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Friday, November 20, 2009

Guns & Ammo Book Of The AR-15

Last March I told you about the Guns & Ammo Complete Book Of The AK47. Now they have provided a counterpart to that guide with the Guns & Ammo Book Of The AR-15. Available at your local retailer and listed at $8.99, it is available until 2/23/10 per the front cover. This mag is a great read for any owner or potential owner of an AR based rifle and provides a lot of information concerning AR related topics. Among topics covered are the following:

  • A guide for new AR owners.
  • Review of a Larry Vickers AR training course.
  • Piston driven AR's.
  • AR Accuracy secrets.
  • The US Army's designated marksman program.
  • AR's for hunting.
  • Ammo choices for your AR.
  • Hand loading the .223/5.56 round.
  • Optics for the AR.
  • Calibers beyond the .223/5.56 for the AR.
  • Reviews of the Daniel Defense M-4 and Saber M-4.
  • And much more!!
If you already own an AR and think you know it all you may learn a thing or two in this mag. If you are thinking about getting one (while you still can!) this is a good resource to educate yourself to make an informed decision before you plunk down $1,000+ on a rifle that you may or may not like. Either way, it is a fine addition to any reference collection in your gun safe.

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