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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The ACR is going to cost how much?!?!?

OK, blogged just a bit ago about how awesome I thought that the Magpul/Bushmaster/Remington ACR was going to be. It just got a lot less awesome, about $1,100 worth. After some initial speculation and data that the MSRP would be about $1,500, information released by a Bushmaster employee shows that this rifle will cost over $1,000 more than that! I found the info posted on The Firearm Blog, which in turn looks like he got it from a forum on AR15.com. Zip over to there sites to check it out and then zip right back over here....go ahead....I'll wait.

Done?..good...now, I was excited about the ACR because I am currently in a honeymoon phase with Magpul after my experiences with their products upgrading my S&W M&P15 to the "Black Mamba" (he he, still laughing at that). There is no direct statement saying so, but I got the feeling reading between the lines that Magpul had designed the rifle to sell at $1,500 and the cost went up after it was licensed to Bushmaster and Remington. If I am wrong please feel free to correct me, I am still trying to love Magpul and the rest of their gear is generally cheap and durable enough to support my theory for the moment. Even at $1,500 I was probably not going to be in the market for one, at least as long as my M&P15 was still running. But than again, you never know, a couple of quick sales of other items and it could have been in the safe. As it stands now, at $2,600 or so it will be generally out of my reach and the grasp of a lot of gun buyers in the near future.
As for the following clip, again I am not endorsing Nazi's. This clip has become somewhat of a web phenomenon and people have been creating subtitles for all types of subjects....laughing at Hitler is certainly much better than idolizing him...(Warning: bad language in the subtitles, funny as hell, but bad words if you are sensitive)

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Kevin Delaney said...

Hitler is too funny! Nothing ever goes his way!