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Friday, December 18, 2009

Crusader Weaponry is now shipping rifles, Congrats George!!

A new company has entered the arena of custom AR platform rifles, Crusader Weaponry. This young company brings with it the experience of one of my favorite bloggers as one of the co-founders, George Hill of Vernal, Utah. George runs The Mad Ogre website as well as being a regular guest on the weekly syndicated show Armed American Radio and numerous other firearm and 2nd Amendment endeavors. George is one of my self entitled "web associates", that is a person who I have corresponded with on more than one occasion and follow through his various media formats. He has a very lengthy and varied background in firearm related subjects and I value and trust his opinions that he offers on weapon and tactical related issues. If I lived in Utah I would probably make it out to one of his training classes but that does not seem to be in my future anytime soon.

To me the name Crusader conjures up images of knights traveling to the holy land to do battle with an enemy not too unlike the one we find ourselves fighting today. I am sure the analogy was similarly embraced by them when they came up with the name. The names of the individual weapons carry on the theme; Crusader, Partisan, Paladin, Templar and so on. Still, as back then, a warrior traveling to a distant land to do battle would only carry the best of weapons with him, as they would be the tool from which he would secure victory, glory and (most important of all) a return trip home to see his family. These weapons seem to be aimed at just such a man.

George and his business cohort Joe have been working over the past year or so to develop a high quality AR style rifle and related products to offer to the public. George has been aggressively marketing their venture through his website and has done booths with weapon prototypes at regional gun shows. There first full fledged offering is the Broadsword rifle. This .308 rifle features a custom milled lightweight receiver, free floated railed hand guards and flip up MI sights. They are squarely targeted at the discriminating buyer who knows his stuff about the AR. The .308 offering dispels any issues with the AR and stopping power with the normally chambered 5.56/.223 round. Hell, the .308 round in this thing will knock your target off his feet, take his boots off and light his cigarette for him...all at 500 yards! I am sure more offerings are to come from them.

**UPDATE** I messaged George and asked if Crusader weapons were going to be Direct Impingment or piston rifles and got the following response:

"Direct Gas. A lot of piston guns have had problems and we can make the
Direct Gas reliable enough even for my standards. Especially with a Permanent
Slipstream treatment."

One of the other products Crusader currently offers is Slipstream lubricant. After buying a complete Slipstream kit (both a grease type lube and oil) and using it on several of my weapons this week I can honestly say that this is some good lube. While I have not had the opportunity to shoot anything but my Glock G22 with Slipstream on it yet, it has made a, at least noticeable, difference in each weapon I have tried it on. The action of my SIG P220 (which was excellent to begin with) is now even better with the rails lubed with the grease, even with the heavy double wound recoil spring. I got to say, the full length guide rails of the SIG are almost custom made for a high quality grease type lube. The stuff uses a nano-lubricant (whatever that is, but hey it works!) mixed with a synthetic oil base. It is a bit pricey, but it you want quality I guess you have to pay for it sometimes. Another great thing George is doing is allowing you to donate purchased slipstream products to troops serving overseas. I donated one such purchase which is now on its way to a group of Marines in Afghanistan.

**UPDATE** George was nice enough to send me a message concerning the propterties of Slipstream after reading my post. I will now share you an excerpt of that message

"And I'm pleased you like Slipstream. See, it really does just get better. Now
shoot it, clean it, Slipstream again - even better and better. Because when you
clean it, you don't remove all the Slipstream's Nano-Lubricant. You get a film
about .05 Microns thick, and most of that stays even after cleaning. So when you
put more on, it just builds up across all the metal surfaces - but never more
than .05 microns thick."

It takes some big ones to open a small business in today's economy. Even with the large number of gun sales post the BHO election it is still an unsure fate for new ventures in today's economy. But you know what? its not going to be massive spending bills that get us out of this mess but the efforts of many small entities like Crusader that will eventually bring the ship back on course. Best of luck to both George and Joe on the launch of their first rifle and in all future endeavors.

***The Disclaimer*** Almost forgot, for you FCC guys reading this, I am not in any way shape or form associated professionally with Crusader Arms or either of its co-founders. My views are my own based upon my use of their Slipstream product purchased at my own expense and my knowledge of AR style rifles as compared to the stated specs of their Broadsword rifle. I am in no way receiving or expecting to receive any compensation from Crusader Weaponry for my comments and opinions. If you don't like it, well, you're the government you probably already know how to get a hold of me...


Anonymous said...

I tried the slipstream oil this week. It is an undeniable improvement over the lubes I had been using. I need to try the grease next. I just demoed the stuff here at my bro-in law's and now he wants me to order him some. It's an awesome invention.

Huey148 said...

Slipstream has proven to be a winner in my book, it definitely reduces friction and wear as advertised. Crusader is now offering permanent treatment applications for both rifles and handguns that permanently bonds slipstream onto the metal surfaces of the bearing parts of the weapon. They have even had trial tests by the military of their process. This is good stuff, glad you tried and liked it, now spread the word!

Thanks for the comment.