then suddenly changed stripes when he ran for Ohio treasurer, claiming his rural upbringing and his love of hunting made him a solid pro-gun choice for voters. He signed on as a co-sponsor of statewide outdoor sports and shooting-related events. He was elected, then tapped to fill the remaining term of disgraced former attorney general Marc Dann. Cordray since has been mostly silent on the gun issue, and he raised even more eyebrows when he chose not to join in a letter with 23 other state Attorney Generals asking the Federal government not to re-impose the “assault” weapons ban.

So where does Cordray stand on the Second Amendment? When he screened for office with various groups some 20 years ago, he was unhesitatingly hostile to private gun ownership. In an interview with RightOhio last year, however, Cordray said he would not support a new ban on competition rifles. Will he go farther with such thinking? Perhaps he truly has changed his position on civilian ownership of firearms. I hope so.
Cordray's republican opponent is none other than anti-gun
Mike DeWine, the only republican U.S. senator ever to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) He has never renounced this endorsement. And his milquetoast, timid, unassertive, wishy-washiness on most issues, combined with his lack of support for conservative causes is what led to his defeat in his last re-election bid by democrat Sherrod Brown, who is just as anti gun as DeWine, and generally, just as liberal.

There are some who suggest DeWine was endorsed by the Bradys in a strategic effort by the left to cause him to lose his seat. If so, and he knew it could be damaging, why didn't he decline the endorsement? Why didn't he say he does not agree with them? Because he does, that's why! Most likely, conservatives in Ohio decided to make an example of DeWine, to send a message, and he lost his seat. While Sherrod Brown became part of the new majority of The Left, Ohio republicans (we had thought) learned a valuable lesson. But with the push for DeWine toward AG, and Yost being "asked" to switch races, I wonder if the lesson was lost . . .

DeWine is highly poisonous to most right-leaning and many moderate voters. Many on the right were stunned when republican John McCain (not my first choice of prez candidates) had Sarah Palin on a bus criss-crossing Ohio, and her chaperone/tour guide was none other than Mike DeWine. I wrote a letter to Palin and her campaign telling her what mistake it was to be touring with DeWine, who is distrusted by pretty much any thinking voter who incorporates the 2A into their decision process.

One might wonder why a former U.S. senator would want to run for state attorney general. Its easy. What he really wants is the governor's chair. But DeWine is a poor candidate for such, and the party knows it. Today, DeWine has noted in a couple of interviews that he believes he should not be judged by votes that appeal to the the Brady Campaign, or Violence Policy Center, but that voters should look at his entire record. I have looked at it. DeWine did little of import during his tenure in the U.S. Senate. But I firmly believe his anti-gun actions, and left-leaning voting record cost him his seat in that most exclusive of clubs.

So the AG's race here in Ohio pits someone who is virulently anti gun, vs. someone who used to be and seems to have become informed, even enlightened, on the issue. For those readers outside Ohio, adding to the points that make you shake your head is the fact that the head of the Ohio GOP, Kevin DeWine, is a second cousin to Mike DeWine. Some are saying its about family. While moving Yost over to the auditor's race helps the republicans have a better shot at influencing the State Apportionment Board, for policy wonks like myself who watch this stuff every day it more than smacks of nepotism

Of course, Buckeye State voters will be electing or re-electing a governor this fall. Solidly pro-gun incumbent Ted Strickland, a democrat, had a commanding lead last summer in early polling but has lost much of that momentum due to the lousy economy. Now, to be intellectually honest, he inherited much of the mess, which worsened due to national influences, from anti-gun republican Gov. Bob Taft who left office three years ago at the end of his term due to numerous ethics violations. But Taft was wishy-washy as governor, did nothing to improve the business climate or grow jobs, and was incredibly anti self defense. Taft went so far to veto a CCW improvement bill, only to have his veto overturned by the members of the Ohio General Assembly.
So Strickland inherits troubles, and they multiply through no fault of his. Strickland's opponent is republican John Kasich, who, wisely, is using the economy and jobs issues to beat up Mr. Strickland.

Kasich, as I mentioned before, was instrumental in getting the 1994 "assault weapons" ban passed while he was in the U.S. House of Representatives. While in the Ohio Statehouse, he was largely counted as being one of the least effective members of the legislature. Further, I find it strangely curious that Mr. Kasich says the state's problems, which he lays at the feet of Strickland, are a plague of higher taxes and unemployment. Missing from his argument is that his own party, the republicans, were in charge of state government for the vast majority of the past 25 years.

Have I mentioned that I am a conservative who has often (not always) voted with the republicans, and this is stuff with the potential to make one's brain explode?

In what is viewed as "a wash," Gov. Strickland's current Lt. Gov will not be running with him the second time around. Lee Fisher, a former national board member of Handgun Control Inc., was just a heartbeat away from the Big Chair, which is why I wrote several years ago that I hoped Ted and family were eating healthy foods, thereby keeping the governor's stress, cholesterol and blood pressure in check. Of course, pro-gun Strickland was forced by his party machine to add the anti-gun Fisher, a proven vote getter in northeast Ohio, to his ticket.
Replacing Fisher on the dem ticket this time around is Yvette McGee Brown,
an equally anti-gun former domestic relations judge from Franklin County. She currently is a child and family advocacy executive with a central Ohio foundation. Instead of recognizing firearms' place as a defender of families, Judge Brown views guns and so-called "gun violence" as a scourge of families. So no change there. If Gov. Strickland is re-elected, I urge him to continue to eat the high-fiber, low-fat diet, ensuring he isn't replaced with someone far less self defense friendly.

Thankfully, though we started with a horrible CCW law in the beginning, it has been improved dramatically over the years. But Ohio gun owners, at the polls in November, will face these many tough choices.
Questions are being asked of all these candidates by a number of 2A entities. Politics, once again, is trumping statesmanship.

With the possible exception of Messrs. Strickland and Yost (the latter of whom is begrudgingly being a team player, despite his likely (I have not talked to him about it) disgust at this turn of events , it appears all the players -- left and right -- are political pawns and playing a game. Whichever the way the wind blows, they blow with it.

Yost at the AG post would have been a refreshing change, for Ohio republicans at the executive branch have not been firearms friendly (Voinovich, Taft, et al). Just last summer, Voinovich, who blocked CCW legislation the entire eight years he was Ohio's governor, cast a vote against national CCW reciprocity in one of his final important votes in the U.S. Senate.

Even Ken Blackwell, an effective Ohio secretary of state, stubbed his toe when he took for granted with voters his life membership in the National Rifle Association. Democrat Strickland sent out teams to local conservation clubs, shooting clubs and gun shows to drum up support for the candidate, who when he was in Congress, the Ohio legislature, and now as Ohio's chief executive has been a staunch defender of the rights of moms, grandmas, dads, uncles, and you and me, to possess and use a firearm for all lawful purposes.

Firearms owners, and supporters of the basic human right to self defense, have a lot at stake in this November's general elections.

More to come . . .


It’s going to  be a long strange trip this year voters…I mean really, what the hell are the republicans in the GOP structure in this state thinking?  I feel bad for Dave Yost, he deserved to be able to run on his own merits and not be a pawn on some counter-intuitive political agenda being run by the party.   I am doubtful any change at the top of the state hierarchy will be able to significantly change our economic woes at this point – too many years have gone by putting all of our eggs in the automotive and allied manufacturing basket.  I, like Brent above notes, do not let the fact that the years leading into this economic slide/slump were helmed by a Republican governor and policies.  When all else is equal, I will probably vote for the candidate that supports my views and issues, and that candidate would be……..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gerber Profile…cheap and apparently not bad, not great, but not bad….

I have only posted a few blade related items on this blog for a good reason, I am really not a knife guy.  Not that I don’t value the importance of a blade in your bag of tricks, its just that I much prefer to be the guy that brings a gun to a knife fight instead of the other way around.  I do know the basics of what makes a good knife and what to avoid and that generally has served me well.

Hanging out at Walmart the other week (looking for an “People of Walmart” pic opportunity) and I came across this interesting looking knife in cabinet in the firearm section.  It was a Gerber full tang knife with a drop point blade and rubber grips.  The interesting thing was the price was under $20.  “Gerber sells stuff that cheap” is the first thing that went through my head.  The second was “Well, I heard some CRKT knives like my M16 model are sold through the Wally World that are made in China, maybe this is the same deal”.   Apparently it is.  I bought one anyway to throw in the truck as a general purpose knife for cutting rope or anything like that (sometimes those donut packs can be pretty hard to open).

This knife is not that bad.  I doubt that I will be using it to cut through a 2x4 like some Cold Steel commercials will have you do with their knives, but for what I paid for it slicing twine and 55o cord is definitely within its envelope.  The blade is apparently 440 or some other cheap surgical steel (surgical steel generally sacrifices the temper of carbon steel that holds and maintains and edge for rust proofing properties of the metal) but it comes with a decent edge and I have read online that it can be ground down and made better if you so desire.  The grips are a rubber stipple pattern that I think Gerber used on their “Gator” pattern knives back in the day. The sheath is pretty cheaply made, the snap closure to hold the knife in place is almost laughable but this thing will only sit in the cab of my truck mostly so that is no big deal.  Kydex is relatively cheap and the know-how to make your own stuff is increasing in availability so you can make your own if you want something better to hang this off your belt with.

Overall, nothing to brag about but for under $20 a nice little blade.  There are a few other reviews you can find online that all say basically the same thing I just did.  In case your curious why I would spend the time doing this post, its because I am testing out Windows Live! Writer to create and post stuff to Blogger.  It works, it works well….

CCW Apps way up in Ohio

CCW License0001

I took today off from work today because I couldn’t get there due to traffic.  It snowed last night, not much, maybe an inch but traffic was horrible.  I have to admit what a lot of people say, Central Ohioans can’t drive in the snow.  I don’t know if its arrogance because we are the home of THE Ohio State University or simple apathy. Whatever the reason, as soon as a little of the white stuff hits us cars start spinning out of control in record numbers.

One thing us Ohioans are doing well though, especially in some Northwest Ohio counties, is apply and receive CCW permits.  Currently there are 169,000 licensed CCW holders in the state (about 2% of our population) and more applying each day.  Some counties in the state are exceeding 500% increases in the number of licenses issued.  Instead of being worried about the increased number of handguns that are on the streets affecting law abiding citizens, some sheriffs are offering criminals some warnings to heed:

"I hope criminals think twice before they attempt to steal from someone or harm someone," ~Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon

"With the numbers growing, it's a huge risk if you're committing some type of offense you don't know who may be carrying." ~ Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish

Why are the numbers increasing? Some say its the so called “Obama Affect” which I have to agree is probably a leading motivator about now.  Many people, yours truly included, went out and bough firearms after the election in anticipation of trying to beat another assault weapons ban.  Many are now getting permits for these weapons as they realize that having a firearm locked away at home does no good when you are at the store shopping and get mugged on your way to your car.   What most people don’t realize is that trying to beat a new weapons ban is counter intuitive to the central point of the pro-gun argument.  If a right can be legislated to where it can be withheld or withdrawn it is no longer a right but a privilege.   Thomas Paine once argued against incorporating any bill of rights into our Constitution as he surmised that if the rights were inalienable, we had not the place nor the right to regulate them.  Any right written down can be summarily removed and also tacitly implies that any right not written down in not legal.  Part of the ongoing pro-gun legislation being championed is the re-introduction of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution which states:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Thusly, it removes federal laws baring the establishment of restriction not in the constitution from the federal government and bestows them upon the states.  This way, hopefully, no future gun bans can be enacted by the federal government and it would be up to the states to determine what is best for them. Thus if the anti-gun freaks in California are finally able to snake their arms all the way up “The Governators” backside and do a total meat puppet conversion on him and ban all weapons of all types, those of us in Ohio and other places could live unaffected by their whiney voices in the Capitol rotunda in D.C.

Back on topic, I hope our own legislators here in Ohio see this increase as a “mandate” of the peoples will.  We are faced with some tricky political choices here in Ohio this year, as many candidates political affiliation do not necessarily represent traditions pro-gun positions. Specifically our current “non-democrat” Gubernatorial candidate was an influential vote in the last assault weapons ban and our state’s GOP head has positioned his anti-gun cousin to run for our Attorney General seat.  


Anyway, Buckeye Firearms has the full story, click here to link to it for the full read.