2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The ACR is going to cost how much?!?!?

OK, blogged just a bit ago about how awesome I thought that the Magpul/Bushmaster/Remington ACR was going to be. It just got a lot less awesome, about $1,100 worth. After some initial speculation and data that the MSRP would be about $1,500, information released by a Bushmaster employee shows that this rifle will cost over $1,000 more than that! I found the info posted on The Firearm Blog, which in turn looks like he got it from a forum on AR15.com. Zip over to there sites to check it out and then zip right back over here....go ahead....I'll wait.

Done?..good...now, I was excited about the ACR because I am currently in a honeymoon phase with Magpul after my experiences with their products upgrading my S&W M&P15 to the "Black Mamba" (he he, still laughing at that). There is no direct statement saying so, but I got the feeling reading between the lines that Magpul had designed the rifle to sell at $1,500 and the cost went up after it was licensed to Bushmaster and Remington. If I am wrong please feel free to correct me, I am still trying to love Magpul and the rest of their gear is generally cheap and durable enough to support my theory for the moment. Even at $1,500 I was probably not going to be in the market for one, at least as long as my M&P15 was still running. But than again, you never know, a couple of quick sales of other items and it could have been in the safe. As it stands now, at $2,600 or so it will be generally out of my reach and the grasp of a lot of gun buyers in the near future.
As for the following clip, again I am not endorsing Nazi's. This clip has become somewhat of a web phenomenon and people have been creating subtitles for all types of subjects....laughing at Hitler is certainly much better than idolizing him...(Warning: bad language in the subtitles, funny as hell, but bad words if you are sensitive)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This guy is good..at breathing AND shooting..

If you read my post last week about range time the previous weekend you may remember me going on about how relaxed you can get by shooting. Here is a video of a Marine scout sniper doing just that under some moderate duress. I never realized what diaphragmatic breathing could do for shooting but I have had some experience practicing it with some meditation training I have had. If you were wondering the majority of people breath normally with the upper lobes of your lungs. Take a deep breath and notice how your chest rises. Those are your upper lobes expanding, the smaller of the two pairs of lobes lobes you have. Now try breathing by slowly inhaling and forcing your stomach out, if you can you will notice that your chest doesn't nearly heave as much but you do get a bigger lungful of air using your lower lobes. So why do we breath the other "normal" way? Simple, its easier. To breathe with your diaphragm it takes more effort and unless you are in shape and an athlete most people tend to go the easy route. Anyway, I am not nearly at good at controlling my body as "Mike" in the video. Good luck Mike on your next deployment. That's cost savings in action folks, he can do with a $1 match grade .308 round what it takes a $50,000 JDAM to do sometimes...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Women and guns

I admit it, I love to see a gun in a woman's hand. Don't worry, its not a fetish or anything like that. I just like knowing that gun ownership is growing into areas that are not necessarily associated with firearms. Lets face it, the quintessential gun owner stereotype is of a white male with generally a rural background and more often than not a Southern accent. Its true, at least as far as stereotypes go. The media makes us out to be a bunch of good 'ol boys out drinking and shooting anything that moves. It simply is not true. I did not hunt while growing up (although I fully support hunting rights). I did not even own my own firearm until a few years ago after retiring from the National Guard. Stereotypes haunt our society and there is generally little we can do about it other than educate ourselves and others. Its just a natural, abet regrettable, part of our upbringing that we bring these stereotypes with us into adulthood.

One of the ways we can try and stamp out our own stereotype as gun owners is to try and expand our sport to other responsible and law abiding citizens in our communities. Notice at the end of the video the one reporter ask the other if she felt "empowered" after shooting and she replies that she didn't feel as scared or intimidated. That's the problem right there, our media outlets have made guns out to be these mindless killing machines when its clearly been proven time and time over that it is not the gun, but the person that kills. By educating others we will overcome this misconception.

And OK, I find women with firearms a bit sexy too......he he

Buckeye Firearms lists the 10 biggest threats to our 2nd Amendment rights in Ohio for 2010

This is straight rip from Buckeye Firearms. If you haven't donated money before to pro-gun causes and you live in Ohio, these guys are your best bet to start doing so. We are being faced with some tough choices come election day this November (more on that tomorrow!) and straightening out the bull excrement from the bullets is one thing these guys do time and time again. Click on their logo on the left to be taken to their web site.

Ten Threats To Our Ohio Gun Rights In 2010

By Alex Payton

In order to defend our rights, we have to know who or what threatens them. While there are actually too many threats to mention, as we have for the past four years, we again seek to list some of the more potent threats to our Ohio gun rights. To some degree, all of the threats that were previously listed are still dangerous to our rights. However, some of those threats have become even more powerful, some less powerful, and there are new threats that we are facing.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention goes to Toby Hoover, executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. She was a major threat for a long time, but has become largely irrelevant. She has played her best hand, but grassroots gun owners defeated her time and time again. We cannot afford to take our eyes off of her, because she may become a threat once again.

[UPDATE: In the wake of Ohio GOP wrangling that eliminated a contested primary in the race for attorney general, honorable mention also goes to Mike DeWine. DeWine was thrown out of his U.S. Senate seat by voters in 2006, after running around sporting a Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) endorsement because "his record really wowed the group." As the Senator from Ohio, DeWine was named among the "Top 10 anti-gun U.S. Senators," noting that he was "consistently the only Republican to speak in favor of anti-2nd Amendment legislation on the Senate floor." DeWine will appear on the November ballot for attorney general against pro-gun Democrat Richard Cordray.]

10. OSHA and Other Government Organizations (new to the Top Ten)

There is a new threat on the horizon, and it may be even more difficult to beat than bad legislation. Because of the diligence of gun owners, it is getting harder and harder for anti-gun legislators to pass bad legislation. As a result, the anti-gunners have changed tactics. They are now starting to go after guns as a threat to public health and safety.

If they are successful, private gun ownership can become very difficult or even impossible due to administrative hurdles that could be imposed by organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. By its own fiat, OSHA could outlaw the possession of firearms in every workplace and every employee parking lot in the United States. They can even target shooting ranges and declare them to be a hazard due to lead or other factors.

We are keeping a close eye on this threat and will not be surprised if it sky rockets to the top of the list next year, under the direction of anti-gun Obama -appointee David Michaels.

9. The American Hunters and Shooters Association (down one place from last year)

Anti-gun organizations posing as pro-gun organizations will be a threat as the elections in November get closer. One such organization is the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA). They played a role in the last election and tricked some gun owners into voting for President Obama. The Buckeye Firearms Association first warned about the American Hunters and Shooters Association in June of 2006 in an article called "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing."

AHSA will continue to strengthen its ties with anti-gun legislators and to raise money for its cause. Remember, their real cause is NOT to fight for the Second Amendment; it is to slowly erode it away. Unless they are stopped, they will continue to play a large role in getting anti-gun candidates elected. We must work hard to reveal their true colors to the average gun owner.

8. State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police (down one place from last year)

The State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has repeatedly tried to use its political clout to crush legislation that has even a hint of being pro-gun. They took a hard- line stance against the initial concealed carry law, opposed the Castle Doctrine, and opposed any attempts to improve ANY gun law in Ohio.

The State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has not taken a stance in support of the Second Amendment rights of the average citizen, but has taken numerous opportunities to suppress or eliminate them. However, it should be noted that some local- level Fraternal Order of Police chapters have taken a pro-gun stance.

The State of Ohio Fraternal Order is a threat because it carries a large amount of political clout. Politicians hate to be seen as opponents of the police. It is a sure bet that they will attempt to defeat any pro-gun legislation in the future.

The criticism of the State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police is not meant to bash police officers who put their lives on the line every day. The criticism is directly toward the administrators and decision makers in the State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police who oppose our Second Amendment rights every chance that they get.

7. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (new to the Top Ten)

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proven himself to be a significant threat to Ohioans' gun rights despite not even being a mayor or politician in the Buckeye State. He has made it a personal mission to spread his restrictive New York City gun laws all over the country. One way he is doing this is through his anti-gun organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns are not only targeting illegal guns, they are actively working against legal gun ownership. Several mayors in Ohio have joined, including Akron Mayor Donald Plusquellic, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, and Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams. There are many more Ohio members and they are not all from major cities. You can see the entire list here.

Bloomberg has also declared war on gun shows. He has sent undercover private investigators into gun shows, including several in Ohio, and his investigators may have broken the same laws that they complain are being violated by attendees. His goal is not to prevent illegal gun sales; it is to shut down gun shows.

6. United Nations (down one place from last year)

It is no a secret that the United Nations is still actively working on disarming the entire population of the world, including citizens of the United States. They believe that only the military and police forces should be allowed to own firearms.

With an anti-gun president in office, there is a significant threat that the United States will enter into various treaties with the United Nations that will limit our Second Amendment rights.

5. The Confrontational Gun Owner (new to the Top Ten)

The confrontational gun owner is a new addition to our annual Ten Threats list, but has rapidly become a major threat. The confrontational gun owner is someone who purposely gets involved in a situation with law enforcement in hopes that they are arrested in an effort to fight for our Second Amendment rights in court. Unfortunately, they choose to fight the legal battle in criminal court instead of using the proper channels.

When the story makes its way to the media, gun owners appear to the general public like irrational and confrontational people. This hurts us in gaining public support for our rights from non-gun owners.

Furthermore, this method not only puts the confrontational gun owner's personal freedom and Second Amendment rights in jeopardy, but it also puts all of our Second Amendment rights in jeopardy. They may have been right legally, but juries and judges HATE it when people instigate a situation to make a political statement and will sometimes find a way to rule against the confrontational gun owner, even if they were technically, legally right. As a result, we're stuck with a ruling against our gun rights, which makes it harder to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

4. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson (up two places from last year)

Frank Jackson is an extreme threat to our Ohio gun rights because of his extremely anti-gun views and the fact that he thinks that he is above the law. Despite an Ohio Supreme Court ruling, in Ohioans For Concealed Carry v. City of Clyde, which ruled that guns do not fall under home rule, he continues to insist that Cleveland's strict local gun laws be enforced. There have been several city residents who have been arrested for having an unregistered handgun even though state law clearly says that a city cannot require that someone register their handguns. There has just been a ruling by the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals that ruled on the side of the city when it comes to home rule and guns, but it will be over turned by the Ohio Supreme Court since they have already ruled on the issue.

We should all remember that it was under Jackson's administration that the city refused to give a crime VICTIM his gun back despite a court order. They tried to make him write a paper explaining why he thinks he should be allowed to have his own gun back. Thankfully, the Buckeye Firearms Association intervened and the victim had his property returned.

Jackson is also working on getting legislation passed at the state level that would prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from possessing or using a gun in Ohio. If such a bill became law, it could make it illegal in the state of Ohio for someone under the age of 21 to use a shotgun or muzzleloader to hunt.

Recent reports have stated that Cleveland's crime rate is increasing while other cities such as Columbus are seeing a decrease in crime. Jackson's response has been to refuse federal money that would put more cops on the streets. Despite a rising crime rate, Jackson wants to strip us of the ability to defend ourselves while taking police officers off the streets. He has laid off police officers and EMS providers.

3. President Obama and his Administration (down two places from last year)

In his first year in office, President Obama has not made any overt attacks on our Second Amendment rights. This may lead people into thinking that the threat he poses was over-hyped and they may no longer pay attention. However, he has used his position to appoint several rabidly anti-gun people to powerful positions. For example, he appointed Eric Holder as the Attorney General. Eric Holder served as a Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno. During that time, Holder worked extremely hard to restrict private gun ownership. He supported complete handgun bans, assault rifle bans, mandatory waiting periods, national gun registration, limiting the purchases of handguns to one a month, and wanted to shut down gun shows.

We should be reminded that President Obama has a long history of fighting AGAINST our Second Amendment rights and is possibly the most anti-gun president ever elected. Throughout the election, he claimed with a straight face that he supported the Second Amendment despite his extremely anti-gun record. His past public statements and voting record disprove his claims.

2. The Anti-Gun Gun Owner (no change from last year)

Anti-gun gun owners continue to be a huge threat to our Ohio gun rights. The anti-gun gun owner is more than willing to demonize and may even support a ban on a certain type of firearms. However, they will argue for their right to own their preferred type. The most common example of this is someone who owns shotguns and rifles to hunt, but would not oppose a ban on tactical rifles or handguns.

What they don't realize is that the gun-grabbers will attempt to confiscate and ban guns one type at a time until they are all banned. They will not stop at confiscating and banning only the types of guns that the anti-gun gun owner despises. The anti-gun gun owner will be held up as an example of the "reasonable" gun owner by anti-gun organizations and legislators. This makes it more difficult for true Second Amendment advocates to preserve our rights.

The anti-gun gun owner needs to realize that they are doing more harm than good when it comes to preserving our Second Amendment rights. They need to realize that what they are doing is making them an enemy of the Second Amendment and actually helping the gun-grabbers.

1. The Apathetic Ohio Gun Owner (no change from last year)

The apathetic gun owner has been and continues to be the biggest threat to our Ohio gun rights. The apathetic gun owner is a freeloader who expects everyone else to fight the fight for them. They reap the benefits and enjoyment of gun ownership, but do absolutely nothing to defend it. They often deny that there is any real threat to our Second Amendment rights and feel that the government would never actually confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans. This is despite the fact that it has been done in the past.

The apathetic gun owner often does not get involved politically in the fight for our Second Amendment rights. He may neither vote nor volunteer on the campaigns of pro-gun candidates. As a result, anti-gun candidates win elections and our Second Amendment rights continue to slowly erode. He can't spare even a few minutes to call or email his representatives to urge them to pass pro-gun legislation, yet complains when anti-gun legislation is passed. When this happens, the apathetic gun owner will blame the NRA and other pro-gun organizations and accuse them of not doing enough. He does not realize that the power of the NRA and other gun groups comes from everyday gun owners.

The apathetic gun owner more than likely has stocked up on guns and ammo since B. Hussein Obama was elected. However, he did not do anything during the election season to defeat him. If only his apathy did not prevent him from taking Obama's threat to our rights seriously in the first place.

The apathetic gun owner does not actively support pro-gun organizations such as the Buckeye Firearms Association, the National Rifle Association, and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Without a doubt, the apathetic gun owner is the most dangerous threat to our gun rights. In order to fully restore our Second Amendment rights, all gun owners must actively join the struggle.


"Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."
- George Washington

Monday, January 25, 2010

Audie Murphy, PTSD and the Browning M2 .50 Calibre Machine Gun

I watched "To Hell and Back" recently and thought about how bad-assed Audie Murphy was in real life, and how humanly fragile he was too. Here was a guy who moved into incoming fire to take out Nazis when 99.9% of the population would just messed their pants and run away. He suffered from untreated PTSD (called "Battle Fatigue" back then) for years that cost him personal relationships and an addiction to prescription drugs. Having taken on basically the entire German Wehrmacht by himself earlier, he figured facing this demon wasn't outside his realm of possibility and went public with his struggles with PTSD. For years he actively lobbied the government to enhance programs to treat military members with it as well as other mental disorders. This struggle continues today as we have an entire new generation of veterans that continue the challenge of facing the horrors of war once they leave the battlefield.

If you haven't done anything to thank a vet lately, contact your congressman and tell him that if we can spend BILLIONS of dollars to bail out failed businesses just to watch them piss the money away, that we can fund our nations military and VA medical systems to help soldiers returning from war deal with their own demons. Ask them to do it in memory of Audie Murphy. It may not be the legacy most people think of when they remember Audie Murphy, but to me it may be his most important. Not all wounds are on the outside.

So what exactly did Audie Murphy do you may be asking? If you are, get down and knock out 50 and then read the following:

Medal of Honor citation

The official U.S. Army citation for Audie Murphy's Medal of Honor reads:[1][9]

Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Company B 15th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division.
Place and date: Near Holtzwihr France, January 26, 1945.
Entered service at: Dallas, Texas. Birth: Hunt County, near Kingston, Texas, G.O. No. 65, August 9, 1944.
Citation: Second Lt. Murphy commanded Company B, which was attacked by six tanks and waves of infantry. 2d Lt. Murphy ordered his men to withdraw to a prepared position in a woods, while he remained forward at his command post and continued to give fire directions to the artillery by telephone. Behind him, to his right, one of our tank destroyers received a direct hit and began to burn. Its crew withdrew to the woods. 2d Lt. Murphy continued to direct artillery fire, which killed large numbers of the advancing enemy infantry. With the enemy tanks abreast of his position, 2d Lt. Murphy climbed on the burning tank destroyer, which was in danger of blowing up at any moment, and employed its .50 caliber machine gun against the enemy. He was alone and exposed to German fire from three sides, but his deadly fire killed dozens of Germans and caused their infantry attack to waver. The enemy tanks, losing infantry support, began to fall back. For an hour the Germans tried every available weapon to eliminate 2d Lt. Murphy, but he continued to hold his position and wiped out a squad that was trying to creep up unnoticed on his right flank. Germans reached as close as 10 yards, only to be mowed down by his fire. He received a leg wound, but ignored it and continued his single-handed fight until his ammunition was exhausted. He then made his way back to his company, refused medical attention, and organized the company in a counterattack, which forced the Germans to withdraw. His directing of artillery fire wiped out many of the enemy; he killed or wounded about 50. 2d Lt. Murphy's indomitable courage and his refusal to give an inch of ground saved his company from possible encirclement and destruction, and enabled it to hold the woods which had been the enemy's objective
Like I said, most people would have made poopy in their shorts. Apparently Murphy carried a LARGE set of brass balls un-proportionally sized compared to his 5' 5" frame. Then again he was raised in a poor family during the depression where not shooting your own meal meant going hungry for a day. Tough times make for tough people.

Audie Murphy died in 1971, not by enemy fire or by taking his own life due to depression by PTSD, but in a plane crash. He lies buried in Arlington under a standard, plain marble head stone. It is the second most visited grave in Arlington after President Kennedy's. Although his name is not as readily known by today's generation of Nintendo and XBox heads, the small kid from Texas who was rejected by both the Marines, the Navy and Airborne still remains one of our nations highest decorated heroes of all time.

If you want to visit a pretty good site with some candid photos of Audie Murphy, click here.

The M2 Machine Gun

The weapon that Audie Murphy used to inflict those devastating casualties on the Germans in the citation above is an American classic. Designed towards the end of WWI as a heavy machine gun to rule the battle of "No Man's Land" between the trenches, the design has proven so efficient and durable that it still remains the standard heavy machine gun of both US Armed Forces and many others throughout the world. Normally called the "fifty cal" or "fifty" (and more lovingly called "Ma Deuce" by some) the M2 fires a MASSIVE projectile downrange. Flavors include both anti-personnel and armor piercing rounds. To give you an example of how powerful this weapon is, the standard anti-personnel round fires a 706 grain projectile at 2,910 feet a second for a muzzle energy of 13,278 foot pounds!!! You are able to easily demolish small structures with it if that is your whim at the moment. The armor piercing rounds will penetrate over 20mm of steel at 100 yards. I don't know of many homes or buildings that can stand up to that punishment. Stories of enemy soldiers being ripped to shreds after being hit with rounds from the M2 are well founded. Even at extreme ranges the rounds maintain enough energy to be lethal out to several miles. The legendary Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock used a modified M2 to make a 2,500 meter confirmed kill during Vietnam, a feat not beat until 2002 when a Canadian reached out farther using a modern rifle with specialized ammo and ballistics computer. Most M2's are not carried by hand, though if you are a masochist you are certainly welcome to hump all 127 pounds of the gun (weapon, tripod and T&E, ammo not included) around. Normally it is mounted on a vehicle or aircraft or emplaced in a hardened bunker or other such structure - much to the relief of the gunner. I used to have a picture somewhere of me manning the .50 on my M113 track, I would give one of my minor appendages to remember what the hell I did with it. I thankfully can remember the "BOP-BOP-BOP-BOP" sound of it firing and the feeling of it recoiling against the mount in my hands......ah, memories.

Soldiers in Iraq use a M203 to blow up an overturned fuel tanker

I guess the idea was so that insurgents couldn't get some freebie fuel for explosives use. Nice shot. a M203 is a 40mm single shot grenade launcher that can be attached under the barrel of a M16/M4. While the Russians went with the RPG, we went this way. Its lighter and more mobile than a RPG and the gunner can carry more ammo. The trade off of course is that the RPG has a much bigger bang and can take out armored vehicles as well as personnel. I carried a 203 for a while and even got to fire live rounds with it out at NTC, as well as fought off scavenging coyotes with flare rounds. Yeah me.

This looks like it was fun for these guys, its great when Uncle Sam lets you blow stuff up you normally would never get a chance to blow up.

Soldiers Blow Up Tanker With Grenades - Watch more Funny Videos

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 SHOT show vid by the Mad Ogre

Video shot by George "Mad Ogre" Hill at the SHOT show..

A vortex cannon does what the big bad wolf could not..

...of course being in Jolly 'Ol England, this cannon was probably heavily regulated and forced the wolf to just grab a knife and stab the piggies anyway...

Not a normal firearm related subject on my blog, but what the hell....science and technology is cool also.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Toddler shoots his father at a Syrian wedding...

Speechless....watch the vid

Well...OK...giving a child a loaded firearm is not a good idea....yeah, got that part wrong...

Dad shot in the stomach (angled upwards so only God knows what else was shredded) and the little boy probably scared to death if not seriously hurt by the recoil....

Just a reminder - parents, lock up your weapons from the kids!

I am so glad we don't celebrate like this over on our side of the big pond.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check out that Bushmaster ACR!

Man that's a good looking Aimpoint Micro T-1 on it, is that a LaRue mount?

Gotta love those guys from Magpul, courtesy of the 2010 SHOT show.

BTW, the pic is from the Hot Shots calendar, which raises money for the U.S based Wounded Warrior Project and the U.K. based Help For Heroes Project. Click on the pic below for more info...

(hey normally I am not this sexist in my posts, but Kev needs a pick-me-up, so blame him!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good times at the range and the aftermath...

A Day of shooting beats the hell out of whatever else on most days!!

Went to indoor ranges twice this past weekend. On Sunday I went to the Powder Room in Powell with Kevin and Monday I went to the AimHi Range in New Albany (yes, the one I blogged previously about a suicide at) with Greg. Had a good time on both days. Didn't remember to take pics on Sunday but I will post a earlier vid of my P220 just for the hell of it anyway...

Sunday with Kevin at The Powder Room

Headed out to the Powder Room in Powell to shoot some .45 with the SIG P220 and some .38 I had laying around with my Ruger Security-Six and to get it sighted in as well. Kevin brought his Glock 36 (which I love), his Beretta 92 and Ruger LCP. Pretty uneventful over all. Loaded mags, fired and left. Got a fairly good zero on the Security-Six. That pistol is just plain awesome. I cannot over emphasize that. Got to fire a few rounds through Kev's 92. Beautiful pistol, it the Inox model with that satin stainless finish. I forgot how nice those were to fire.

I did OK with the SIG, I need to get that out more often and run rounds through it. Sometimes as a casual shooter I get focus locked in one or another of my pistols and don't get enough familiarly with the others to keep proficient. With the SIG I know part of my problem is transitioning from the 3-dot system used in most of my other pistols to the "figure 8" 2-dot system on it. There is a valid argument made by some to keep your collection small and practice with it exclusively to maximize proficiency. I agree with that philosophy. I cannot make myself part with some of my pieces though. Oh well, its better to have and not need that to need and not have sometimes..

In case you forget what the SIG and I look like together

Monday with Greg at Aim Hi Shooting Range in New Albany

That's Greg on the left there, one of my "war buddies" from deployment. He is the one that not only got me to volunteer for deployment but indirectly (OK, directly) influenced me to start owning firearms over the past 2 years. We went to the range in New Albany where the woman took her life last week. It was pretty much business as usual although I don't think anyone was using the pistol range where she killed herself. Good crowd for a Monday, go early if you want to get on a line without waiting.

My goals

Ok, while I shot with Kev on Sunday just to basically put some rounds downrange and do a bit of final sighting in with the Ruger, Mondays shooting was specifically aimed at 3 goals:
  • Proficiency training with my S&W M&P40c which I am currently using as a CCW pistol
  • Initial zeroing of the EOTech XPS on the mamba AR
  • Initial zeroing of the Magpul MBUS sights on the mamba AR
The indoor rifle range there only goes out to a distance of 74 feet (about 22.5 meters) so I could not get a final good zero or verify it at longer ranges. However, it was close enough that when I get to go back outside I should be "in the neighborhood" for all intent purposes enough to only have to make minor adjustments. I used 1" orange stick on piasters on a paper silhouette to aim at. I actually used 2 with the EOTech realizing that with it the rounds should impact slightly below the point of aim (per their manual) to account for the minimal parallax inherent with the sight's height over bore. Again, good enough for now.

Surprisingly, it was easier to zero my groups with the iron sights than the EOTech, go figure? Most likely my familiarity with the iron sights on an AR had major play in this. Felt good knowing even my aging eyes and sagging body are capable of producing some respectable groups still. This was also the first time firing the "Black Mamba" since it was finished and it performed as well as I expected. Greg was impressed with the Magpul MOE hand guards and rear MBUS sight. I was impressed with the fact that it was grouping very well off of a rest. The rifle maybe has 300 rounds down range with the 60 I put through it yesterday. It is still being broken in. I tell you what though, I really have no problem firing it Southpaw as I do now. My muscle memory shooting that way is solidified and it is almost now counter intuitive to fire it off of the right shoulder. I also now notice that I am unaffected firing it lefty with my face being on the same side as the ejection port. The built in brass deflector does its part and ejected cases bounce off it and arc harmlessly to the side of the rifle. There is a bit of spray from the port of any excess lube on the bolt and bolt-carrier at first, but wearing proper eye protection and a joy of shooting quickly overcome that. I swear that when I am behind the sights of a rifle concentrating on my breathing and sight alignment that I am as relaxed as much as (or even more so) than I am doing almost anything else. It seems almost bizarre that while in the midst of so much noise that I could be so relaxed, but you really do zone out and focus in the moment. Even the recoil of the rifle seems almost distant. At the point where I feel the trigger release I snap a mental picture of all the elements of the shot, sight picture, where my breathing was at, how my body position felt, where the trigger broke...everything. Doing that allows a shooter to "call their shot" and you would be surprised after practicing it how well you get at calling flyers and alibis. Thanks to the instructors at Appleseed at getting me into that grove.

My zeroing of the MBUS sights, yellow is the first group, red second and green third, I fired another after adjusting one more time but forgot to take a pic of it, it was pretty much where the green group is but to the left of it, not bad for an "old guy" if I do so say myself..

Speaking of noise, there was a guy next to us using an AR variant in .308...KaBOOM!! You definitely knew it was there! Loved it! The guy said he was going to use it on a feral hog hunt, good luck buddy! At one point we had him on our left with the .308 and a guy and his wife on our right with a 7.62x54 Mosin popping off...excellent! Bring the boom - bring the fun!
The guy with the .308 AR...BANG, he was a pretty nice guy too...

After all was said and done with both the MBUS and EOTech, both are sighted in at that particular distance, which should be good enough on a man sized target out to 200 - 250 meters without too much concern for having to use a hold over/under to put rounds on center mass.
Shooting the Black Mamba

Ha Ha, still laughing at myself for naming my rifle! Regardless, it ran great, not a hiccup at all. All of the Magpul furniture combined for a great look on the range. Both Greg and I agree that the rifle was a good one and the choice of optics was the right one.

Here is Greg shooting it.

..and here is yours truly shooting controlled pairs with it..and if you are wondering it takes a few extra seconds to load because I drop the PMag and trap it with my "winter fat" against the booth and have to wiggle a bit to get to it without it crashing to the floor.

The M&P40c, my "Winter" gun

Put a box of .40 downrange in the M&P40c. Results were as expected. Not a pistol that I would be taking to the Olympics, but capable of hitting targets that I need to hit at 7 yards well enough to make them sit down and thing about their evil ways. I feel confident carrying it as my daily weapon while it is cold enough to conceal it well until it is warm enough that I have to go back to the P-3AT for most situations.

An Experiment...

Greg brought his Glock G-27, which was one of the pistols I had considered when buying the M&P40c. I did an impromptu accuracy test at 7 yards with both shooting at 1" orange circles with two 3 round groups. Here are the results:

As you can see, the first group from the Glock is clearly the "winner" of the contest. Both pistols shot very well, at 7 yards either grouping on an assailant would make them LAY down and think about their evil ways.. I still prefer my M&P basically for ergonomics. Either way, you won't go wrong carrying either of these in your waistband.

Zombie Nazis attack!!

If you are into gun culture or you have been to a range lately, chances are you have seen the zombie targets like the "Zombie Bob" target I posted a pic of last year on the range. Well, saw a new angle on it...Zombie Nazis!! Whats better than shooting a zombie or a Nazi? Doing it both at the same time of course!! These targets also play well with the themes of popular video games released over the past few years. Now those anti-gunners out there crawling the web looking for examples of irresponsible gun ownership..listen up. Shooting at these types of targets does not produce mass murdering fiends...its just for fun...so go eat your tofu, listen to Air America Radio and STFU!!

Multiple zombie Nazis were involved in the incident....

Needless to say, they DID NOT fair very well in the outcome!!

What could be better.....


No actual Nazi's were killed in the filming of this clip....shame..

The Aftermath

Of course the result of all of this firearm goodness and fun is a armful of dirty weapons to clean. I remember cleaning weapons in Basic Training and AIT as mostly a quiet time that we were left alone to clean our M16's and the Drill Sergeants left us alone for the most part unless we got caught screwing around. They most likely were enjoying a break from the round-the-clock guidance they normally had to disperse. I remember that if we kept our voices down we could have a few words amongst ourselves and share news from home - this was BI (before Internet) and we did not have routine access to news. I remember once the Drills got us all riled up during rifle and bayonet drills by telling us that we were going to go to war with Iran (this was only a few years past the failed Iran rescue mission and hostage ordeal). Ah memories, nowadays cleaning means being in the basement with a bunch of carbon, a cleaning kit and myself. In "the real world" you would always clean your primary weapon systems first and then your secondary and so on. At home, I can clean what I want when I want (with the exception of my Mosin or any other weapon used with corrosive ammo, they go first!) Here are a couple of things that I have been using lately to help alleviate the chore of weapons maintenance.

**HEY ITS THE DISCLAIMER*** Once again, I am not a paid spokesman for any product reviewed on Hueys Gunsight. I am not paid nor do I expect any compensation for my comments. All items are purchased by me for me and my views are soley my own. Thanks FCC!!

Various weapons in different stages of cleaning on my work table, I often clean multiple firearms at once in a round robin method based on what cleaning steps or materials are used.

Crusader Arms Slipstream Lubricants and M-Pro7 Cleaner

Slipstream Lubricants: Talked a bit about Slipstream a while back. Well, it seems to be living up to the hype. I notice a definite decrease in friction and friction related noise in my weapons treated with it. Those nano-lubricants seem to be working well! I use it exclusively on my Black Mamba (ha ha, still laughing) and the grease lubricant on the slide rails of all of my pistols. A bit pricey but it seems to be worth it. Website here..

M-Pro7: Picked a bottle of this up from the Powder Room a month or so back. It claims to clean weapons with carbon, lead and most copper fouling quicker and easier than normal cleaners. It works. It works well. There seems to be some detergent action in it as it will slightly foam in some applications, but spraying it on your bolt and letting it sit for a minute and then brushing off generates amazing results.. Website here..

CAT M-4 Bolt Cleaning Tool

Anyone who has had to clean an AR will readily recognize the following picture.

Other than the locking lug area of the upper receiver (aka the "asshole") of an AR, the next most frustrating part to clean for most people is the bolt and bolt carrier. The bolt is that piece in the center of the pic and the bolt carrier is the larger one on the left. The bolt rides (is carried) inside the bolt carrier, hence the names. The other pieces in the upper right are the firing pin (which itself rides in the bolt and is struck by the hammer to fire a cartridge), the cam bolt (which keeps the bolt in the carrier) and the firing pin retaining pin (guess what it retains). Yes, to you purists I did not remove the extractor. I did before the pic was taken and cleaned under it. With the black donut on the spring and the pain in the rear it is to get back on I decided to leave it alone for the pic.

Anyway, traditionally some of the hardest to reach and clean places in the weapon are the inside of the bolt carrier. The CAT M-4 partially solves this problem.

The tool itself is simple enough. Just a machined piece of metal really. How its machined is what makes it (sort of) useful.

Remember how I said one of the hardest places to clean was the inside of the bolt carrier? Traditionally you used the chamber brush of your weapons kit to get in there with enough CLP to try and do decent job to get rid of the carbon build up. Whats the big deal with carbon? Well, carbon under pressure hardens (think of how a diamond of formed) and if enough of it build up and hardens on the working surfaces of your bolt and carrier, it can not only damage them but can also take the tolerances out of spec and cause not only stoppages but also dangerous conditions as well. When you are talking chamber pressures upwards of 55,000 psi it doesn't take much to let the tiger out of the bag.

Getting back to the tool, the one end of the tool is a flat scraper that can be put in the "short" end of the carrier to scrap carbon build up on a metal divider in the bolt carrier with a central hole which the bolt itself rides upon. It is not a perfect fit in mine. The tool is supposedly built for a "Milspec" bolt and carrier, and mine is supposedly one itself (per S&W). It does a good enough job either way. The manufacturer even put a slot on the end through which you can pass a cleaning patch to upgrade from "tactical tolerance" to "inspection clean". The problem I have is that the other side of that hole has the same issues with carbon build up but due to the design of the other side you cannot insert it in the "long" end of the carrier. I understand the emphasis was to create a tool that a soldier in the field could grab and quickly scrap their bolt to make it function, but it would of been nice to also include a way to take care of the other side of the carrier as well.

The other end of the tool is designed to clean carbon off of what is called the "bolt tail". This is the rear end of the bolt that fits against the interior divider that the tool addressed above. I never have really had an issue getting this part cleaned under most scenarios. Apparently this area is a real concern because there is yet another tool out there for this purpose that actually has an articulating arm for scraping the carbon off. I prefer this "solid state design" of the CAT M-4 as there is virtually no way this thing could possibly break under normal conditions. Usually a generous squirt of CLP followed by a little elbow grease using a bore brush on a cleaning rod would clean it right down to the metal leaving no carbon remnants. Again, seeing how this could be used by a grunt in the field to quickly do a once over on it to get that "tactical tolerance" level reached I cannot find too much to fault with it. Again it is not a perfect fit on my bolt, but pretty damn close. A little pressure to one side while rotating it takes care of any tolerance variations nicely.

The tool also has a "+" shaped hole for cleaning your firing pin and another hole that will accept 1/4" slotted tool heads for screwdrivers and such, nice touch there.

All in all its not a bad little tool. Now the downside, the price. I bought this for $35 which I consider a bit high considering the only thing I think it did really well that I would not be easily able to do otherwise was scrape carbon from the inside of the "short" end of the bolt carrier. Even this could be done with a special carbon scraping tool that can be bought for less than $15 from Brownell's online. As a general tool to issue to troops it is not a bad choice and the company's web site states that "The tool is currently undergoing field evaluation by selected units deployed in the global war on terrorism." It does pack nicely into an issue Otis cleaning kit and provides some additional functionality for only a few ounces so in that regard I got to give it some earned praise. But again to me the cost is just a bit high for my liking as a recreational shooter. But if you are one of those types that wants to have the newest and coolest gadget for your AR then you are a fool like me, it follows that your money and you will soon be parted. To their credit, the company seems to be honestly trying to make something that is intended to get into the hands of our servicemen and women. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. I am not going to take them up on their offer and will continue to use the tool and see if my opinion as a sideline sheepdog changes over time in regards towards it.

The website for the CAT M4 is here. I hate to be down on any product as I feel this is really one of my few negative comments about an item, but it is what it is. A good tool for some, but not all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woman apparently commits suicide at Central Ohio shooting range

from the Columbus Dispatch,

Woman dies after shooting herself at shooting range
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:13 PM
Updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 02:46 PM

A 24-year-old woman is dead after shooting herself at the New Albany Shooting Range this afternoon, a Franklin County sheriff's officer said.

The woman, who has not been identified, watched a first-time shooters video, then fired rounds with an instructor, Sgt. Bill Duffer said.

She was left alone and fired a few more rounds, he said. Then, according to video and witnesses, she pointed the 9 mm handgun at her chest and pulled the trigger.

She was taken to Mount Carmel St. Ann's hospital.

The call to the range, at 10299 Johnstown Rd., came about 12:30 p.m.

I have shot at this range a couple of times. A nice place that is frequented by quite a few LEO's from around the area on a regular basis. Seems like the woman meant to do herself harm. The safety film is required of all new shooters and anyone not a club member. Seems like she at least took the time to make sure she could "safely" kill herself without endangering others. I honestly feel sorry for her, the anguish she must have felt in order to commit such a premeditated act. I also feel for the ranges owners, they obviously did everything within their power to ensure safety on the range but will somehow be blamed for this I am sure.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disabled man stops home invasion with 3 gun shots

Normally this is a story I would expect to read from James over at Hell In A handbasket as he does quite a bit with teaching elderly and disabled students to defend themselves. This time, however, I got this story from a news alert from Buckeye Firearms Association.

Buckeye Firearms Association
Disabled man stops home invasion with 3 gun shots

Submitted by drieck on Thu, 12/31/2009 - 00:10.

Gary Wroblewski is confined to a wheelchair and therefore an easy target for criminals. His physical limitations and lack of mobility are the type of weakness that cowards look for in an easy mark.

But, Mr. Wroblewski is anything but a helpless victim.

Instead, he took the time to arm himself and learn how to properly use his gun. That decision just might have saved his life on December 15th when home invaders decided to attack him inside his home.

From the story at Ocala.com:

The three men — Gonzales, Kenney and the teen — went to Wroblewski's Silver Springs Shores home to commit a home invasion/robbery.

The teen remained in the vehicle while Gonzalez and Kenney went to the home. Gonzalez knocked on the front door and asked Wroblewski for assistance with his car.

When the homeowner refused to come out, Kenney, hiding in the shrubs, barreled through the door and knocked Wroblewski, who uses a wheelchair, down.

As he was going down, Wroblewski fired shots at Kenney. One of the bullets fatally wounded the 24-year-old.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned here. Mr. Wroblewski trusted that little voice telling him something just wasn't right. Doing so at best saved him from being victimized, and at worst saved his life. Too often we hear that someone failed to heed the warning signs in a case like this and lived to regret it – or didn't live at all.

A bigger lesson is how a gun in the hands of an honest, peaceful, law abiding citizen changes the dynamic in a violent encounter. While nobody likes to see a young man die, in this case, the stark reality is the outcome is all we can wish for. Remember, it wasn't the victim who initiated the encounter, it was a common thug who was willing to attack a man in wheelchair.

If the anti-gun crusaders in America had their way, instead of a .45 in his hand to ward off his attackers, Mr. Wroblewski would have had a telephone to dial 911.

Under the circumstances there is little chance he could have made the call before the attacker was upon him. All the police could do under those circumstances is notify his next of kin and start an investigation into his murder.

This story is a perfect example of how the private ownership of a firearm empowers honest people when they are put in a horrible situation. Unlike his attackers, Mr. Wroblewski clearly values life and most importantly valued his own life enough to make the choice to keep a gun for self-defense.

He also refused to heed the misguided and misleading warnings conjured up by anti-gun organizations that claim a gun in the home is a safety risk. In his case, the real risk was in keeping his gun locked in a safe, or unloaded, as there wasn't enough time to retrieve it, load it and then use it for self defense.

He needed his gun, and he needed it in a split second, so having it at hand was the only way it was any use in this case.

For the anti-gun community, cases similar to this one have the worst possible outcome. Not only was an honest homeowner able to use a gun for self-defense, he was in a wheelchair and clearly someone that had need for a gun. While reporters are always quick to ambush pro-gun advocates with questions about accidental gun deaths and spree killings, they are deficient in asking the anti-gun loons about cases where people are brutally attacked and only saved through the use of a gun.

This case is a shining example of why banning handgun ownership will lead to an increase in violence. Without a gun, most Americans are no match for criminals trained from birth to be thoughtless, violent killers.

Mr. Wroblewski's only chance when faced with such a thug was his firearm. He is the reason the fight to protect the right to bear arms must never waver, it must never falter, and never be overshadowed by other issues.

Our liberty is predicated on feeling secure in our own homes. Without that, the American experiment is a failure.

The leadership of Buckeye Firearms Association gets asked quite often about why we donate hours of our time to the pro-gun cause. We also get accused of helping arm thugs and spree killers because there are still people out there so misinformed they believe more gun laws are required to stop gun crime.

But stories like this one remind us why this fight is so important to the cause of liberty and freedom in America. Although this tragic incident happened in Florida, it could have easily happened anywhere. Including where you live.

For those that claim that armed defense is never justified remember that not everyone can physically defend themselves unarmed. A few pounds of metal and plastic in the victims hands can make all the difference for them against a physically superior attacker.

The photo at right comes from the gallery of Oleg Volk, one of the premier firearm and 2nd Amendment photographers in the nation. It speaks volumes. I doubt that there are few black belts out there that if given the choice would NOT choose to use a firearm over using their skills if they were attacked. If you think I am wrong, let me know. But even Shaolin monks train with weapons because they are more effective than unarmed means alone. The time and weapons have changed, but the mindset stays the same. Only a fool brings a knife to a gun fight.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How well does the stock flash hider on a M&P15 do?

Pretty damn well...and yes, I did call it a flash hider. Its not 2004 any more.

Leaked Video! Bushmaster ACR!!

This video was supposedly found on a DVD found at an airport and may be intended to be used at the next SHOT show. It shows the Bushmaster ACR which is the reported final variant of what started out of the Magpul Masada and then went on to Bushmaster for development before Remington got the manufacturing contract for it. It is the latest attempt to create a better battle rifle and one of the only truly original concepts out there. Gotta love Magpul!

The ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is a multi-mission weapons system designed around the fire control group and magazine of a standard M4 carbine. Everything else looks like it was designed from the ground up with the operator in mind. By using a gas piston system with a NON-reciprocating bolt handle and recoil spring, the rifle is able to utilize a side folding stock that is fully adjustable not only for length but also for cheek weld - ensuring almost any shooter should be able to find a comfortable fit. For those that have been concerned with its polymer frame, get over it. "Polymer is the new steel", read that somewhere. For years we have been using polymer framed pistols with very little instances of failure due to the polymer in them. If you look at the video the bolt and carrier system ride on an internal chassis systems made of, what else, metal. This is the same system used on many of the polymer pistols (such as my Smith & Wesson M&P 40c) that I mentioned earlier.

Another thing it has going for it is the ability to change calibers easily and quickly if needed. Firing either the standard 5.56 mm or the newer 6.8 mm round gives it plenty of flexibility when it comes to mission needs. The 6.8 round puts the 5.56 to shame when it comes to stopping power, and can penetrate most common body armor used today, which the 5.56 sometimes has issues with. In addition the 6.8 gives the system a much longer reach than the 5.56 is capable of. In the vid you can see that simply changing the bolt, magazine and barrel itself (which looks frighteningly easy, I would be double checking that thing like crazy to make sure it was on the first couple of times after changing barrels) is all that is required.

The rifle is squarely aimed at the military and security sector, so the question begs to be asked; Did Magpul and the rest in the development chain create a rifle with no major purchaser? The military has cancelled the tests for a new combat rifle, instead opting to continue to use the M4 systems with some component upgrades. I am fairly certain the Masada project was probably created to address the trials when they were first announced, but the Army decided that the M4 was "reliable enough" for our troops. Still, the Rangers and some other elite units have started using the FN SCAR recently and I don't remember any testing for them being public or competitive. Some members of our Congress are currently challenging the military's claims that the M4 is suitable for service to lead us forward in the 21st century and we may have trials scheduled yet again. If so the ACR will be a prime candidate for those tests.

Either way, this is one fine looking rifle and for a reported retail price for a semi-automatic version to be around $1,400 it will be a hot seller for sure. Dear Santa....

Good Luck Steve (aka The Naked Warrior)

Not content with letting Al Qaeda have just one shot at his butt, tomorrow my good friend Steve Bliss takes off for yet again another adventure across the seas and into hostile lands...this time to Afghanistan!! Oh boy, fun! I wish him good luck and happy hunting in the wilds of A'gan and challenge him with one last mission....naked combat.
Steve and I go back over 2o years and were once known in some circles as "The Naked Warriors". During a rotation at the National Training Center (NTC) at Ft. Irwin, CA (right smack dab in the middle of Death Valley) we got hot. Really hot. Hot enough to do stupid things if we had the right encouragement. Digging a fighting position all night in 90+ degree heat for an engagement the next day only to have some well rested O/C (Observer Controller) drive up in a Humvee with a clean uniform and tell us we had been "killed" by artillery was just such encouragement. Totally disgusted with the turn of events we said "F!!K it" and stripped down naked save our boots, helmet, LBE and weapon. We proceeded to run up and down that damn hill looking for one of those supposedly live video cameras to give the O/C folks back on post in their air conditioned little room a showing of our fruits and vegetables for their gracious decision. Luckily for us we never found one. Our deed grew to legendary status in our company in no time flat and we were both labeled exhibitionists and required to register as sex offenders. OK, maybe not that last part, but we did get some strange looks from that point forward.
Steve in recent years showing that he has kept himself in naked warrior shape much more than yours truly. He never misses an opportunity to show off his monkey.

We did a couple other naked assaults in the next few years. Once we stripped down and crawled through the woods lost for a bit (no place to tuck our compasses) until we heard the sound of generators. We followed the sound until we came upon an encampment. The lack of noise and light discipline painted the unit as some rear eschelon support type unit. Time to break up their beer and card game fun. Running into the middle of it we immediately started firing blanks widely with Steve opening up with a M-60. As we were leaving the AO post haste, I heard a chorus of strangely high pitched voices...females!!! Doh!! Steve and I retreated back to our hootches in our own defensive perimeter (sneaking back in through a "friendly" LP/OP) and quickly got dressed before we were caught. Sure enough there was a bit of a stink the next day with some high ranking REMF types wanting to know who caused all the racket. Thank God they never asked us to strip down for a lineup. I am sure the camo stick writing of "Eat Me" and "Pull on this" would of given us away.

I left that particular unit shortly thereafter to pursue my new calling as a REMF myself, but Steve kept up the tradition as long as he could. He even went so far as to have a (I imagine very short) naked assault in Alaska at the Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC) to trump me as the all time greatest naked warrior the Army has ever known. Steve left the unit shortly after that but the tradition in Company B was kept going for a while, culminating in a naked road march by an entire platoon one night in what must have been a most fabulous short arm inspection for the books.

Steve and I lost track for many years until July of 2006 when I was at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin getting ready to deploy with the 437th PSD to Kuwait and beyond. Standing outside of the DFAC waiting for a bus I caught glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a familiar face walking by. STEVE!! I grabbed him by the shoulder and he wheeled around like he was ready to punch whomever grabbed him until he noticed it was me. Man, that is something I will never forget.
The Naked Warriors re-unite! July 2006.
He was up there doing the same thing with a medical unit from Michigan. We shot the bull for a bit until we had to go our separate ways, pledging to stay in touch. A few weeks later we were going through combat convoy ops training and I was told my squad would be getting a driver from another unit since we were so low on licensed drivers. I was told my drivers name....Bliss...no freakin' way. We had a couple of more days to laugh about old times and ponder new times together before we again parted ways.

I haven't seen Steve since but have kept in touch while we were both over in theater and once we both got back. Facebook is a great thing! While I was stationed primarily in the rear and only went into harms way a few times, Steve was embedded in a Air Force security unit as medical support (I guess the AF does not have a MOSC for a combat medic) and was right in the thick of IED hell in Iraq for a year. Why he would volunteer to go back and do it again is just the way he is and I think we all are better for him and those like him, damn few left!

The closest the bastards got to getting Steve. Results of a EFP IED that luckily went underneath Steve's vehicle without doing any permanent damage to anyone. Steve's face was looking out that window then the device went off. Go get some payback man.

So Steve, buddy, if you get the time I challenge you to one last challenge and a mission...combat naked. If you can get me photographic proof that you are the extreme naked warrior by doing a naked stunt in a combat zone I will do the unthinkable. I will wear a UofM shirt the day of THE GAME and post it on Facebook.
Good luck buddy, come back with your shield, or on it.
~ Pete
May thine enemies be struck blind and dumb,
May thy ruck be light,
May thy ammo be plenty,
May thy family and friends be safe and secure.
May your days be long upon this earth.