2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Quick, grab your guns and run to the hills!!!

Finally all of this gun buying madness is going to pay off! The aliens are attacking!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to test fire the Castle Doctrine again...

From right here in Columbus...

Intruder shot and killed during break-in

Lets see if the Castle Doctrine (SB 184 in Ohio) can pass the acid test once again in this particular case.

Details from the report are scarce, but it seems it was a home invasion that was thwarted. The incident is going before a grand jury to see if there will be an indictment. My initial reaction based on the info provided will be "No".

Oh God!..... I've got Sigititus!

I was down in my "man cave" last night (aka Huey's Haven, or maybe it should be the "fat cave" after looking at my gut in the mirror this morning!) organizing some of my firearm related stuff for once. As Kevin, and anyone else who has been down there will attest, its a constant mess. It is a collection of stuff we never unpacked from the move 4+ years ago, the accumulation of 20+ years of military crap that has exploded all over the place, computer salvage from many past projects and of course, things that make you go boom! I must have ADD to a degree because I can never seem to end one project down there before I start another and they always seem to gang up on me and create a bigger mess than either one of them alone could ever make.

I was actually entering pistol data into a software program I am reviewing for here and I thought to myself "do I really need 4 CCW pieces ?". Each has its place in the collection but, especially since I got the Kel-Tec, my CCW duties are pretty much down to a "cold" and "warm" pistol choice. The P3At is pretty much taken over the duties the J-Frame and Bersa had. For my "cold" CCW piece I have been using a Smith&Wesson M&P 40c pistol I picked up when my "big" pistol was the M&P 40 . I eventually got rid of the full sized M&P because I was having trouble shooting it (groups sucked, got a G22, problem solved) but kept the compact version due to its size and caliber. I also got extra mags with S&W promotions and two holsters for it so I really hated to let it go with the other one so it stayed. I shot it last weekend and, frankly, was disappointed with my accuracy with it. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a certain pistol just does not work for you. A quirk or some ergonomic discrepancy between you and the weapon or whatever, but sometime a particular pistol just doesn't work. Springfield XD's are like that with me, they seem to be great guns but they just don't sit in my hand right for me. On the other hand I have always loved the feel of Sig pistols. My friend Greg had a used P220 that I always loved to shoot until he sold it (without consulting me first, the nerve!). I have looked at them since but price always seemed to be high. Now I am in a position where I may have 3 pistols to sell/trade towards a quality Sig.

The object of my obsession......the Sig P229

Its the same piece used by various government agencies to include Immigration and Customs ,the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security (hey, aren't those the guys that said I was a potential threat because I'm a vet?). It fires either SA/DA or DAO, to include the Sig specific DAK action. Its hammer fired which I like, it allows the "strike two" capability for a primer misfire and has a manual de-cocking lever on the side. There is no manual safety as the long (but steady) initial pull to cock and release the hammer serves as enough for most instances.

Yes, its bigger than the M&P by over 1/2 a pound and has a different manual of arms. It is also hammer fired and holds 2 additional rounds. The extra heft in the piece supposedly helps tame the recoil of the .40 round. The recoil in the M&P is pronounced but manageable. The Sig is a bit pricey, they are running at around $760 on sale here in Columbus, but Sig is offering a $100 rebate to LEO and retired military personnel (bonus for 20+ years of service! btw, Glock has been offering specials to LEO and military for a few years now) so my total cost would be $660 or so. I figure with all the extras I could get $500 for the M&P and then sell the J-Frame for around $300 and cover it including a few extra mags and a holster.

Tempting, very tempting.........

Mad Ogre makes a funny....

OK, everyone knows I respect Hi-Points for what they are, but this is some funny stuff here...

Good one George! and you finally got me interested in a Sig for real!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, this probably won't play out well in the media..

Woman Kills Self At Handgun Range

Down in Sharonville, Ohio a woman walks into a target range, states she would like to shoot, gets some basic instruction from the staff and walks onto the range. Happens everyday, except this time she proceeds to shoot herself in what appears to be a premeditated suicide. No doubt this will be painted as some as a reason we need to outlaw handgun all together.

There is something to be said about common sense here that if you are one of my readers needs not be said. For those less astute, let me put it this way. The Golden Gate Bridge is the nations #1 suicide location in the US, though despite its history nobody is calling for the removal of the bridge. People apparently choose it because of its location, picturesque location (I mean if you're going to go out, why not go out in portrait perfect environment) and ease of use - just climb over the rail and gravity does the rest in a few short seconds. Firearms are the same way. Many people choose them as a way to end it all due to the quick nature of the resulting event. Most people commit suicide to escape pain and fear in their life, the last thing that they may want is to endure an agonizingly slow and painful death. Firearms provide an almost certain instantaneous death. So it makes sense why somebody may want to choose one to end their life with.

NOTE! I am not endorsing the use of the firearm as a means to commit suicide!! I have personal insight as to the way suicide affects those left behind and do not condone it by anyone! Please if you or somebody you know are suicidal contact 911 or your local suicide prevention hotline immediately! There are other choices - choose life!!!

It does not, however, mean that this is the only reason that firearms are useful in society. Just as a bridge is a means of traversing one point to another the firearms is more than just a device for killing. Other than provide a means of defense, sustenance and recreation for millions of Americans, firearms also provide a tangible link to the history of our past.

We may be seen by many in the world as a nation of violent gun owners, but it must be noted that ours is still one of the youngest world powers and democracies on the planet. Less than 100 years ago we were still waging border skirmishes with our neighbors to the South and protecting our territories abroad. And I'm not even talking about our military but regular citizens like you or I! Historians marvel at the wonders of the Greek and Roman militaries and how they were able to expand great empires in their day. These armies were armed with their eras version of the firearm in whatever guise it may have taken, bronze sword, pilium, chariot to many weapons long since forgotten by modern history. Take the Roman war chariot, a symbolic piece of Roman history, as important as a weapon of war as an icon of its users. Compare that to the Winchester Rifle, the Colt Revolver, the M-1 rifle and even the AR system. The American right to own firearms is akin to the Japanese reference to the Samurai sword (yes, I know Japan has some of the most repressive weapon laws in existence, the samurai sword is still viewed as an integral part of Japanese culture though). We not only promote our right to bear arms by owning firearms but also continue to provide a reason for their existence by passing on this heritage to the next generation.

This post has wandered far from where I started or intended. To the family of the woman who killed herself, I offer my sympathies on your loss. To the rest of us, please remember that the actions of other negatively reflect on our interests despite any other factors we may see pertinent. Only by enforcing good gun safety and promoting knowledge of our sport can we ever hope to gain significant gains in the fight for 2A rights.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thune-Vitter, the plot thickens

A big THA NK YOU to a poster called LittleLebowski over at the We The Armed forums for pointing out this article in the Washington Post.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just the other day I was saying on this blog how close the vote was and feeling fairly good that it was that close with a democratically controlled senate voting. Very interesting read on how politics are played out in D.C. I love the part of the article when Harry Reid refuses to discuss why he did vote in favor of the amendment, that's transparency in Washington for you folks.

Damn, with what I posted last night about voting records in Ohio and then this I might be in line for a couple of extra strength Tylenol or some of the grape cool aid before this is all over.

Move over Glock, here comes Taurus

to Georgia that is. Or it appears it is as Taurus recently announced it was looking at acquiring a 125,000 manufacturing, distribution and corporate facility to the Peachtree state. Georgia is one a a few states in the running for the new facility but it is marketing itself pretty heavy with incentives. Taurus would join Glock's Smyrna operation as the states 2nd firearm factory. I would think that Taurus would want to stay in Florida as it is a very gun friendly state, but a tax incentive is a tax incentive.

Full article here.

As I have stated before, I love my Taurus PT 845 and the PT1911 I owned before it was also of very good quality.

Thanks to The Firearm Blog for posting this info first.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An internal conflict?, could be...

I have remarked on more that one occasion about our current Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland and how he has really helped out the pro 2nd movement here and has also helped pass legislature that has more easily defined CCW laws and made it a better state to carry in. He's a democrat. The party of my normal opposition. Not to get political here but the fact is germane to the rest of the post. Though I have also stated on more than one occasion that the 2nd amendment is bigger than just one party, I still would have a hard time voting on the blue side of the ballot for any reason.

Former congressman and Fox News commentator John Kasich, a republican from my home town of Westerville, Ohio has announced his intention to run against Governor Strickland in 2010. While a member of congress he helped broker the 1994 "Assault Weapons Ban" and Brady Bill and has generally been an opponent of the 2nd Amendment movement.

Strickland is a fiscal liberal while Kasich is a fiscal conservative.

What do you do?

Well, Brent Greer (who is a lot more into the movement than I am) over at The Ready Line took a look at the possibilities of this contest if it happens and lays it down for Ohio gun owners - vote for Strickland is his advice. He makes some good points about which candidate is obviously the man for gun owners and it clearly is Strickland by his account. Still, I would hate to ever put myself into a situation where I only voted based on one issue or personal trait of a candidate. Other issues such as abortion, spending (guns and butter from my very first post!), national policy and other issues also make a big impact on my vote. Still, I would have a hard time voting for someone that was determined to resist my intention to exercise my constitution right to keep and bear arms that they helped pass a 10 year senseless ban on some types of weapons because they "look scary".

I realize that it is important to try and bring as many people on the other side of the spectrum over to your views, but what if you are in a situation where the other party clearly votes more in favor of your position then your own party does? I recently posted a thank you to our Attorney General, Richard Cordray, for filing on behalf of a paper supporting the application of the 2nd amendment in regard to states rights applications. He's also a Democrat. Man, I am going to have to do some deep introspective thinking in the next year.

Oh yeah, and he even has a few thought about Republican Mike DeWine running for AG against Cordray.

Your thoughts?

Car dealership owner owns CNN too aparently

Thanks to my friend Mick for sending me this link!

Here's the story in case you haven't seen this already. Car dealership in Missouri is giving away a AK with each car purchase - or more precisely a voucher for a AK at a local gun store after the required checks are made. The folks at CNN hear about it and send a crew down there to interview the owner of the dealership. CNN head (name for any broadcaster, you only see their head on TV, get it) starts with a couple of lead in questions and then tries to ambush him with a question if he thinks its irresponsible to give away a firearm. Bad move. Well, he is either quick on his feet or he figured CNN would be stupid enough to pull this crap on a "country boy" and he is ready for her. First he fires back that the man and woman killed in Miami last week by a group of ninja clad home invaders and killed in front of their children probably wish they had an AK then. He further defends his stance against all of her questions even going as far as to take on religious political correctness in this country and to state that Jesus would of carried a sword if he had too being that guns weren't around back then.

here's the vid.

Just to show you my recent AR purchase hasn't affected my love of the AK

here's a little AK humor to put a smile on your faces.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thune-Vitter CCW Act did not pass.....

Senate Rejects Controversial Concealed Weapons Measure

Actually a majority of voting Senators agreed to it 58 - 39, but it needed 60 votes to pass. But wait, 58 + 39 = 97, what about the other 3 senators that didn't vote? Well, as soon as they release the vote record I'll find out whats up and how my senators (both of whom I wrote) voted and which of the 100 were absent. THEN I'll decide if I am upset or not.

UPDATE: Vote record is online now (link above) both of my senators from Ohio voted against it, including former Governor (R) George "Rino" Voinovich, but he's from the Socialist Republic of Cleveland anyway so take that for what its worth. Of the 39 "NAYs" all but 2 were democrats, Voinovich and Senator Luger from Indiana (boy with a name like that you figure he would of voted for it). While the "YAYs" were mostly republican, there were quite a few democrats among them. This just goes to show thatgun rights, while mainly a staple of the right, conservative and republican platforms, is big enough to cross political lines as the 2nd Amendment is for everyone.

As for the 3 that didn't vote, one was Senator Kennedy (D-MA) who is out battling cancer, Senator Byrd (D) from West-By-God-Virgina and Senator Mikulski (D-MD). We would of gotten none of those votes anyway.

This vote would of allowed universal recipriocity for CCW permits nationwide, instead of relying on state-by-state agreements by Attorney Generals in each state. Here's a news flash for the folks in the liberal media, the defeat of this bill didn't change those agreements - my CCW from Ohio is still good in 26 states, with more coming on the way...maybe even YOURS!

Yes, its me

To answer another question from a day or so ago, yes the handsome fella at the bottom of the page in the "BDU's Still Rock" photo with his drive-on rag on and tongue sticking out is me at the young, tender age of 21 back before my "Fobbit" days - as the young kids say today. 11B Infantry and proud, not fat or broken like today. Drink all night, hump all day and do the same thing the next day. Location was Fort ??????.....I could tell ya', but then you'd probably all just pick on and tease me.

Notice the 16 I have slung over my right shoulder and the rag tied on the bottom of the sling. Used for wiping down the bolt carrier and doing a chamber swipe (using my little finger, the only tool I ever found that fit it even remotely correct) whenever possible. Being practically tactical back before it was in fashion. I should of started a business..

...and yes, I know I spelled "ACU" wrong.....I was Infantry you know..

The AR or AK poll so far..

looks like the AR is starting to pull away with it! I'll leave it up for another couple of weeks and then take another look.

Maybe I'll do an "AR vs. AK" post for the 1,000,001th time on the internet, I mean nobody has done one in a couple of days, the 'net is due for another ;-).

And to clarify something that someone asked me this morning, its AR-15 versus AK-47, not Arkansas versus Alaska!

Great article on open carry in San Diego, CA

The Firearm Blog has a great link to an article on the open carry movement in California, more specifically the San Diego area. The author is fairly neutral on the stance she takes and I think this is worth the time to read it. Skip the comments section, no need to really pay attention, same pro vs. anti rant you can find anywhere.

Here's the link to the articl:

San Diego Reader: They Carry Guns, July 15, 2009

My question is this; Whats the point of open carry for defense if you have to carry without rounds in the weapon? Another silly "law", though as it is pointed out the law specifically prohibits carrying of a loaded weapons in public, so they are taking advantage of a technicality I think. Actually they are really doing this to make a statement in the face of open aggression toward gun owners in the state that many local governments propagate. I wish their cause well in Cali and anywhere else where the 2nd Amendment takes a back seat to liberal anti-gun forces in power.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still messing with the layout...

Found a couple of new "stretch" templates that I like and are wider than the others I have used. I will be experimenting with fonts and colors over the next day or so to get everything to where it looks right and is readable. Please bear with me on these changes.

More posts in the next day or so also, trying to polish up a few I have had on the back burners for a while.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changed the look a bit..

No big deal, just got tired of the old background and formatting. Speaking of that, while Blogger has been a great start, I am thinking of transitioning to a new hosting service that offers more features and functionality. Posting pics on here can be a pain sometimes and editing is not always WYSIWYG. Anybody with any suggestions of where to move to? I would like someplace that I could import my current posts with minimal hassle. I am willing to pay for hosting at this point.

Thanks in advance.

Another day at the range...

Pic from a couple of weeks back. Chris from work and I having some fun with .22 LR at the range. We decided just primarily to shoot the .22 from now on. You really cannot underestimate how much fun firing this "weak" round is. The .22 is probably THE most versatile round ever made. Great for plinking or putting food on the table, the round - while not originated in the US - has long been a favorite of American sportsman. As an added bonus, where 20 rounds of other rifle ammo will run you around $20, a brick (500 rounds) of .22 will be about the same price in most cases.

Overall a pretty good day out there, though there were some issues with a couple of other shooters but no biggies.
Chris takes aim with his Savage .22 while my Ruger 10/22 (that will shortly become my liberty training rifle) sits in the foreground. Ruger has made and sold over 6 MILLION of these rifles over the past 40+ years!

From hand cannon to mousegun...

Damn, I finally got around to taking a picture of all of my firearms together and I have to go ahead and get another! And this time I went from a large caliber revolver in my last purchase to a very small "mousegun"!

Another "funny thing happened on the way home" story here. In the same gun shop that I had my J-frame hammer bobbed he had just gotten in a brand new Kel-Tec P-3AT .380 pistol. He was asking $249 for it. I had looked at getting one of these or a Ruger LCP before, but when I had looked at them initially supply was scarce and I ended up getting my Bersa Thunder .380. I still love the Bersa but seeing as it is getting much warmer here in Ohio with Summer coming on strong, I wanted something even smaller to pocket carry when all I had on would be shorts and a light t-shirt. The Bersa is fairly compact, but not enough to shove in a pocket without a noticeable bulge and sometimes IWB/OWB carry is not practical. And I hate those waist packs that you see some people use. They scream "carrying" to me, especially the ones that have the Bulldog tag on them and such.

Kel-Tec P-3AT .380 ACP

Anyway told Chuck, the proprietor, that I liked it and would think about it. He cautioned me that those pistols did not last long there and not to think about it too much! I went home that night and found a way to finagle $300 from my limited gun fund accounts and called him the next day at lunch to ask him to hold it for me. Since I had dropped some cash in his store the day before he was happy to oblige me. After work I stopped by to pick it up and he said he had it sold 3 times before I got there to guys who had the cash and wanted it when they saw it behind the counter but he kept it safe for me. Now in some stories this is where I would say that he said that the price had gone up that day due to demand, but no. Chuck kept the price at - what I consider reasonably priced in today's market - $249. I took it home then and there and even got a interesting look at what goes on when they call in a background check as he did it right in front of me. Name, age, height, weight, birth date and location and current address and the folks on the other line could approve me right then and there. Hmmm, wonder why it takes so long at other places? It should be noticed that he also had a Ruger LCP in stock that I could of had if I so desired but I decided to stay with the P3AT for some reasons I'll outline later.

Kel-Tec P-3AT, if it looks similar to the Ruger LCP it should, they are basically the same design. The Ruger has a better fit and finish and a slide lock. I am able to "get by" with what this pistol offers though, it is more than adequate for the task designed for it.

The P-3AT is manufactured in Cocoa, Florida by Kel-Tec industries. The company makes some decent firearms to include the SU-16 series rifles and Sub-2000 carbines. They are well known for their CCW line that includes not only the P-3At but also the P-32 .32 ACP pistol, which the P-3AT is directly based upon. By the way, you have to love the marketing in the name P-3AT (P .380, get it?).

There are a ton of great reviews on this pistol available from such places as The Mad Ogre, Guns And Ammo and Gunblast, so I will try and keep this piece down to just some basic facts and my impressions of the pistol itself as it applies to yours truly and my experiences with it.

First some general info from Kel-Tec's own website:

"The P-3AT is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol, chambered for the .380 Auto cartridge. It has been developed from our highly successful P-32 pistol with negligible increase in weight and size. The slide stop has been eliminated and the magazine capacity reduced to 6 rounds due to the larger cartridge.

The firing mechanism is double action only. The magazine has a 6 round capacity. The KEL-TEC P-3AT is the lightest .380 Auto pistol ever made. Thanks to its locking dynamics and superior ergonometry, perceived recoil and practical accuracy are comparable to much larger guns.

The P-3AT is mainly intended for plainclothes police officers as a secondary weapon, or for concealed carry by licensed citizens. The small grip size and light trigger pull make the P-3AT ideal for female shooters.

From the very beginning of the design and development, computers have been used exclusively. All machined components are also made on modern high speed computerized equipment. Equally advanced quality control equipment and test procedures ensure a firearm with uncompromising quality in materials and workmanship."
From the moment I first picked up the P-3AT the most noticeable trait about this pistol is the size. It is down right small compared to anything else I own. That's perfect considering the reason that I purchased it. The second thing I realized was "holy smoke! handling this is going to be a challenge!" I could barely keep my middle and ring finger on the lower part of the grip. What about the pinky? Forget about that! Still, the frame left plenty of room to assume a two handed grip with the pistol so part of that issue is solved. The trigger squeeze if very long. This is part of the safety mechanism for this pistol, much like a double action revolver. The trigger does noticeably stack about 3/4 of the way through that you can stage your sight picture at. Recoil coming from such a small pistol as it is generates the type of recoil that you would expect. While I do not consider it harsh by my standards, it is "snappy" to say the least when it is fired. A decent amount of skill is required to generate follow up shots with this pistol and training time on it should not be underestimated.

Now that's not much gun for the caliber!

Basically, my index and middle finger are all that is gripping the pistol.
These diamond shaped serrations in the grip are uncomfortable, but they provide excellent traction on the grip and provide a secure handling when drawing from a pocket.

One of the two holsters I picked up for the P3AT, this Fobus paddle holster is marked for the LCP, but works for the Kel-Tec perfectly.
The other holster is an Uncle Mikes size 1 pocket holster, when worn inside my work khakis the pistol simply disappears from sight. Only a bulge that could be a wallet, blackberry or any other benign object gives it away to a casual observer.
My CCW pistols (clockwise from lower left) S&W 637 .38+P w/ bobbed hammer, S&W M&P 40c, Bersa Thunder .380, and the Kel-Tec P-3AT. You can really get a good feeling of how small the Kel-Tec is in the pic.

Thickness comparison between the S&W 637 (left side) and the Kel-Tec, this gun rides so flat in my pocket that I forget it is there sometimes.

Sorry for the dirty rag as a backdrop. The takedown of the pistol is fairly straight forward, one the take down pin (to the left of the trigger guard) is removed, the pistol breaks down like almost any larger semi-auto.

I have already spoken on other posts about the .380 ACP round that this pistol is chambered for. While at the lower end of the defensive spectrum, it none the less is a lethal round and should be treated with respect. I use the new Hornady Critical Defense rounds with the "rubber" tip that provides penetration and expansion per Hornady's claims. It packs 6+1 rounds for use, though I only usually use the 6 in the mag for daily use.

Hornady Critical Defense ammo fills the magazine for me.

The magazines are fairly well made in Italy and are steel. There may be some overmolding on the plastic parts which can be quickly remedied with a little sandpaper or Dremel tool.

The sights are VERY basic, phone booth range as they used to say when we still had phone booths.

Despite the sights, the pistol is capable of some good groups. These were fired off hand (except for the group on the upper right) at 5 yards, which is what I consider a realistic distance for this pistol. The group fired from a rest (upper right) measures only .75"!

Overall, this is a great CCW piece. It is no wonder that Ruger basically took the design and refined it a bit and has sold a boat load of them. Kel-Tec has done well - saleswise - by this pistol. It fulfills 2 major criteria for the class, it is very concealable and it carries enough punch to get the job done. I do not feel "undergunned" while carrying this piece. Its big plus is that due to its size it is a pistol that you will want to have with you as much as you can, it is unobtrusive to most activities and will be there when you need it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I've got no self control, none at all...

A Smith&Wesson M&P 15 rifle followed me home from the gun store today. Lets take a look at the "want" list.....EBR...Check! More to come..
My new M&P15 carbine, wow I'm finally an AR owner. Don't worry Mikhail, if the SHTF today I am still grabbing the AK when I hit the door....for now.

The safe is getting a little crowded these days, probably will have to invest in a bigger, better one as soon as I figure out a way to pay off everything I have already bought!

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Poll: AR or AK

This should be fun. Let the hating begin.

Poll Results - Would you consider carrying a weapon into a "gun free zone" to defend yourself even if you were legally prohibited from doing so?

Wow, this was lopsided. The vast majority of you voted to either carry (illegally) into somewhere that you were not allowed over not carrying at all. Another group voted that it depended on the situation. Only 11 of us voted that we would always obey the law. Well, always is an awful strong term. I would break the law to defend my life or those of my family, but as a general rule I won't carry into restaurants in Ohio that have Class D liquor licenses.

Final tally:

Yes: 94 (55%)
No: 11 (6%)
Depends: 54 (33%)

In related news, Arizona just passed legislation that allows CCW holders to patronize bars and restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they don't drink. We need to get this passed in Ohio.

Read the full story here.

CNBC interviews S&W CEO Michael Golden

The Firearm Blog ran this yesterday and somehow I missed it on their page, go figure. Again, that's one site I always mosey on over to daily, a lot of good stuff gets put up there.

Anyway, the "heads" over at CNBC's "Fast Money" have a chat with S&W CEO Michael Golden. Its a good 3 minute and change clip. Another take on the firearm industry as they point out the financial gains that S&W Wesson has made while the rest of the market has slid into the dumper. They touch on not just the gun buying frenzy that was post November 4th, but also on how S&W is trying to regain market share it lost to law enforcement and government contracts with their M&P line of products. I had a full size M&P .40 and while it was a fine pistol, I could not get a comfortable grouping with it. I traded it in on a Glock 22 and am much happier with what I can do with it. Strangely I have no issues with the M&P Compact version of the .40, the 40c and carry it in cooler times of the year.

Here's the vid.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now this is beating the odds

From the movie Collateral.

Taking 2 guys with weapons pointed right at you out, doing this for a lot of us would be a long shot. But hey its Hollywood and Tom Cruise was playing a veteran killer so hey it has some possibility. Notice how he pushes the gun offline of his body, draws and fires from retention (twice), shifts to the next target - this time bringing the weapon up - does a Mozambique on him and then covers the first target again. Of course shooting the guy who was down and still moving would earn any of us a quick trip to a trial, but then again I wouldn't of called them back to me in the first place.

It's all about the accesories...

I've seen my fair share of crap on rifles. Tactical lights, infrared aiming devices, monster scopes on 16" tactical AR's, I've even used a bottle opener built into a Galil bipod, but this takes the cake!

yes, that's right, a cupholder for your rifle.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been meaning to update this info

At one point I posted about the free online editions of Guns Magazine and some others. I meant to put links on this blog and update them as they changed. Never got around to it. Just for giggles here is a link to the September edition of Guns Magazine.

and what the hell, here's more 'Nuge! Kiss My Glock!

Remind me not to tick Ted off when he's got an Uzi in his hands!

I can think of no better way to celebrate my 100th post than spending a few minutes with Ted Nugent. Lay it on us Gonzo!

He maybe a crazy SOB when he wants to, but he strongly believes in the 2nd and won't stop at anything to protect it!

Hey Ted, I'm weird too!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Firearm provisions in the new State of Ohio budget?

Yes, its true, there are a number of changes to Ohio's existing firearm laws in the new budget. I really hate it when legislation is bundled into other legislation that is unrelated. Fortunately the proposed changes impact us only slightly and in one or two cases actually work out to our benefit. The biggest change is to raise the initial fee for a CCW from $55 to $67. The renewal fee will actually decrease and renewal applicants will only have to fill out the forms covering their status over the previous 5 years since the last application. Pretty much some "common sense" legislation going on again, much like how the "Castle Doctrine" law that went into effect in September clarified some gray areas in the law, this does the same.

The final bill has not been published as of yet, but Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) has a rundown on their site. I get their alerts via email and you should do if you live in Ohio. Yes, you occasionally get solicitation emails from them, but I do also from the NRA. If you haven't already done so, send in your membership dues to them or make a donation.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Could you spend your money better than the government?

For those not in the central Ohio area, the Mayor of Columbus has put a .5% income tax increase on the ballot for a special Aug 4th vote in Columbus to fund the operating budget for the city. This tax would affect me because I work in Columbus, but I am unable to vote on it because I am not a Columbus resident (taxation without representation?). The points that the mayor has emphasized are continuing to fund the Police, Fire and EMS services without cuts in their services and also maintaining the Parks and Recreation Department and Libraries. I wonder what ever happened to all that stimulus money that saved the jobs of those police recruits back in the spring that the president was so happy to give that he came here personally to congratulate them?

I am personally mixed on the issue as I have many friends and neighbors that are police officers and firemen for the city and would hate to see them affected. On the other hand I hate the way that they made a "special" election for this issue in August (so know individual candidate could be associated with it in November I'm sure) and, from what I have heard on a local radio station, are only really focusing their efforts to make it known in areas of the city that have high support rates for the current administration. In addition the city has, in my opinion, spent frivolously on other projects such as spending $6 million on rehabilitating a run down theater or $3 million on putting in community planting areas near a existing conservatory.

Just happened to catch this web letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch today:

Tax increase

Now that the Columbus Mayor and officials have shown that they are incapable of doing what you and I must do when our income changes, live on what we have left, they are pushing hard on an income tax increase. There is only one way they can coerce/blackmail the tax payers into voting yes, restrict or remove those services the actual tax payers receive like Fire, Police, Libraries and swimming pools. Don't be fooled most taxpayers actually only use one or two of those services. Lets say you would miss the library, for example a raise of .5% income tax on 100K income is $500.00, so instead of using the library you take your $500.00 and go to Half Priced books, do you believe you really think will spend that much a year?

Also don't be fooled by the claims Police and Fire protect you, mostly they deal with the after math chalk line and investigate, and pour water on the soldering embers of what used to be a home. You want protection go to Vance's buy a gun and Lowes and pick up some smoke alarms.

When government helps it's just too expensive, tell them no please. By the way never did they speak about rolling it back when times get better!

Don C., Blacklick

Don makes a couple of good points about how you could spend your money better and more efficiently than the government can, but I doubt anyone will seriously take this point to the people. Truth is I can trust a person, but I can't trust people. That's part of the reason I have a CCW. I can trust my friends, but there are a lot of other people out there I don't know. Some people would use the money as Don suggests, but there are also a lot of people that would waste it or simply not even realize they have a "windfall" and just continue to live as they do without the services proposed to be cut. I've already reconciled myself to the fact that $400 or so will be coming out of my paycheck extra for the next few years. In fact, it will probably be permanent. Ever hear of a tax being repealed on a ballot that was initiated by the government?

Still a good question can be generated from this letter specifically directed towards my blog's audience concerning the police and fire departments being pretty much reactionary in nature. Here goes.

Theoretical Situation: The city you lived in said that they were going to severely cut police protection in order to preserve fire protection but you were going to be given a one time only tax credit of $350 to put towards a burglar alarm, security improvements to your home (locks, window bars, ect) self defense training or (legal) firearm for protection in your home. You currently have none of these for the sake of the question.

Which would you choose?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Caviat emptor....caveat venditor

Buyer beware...
.seller beware.

I was recently in the mood to try and raise some capital for a new AR for the collection (Kevin at Superfrikinawsome stuff's banner pic has given me barrel envy) and thought about selling a piece of two of my current collection to use for start up money. I had read of a site called gunlistings.org which is like a Craigslist except it is strictly for firearms. I took a look at some of the postings to see what things were going for and to decide on what I may to get rid of. And add caught my eye, an individual was selling a Sig P220 for $700 OBO but was willing to trade a S&W M&P compact in .40 or .45 for it. "Hmmmm" I thought, "I have one of those I don't carry much and I have always wanted a SIG". I responded to his add letting me know I had what he was looking for and was immediately bombarded with email requests to meet. I had sent him a the same pic of the pistol I had given my LEO friend to post at his station which included my phone number (gotta watch what you send!) and started to get text messages as well. Before I knew it he was offering me the pistol a box of ammo AND $100 cash for my pistol, which only retails for around $500 to begin with. Strange but still interesting to me, hey it was a Sig we were talking about here.

I finally met with him on the way into work in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant to try and make a deal. The seller turned out to be a "kid" - as i get older all young adults continue to look younger to me - who hopped in my car with a cardboard SIG box and proceeded to produce the pistol. He had told me that the pistol was newer, BS. I looked at the barrel markings and they read "ka", which is Sig's way of annotating the pistol was made in 1990 ("k" being the code for "9", and "a" being the code for "0"). The kid obviously didn't know I would of taken the time to look this up. The parkerized finish was gone on the edges of the slide and there was excessive holster wear as well. I didn't even take the time to really take a look at the insides as the grimy throat of the chamber told me all I needed to know about any care given to this piece that he claimed to have cleaned the night before.

There were a few oddities about the seller also. Like I said he was young, I asked to see his Ohio drivers license so I could verify he was an Ohio citizen to do a transfer and he came back with he never did that as he didn't want people to be able to get his address and possibly come after him later. He did produce 2 EMS certification cards for me to "verify" him with that had his address RIGHT ON THE FRONT UNDER HIS NAME, with no picture to boot. NO GO. And what else was missing from the EMS cards, HIS BIRTHDATE! I may of fell off the turnip cart yesterday, but I didn't fall far. I know in the State of Ohio EMS qualifications can be given at 18 years of age.

I told him I really wasn't feeling the swap was going to be good for me and he instantly asked me how much more he would have to pay to get my pistol. I politely thanked him for his time, wished him luck on selling his gun and asked him to leave my vehicle. He promptly left but then sent text messages to me offering $200 and the $250 in additional trade cash for my M&P. WTF? Alarms were going off full blast now, do this trade and have a detective on my doorstep in the future. I promptly sent him a reply I was no longer interested and to leave me alone.

Was the kid on the up and up, probably not. Was he a "criminal" probably not as well. He seemed clean cut and expressed thanks for my service when he noticed my veterans plates on my truck. Chances are he was just a kid under 21 that couldn't buy a handgun legally in the state and was trying to do his best with a pistol he did have from another source. Then again he could of stolen that pistol and was trying to fence it through me and get a "clean" pistol in return. Either way, sorry Sonny, no pistol from me.

This brings up a good point, when doing business such as this your best bet is to always only sell to people you know and can trust or to people you can have a trusted party vouch for. I think in the future if I would do anything like this I will pay the fee to have a FFL store do the transfer for me or only deal with individuals that possess current CCW licenses that I can verify in person that I will know by that basis that they have a clean background.


So here's a nice follow up to my last post about stupidity using firearms. I have previously talked about how stupidity is on the rise at some ranges due to the amount of new, inexperienced gun owners out there. I have nothing against anyone personally here, but if you have never handled a weapon before and you all of a sudden feel the need to arm yourself maybe a AR style carbine is not the best weapon to use as a "starter". This is especially true if your idea of clearing the weapon is to look down the barrel to check to see if a round is in the chamber. That's a true story there as told to me by a range attendant up at the Delaware State Park firing range.

I drive a car and own a home and don't expect to be in a crash or house fire, but have experienced both of them none the less. That's why I have car and home insurance. The chances of myself or someone around me being shot while I'm at the range is relatively small. I have made it a habit to double check myself when I am shooting and also to do awareness sweeps of those around me to make sure that they do not present a danger to myself or others as well. Despite these precautions the chance of an incident occurring is still present. That is why I have come up with some "insurance" of my own for the range.

When I first enlisted in the Army medical training for all soldiers consisted primarily in the use of a "field dressing" - basically a large, thick gauze pad with tie wraps attached - stem the loss of blood from a penetrating injury (gunshot in other words). Every soldier carried one in a pouch on their equipment belt or suspenders at all times. If necessary you were also taught how to apply a "pressure dressing" using any available material and also a apply a tourniquet as a last means of use. I was one of the first soldiers in my unit ever trained as a "Combat Life Saver", or CLS, to also provide some more advanced first aid measure on the battlefield such as administering IV fluids. There were only a few of us per unit. A CLS wasn't a medic and performing trauma aid was only done after your primary mission was complete, but it was something more than we had previously.

Boy how things have changed. The last time I received training before my deployment was in 2006. We were taught the use of the "Israeli" bandage (named after the country that invented it) to replace both the field dressing and pressure dressing. Tourniquets were now taught to be put on on the first signs of arterial bleeding as most injuries on the battlefield now will be seen by a doctor or surgeon within an hour of the event and loss of limbs due to blood restriction with one is practically non-existent. The old first aid/compass pouch with one dressing has been replaced with the Individual First Aid Kit, or IFAK. The IFAK is a specific set of devices designed to combat the most lethal causes of death on the modern battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan: bleeding, tension pneumothorax (air in the chest cavity, think of Mark Wahlberg in the movie "Three Kings" with the needle sticking out of his chest and you have an idea) and airway obstructions. And when it came to CLS qualified personnel, in my detachment of 47 soldiers, 20+ were certified. We were pretty well prepared, and that was 3 years ago and there have been even further advances yet.

Army issue IFAK. The unit the Marines issue to their troops is also called an IFAK, but it is a much larger pack that also includes items for minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes and also a burn kit.

I have often thought of how a kit such as the IFAK would be a good "insurance policy" to have with me when I go shooting. It's funny, but it is one of those things I think about more now that I am retired from the military and know I don't have ready access to one nearby. I decided to create what is commonly called a "Blow Out Kit", or BOK. It is designed for gunshot related trauma injuries. This kit would allow me (or more importantly somebody working on me!) to stop hemorrhaging blood loss and stave off one of the biggest causes of gunshot wound death - hypovolemic shock. Hypovolemic shock is caused when the body looses significant amounts of blood and other fluid and cannot properly circulate oxygen to the body. This in turn causes cellular death in the body's tissues and organs (especially the brain and heart) and effectively shuts down the body until death occurs.

I was able to score through a friend of mine who is still in the service, and just happens to teach CLS classes, some decent supplies to start a kit for myself (big thanks again TR!!). I was really jazzed that he was able to come up with the tourniquet as that is probably the single devise that has saved the most lives over in Iraq. In can be applied with one hand if need be and securely fastens with built in straps.

My kit is nothing fancy but it will work for its intended purpose. It consists of the following:

  • 1 - 6" Israeli dressing(can also use the inside "clean" part of dressing packed as an improvised chest seal dressing)
  • 1 - "old" style field dressing
  • 2 - cravat triangular cloth dressings
  • 1 - Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
  • 1 - pair of surgical snips (to remove clothing from area to be treated)
  • 1 - pair nitirile gloves (not in the pic below)
  • 1 - small roll of gauze (not in the pic below)
  • 2 - 15 g packs of Celox blood coagulant (to be purchased)
My BOK out for display. The CAT is the black device on the left and the Israeli dressing is in the grey pouch. In addition to this kit I also carry a small $2 pre-assembled first aid kit from CVS that contains band-aids and the such for minor cuts and scratches, as well as a tin of common medications (asprin, advil, bismuth tablets, ect) .

All in all not a bad little kit. It would be nice to include a proper chest seal kit (like an Asherman) some IV supplies and maybe even a needle decompression kit, but for what it is, I am satisfied. Besides the amount of training to use those is more than what I expect anyone, including myself anymore, would possess around me.

I stuck it all in an old M16 ammo pouch I had from "back in the day" I had already cut off the interior dividing straps and side grenade pouches (who ever used those anyway other than basic trainees?). Its fairly compact, is compatible with both MOLLE and PALS gear (old and new ways of securing equipment to military load bearing gear) and can be worn on a belt and, especially for me, just thrown in the range bag and forgotten until needed.

GI M16 ammo ouch converted for my BOK. Please notice the artistic styling of my red cross artwork and "BOK" written on it to distinguish it from other pieces of OD stuff I may have lying around. Right now it is attached on the outside of my Maratec Extreme EOD Utiltiy Bag ($19.95 from www.countycomm.com)

No amount of gear can make up for good weapons and range safety, but it is comforting to know it will be there if I need it. A wise man once said "Better to have and not need, than to need and not have".

I will carry the kit for the same basic reason I carry a gun. With a gun its lighter than carrying a cop, with the BOK its lighter than carrying a medic. Pictured above is combat medic extraordinaire and long time friend from back in our 11B days Steve Bliss practicing community relations in Baghdad. Notice multiple CATs attached to his right sleeve as well as copious ammo pouches. Steve really believes in the COMBAT part of combat medic!


A Bullet From The Sky - Another study in stupidity

Check out this article from the Columbus Dispatch dated July 10th.

A Bullet From The Sky

It's these type of incidents that will lead to the downfall of gun rights for all of us.

A quote from Sally, a Westerville, Ohio Resident in the remarks section of the on-line article.
"It's the kind of thing that can happen where any moron with $100 can get a gun. I'm sure this is not what our founding fathers had in mind. It's too late now. Our nation is an armed camp"
Enough sentiment like this will give anti-gun legislators all the ammo they need to take our rights away from us.

Shooting is a fun and enjoyable hobby and recreation only when proper safety and precautions are taken. Ms. Sally is sadly right to some degree. Just because somebody is able to own a firearm doesn't necessarily mean that they should. It is a big responsibility and comes not without its share of dangers. As long as you act responsibility and don't let the stupid genes take over everything is usually fine. Unfortunately modern medical science has been unable to remove stupidity from our gene pools so we have to do it ourselves. Take the time to teach others around you proper gun safety. Let them know that even a .22 can travel for more than a mile when fired.

I remember celebratory firing in the air with rifles and pistols being all the rage when I was overseas by the locals but this is not there and I hope to God it never is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Got some time to waste?

Why not practice your AK marksmanship skills? Click the rifle to begin.

fun game, harder than it seems.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something I hope never happens to me...

Just found out in an email from him that a friend of mine from high school was involved in a fatal shooting as a Columbus Police Officer yesterday after a high speed chase and crash on I-70 in Columbus involving a wanted rape suspect from Los Angeles. I emailed him concerning a pistol I was trying to sell and he responded that he was involved in the shooting and didn't have time to pass the flyer I sent him around the station because he shot the suspect and was given the day off. How do you respond to that? My experience in "combat" didn't come close to actually having to pull the trigger on someone so how the hell do you respond to that? Especially when he responds with "sorry" about not being able to help me after he tells me about the shooting?

This is the best I could muster

Damn, don't be sorry, I didn't realize that was you when I read the
story, XXXXXXXXXX it reads, you've always been XXXX to me. I
don't know whats going through your head right now but I am glad it was him and not you or one of the other officers that went down. Don't know what to say other than thanks for doing your job, hope you don't take that the wrong way. It can't be easy having to go through something like this but I hope you realize the vast majority of us civilians appreciate the job you do day in and day out. I know you can't talk about it right now for various reasons and you are still probably replaying it in your head but if you need to talk about it take advantage of any services they offer. If nothing else give me a call and you can have my ear. You're a damn good sheepdog man, if you don't understand that I'll clue you in later.

I'll be praying for you and your family bro.


I hope I never have to go through what he is going through. As a CCW holder I carry a weapon to protect myself with it as a last resort. I do not relish the idea of having to take another's life without cause. Anyone who does needs to step back, relinquish their weapon and take another look at themselves before they pick it back up.

Under most any other circumstance I would never do this, but, I ask that anyone reading this take a moment and pray to your Deity of choice for the 6 officers, and even the suspect, involved in this shooting that they all may find peace and deliverance through this ordeal.