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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, this isn't very good..

I hate to pass judgement without seeing all of the data collected and not just what was presented, but this report/article appearing in the Dispatch this morning does paint a rather dour picture on the state of the gun show. It would appear that gun shows are a haven for criminals and are seething with illegal activity. They aren't. I have been to some and the vast majority of people there are honest, law abiding citizens like most of us. Yes, there will always be a few that try and go around the system, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

I would really have no problem personally with having to go through a NCIS check at a gun show, as a buyer or private seller, since I have nothing to hide. If they make the price reasonable, say $15 a transaction, that could be worked into the negotiated price between the buyer and seller. I agree with Jim Irvine's assessment from Buckeye Firearms Association - we need to make sure we are enforcing our current laws first. These "investigators" have at least one person on camera here selling to them after they announce that they probably wouldn't pass a background check. What happened to the seller? Did they get reported or simply used as a statistic and thrown back on the pile to do the same thing again. I know for a fact that at the last one I attended at the Veteran's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio that there were uniformed Columbus PD officers there that this activity could of been reported to.

After selling a couple of my own firearms in private transactions I will now only sell to currently licensed CCW holders of this state, period. As long as they buyer has that card and an Ohio drivers license, I know that they are an Ohio resident and that they have passed a background check - one more stringent than the NCIS check ran at a gun store. If a person is brought before a judge for any crime that would disqualify them from having a CCW, the card is one of the first things taken after a conviction.

Gun owners of America, let's keep our own business clean before the government steps in and does it for us.

NYC mayor's crusade finds lax gun shows in Ohio
His investigators say guns sold illegally in Columbus

Thursday, October 8, 2009 3:14 AM

Dealers at a gun show in Columbus this summer sold firearms to undercover investigators who were posing as buyers who couldn't pass background checks, according to an investigation of seven U.S. gun shows by New York City leaders.

The report said the July 11-12 gun show at Westland Mall was typical of the seven: private gun sellers didn't halt sales even when prospective buyers said they'd fail a background check, and a licensed dealer let someone else take a background exam for the intended gun owner.

Private sellers aren't required to administer background checks, but they are forbidden by federal law from selling firearms to people they suspect would fail. Background checks are required of licensed dealers. Gun shows typically contain a mix of both types of sellers.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an advocate of stricter gun regulation, hired private investigators to attempt to make purchases at gun shows in Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada.

In addition to the Westland Mall show, Bloomberg's undercover team went to Ohio gun shows in Niles, Sharonville and Trotwood.

Bloomberg thinks people who never could legally purchase guns from stores are walking out of gun shows with weapons often used in crimes. He said he plans to use the results of his study to persuade lawmakers to pass tougher regulations on purchases made at gun shows.

"The gun-show loophole is a deadly serious problem -- and this undercover operation exposes just how pervasive and serious it is," Bloomberg said in a statement.

The National Rifle Association accused Bloomberg of media grandstanding and said there already are laws intended to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, including those who would go to gun shows.

"Anyone who knowingly violates the law will not get an ounce of sympathy from the NRA," spokeswoman Rachel Parsons told The Dispatch. "They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

At Westland Mall, undercover investigators attempted to buy guns from private sellers -- defined as people who sell guns occasionally and don't have to perform background checks -- six times. The investigators told the sellers that they "probably" couldn't pass a background check. In five of the six cases, the vendor sold the gun anyway, risking a federal charge, according to the New York report.

In the seven gun shows visited by undercover investigators, people were able to buy firearms in 19 of 30 attempts after admitting their backgrounds would preclude a legal sale, the report said.

Investigators also attempted to make a "straw" purchase from a licensed firearms dealer at the same mall show. In that case, a male "customer" discusses and tests the gun with the dealer and then has a female companion take the background check in his place. The dealer allowed the "straw" purchase to happen, the report said.

In 16 of 17 attempted "straw" sales at all seven shows, gun dealers allowed the proxy to take the background check.

The Westland Mall gun show was sponsored by C&E Gun Shows, a Virginia-based company that frequently organizes gun shows in Ohio, including one planned for this weekend in Wilmington and another Westland Mall show at month's end.

C&E Gun Shows did not return calls from The Dispatch. Westland Mall management could not be reached.

State lawmakers have not addressed the issue of easier gun purchases at shows. Attorney General Richard Cordray's office noted that federal, not state, law speaks to the issue.

"Obviously (the report) points out a situation that is problematic," said Rep. Ted Celeste, D-Grandview Heights, whose district includes Westland. "The whole issue of having the background checks is to avoid having the guns get in the wrong hands. The gun-show loophole is real, as this points out."

Gun-rights supporters say there is no need for more laws.

"No one condones gun sellers breaking the law," said Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association. "But the argument that there is a loophole is not correct. If current laws were enforced, there wouldn't be a problem."

Gov. Ted Strickland, who is strongly backed by the NRA, is not calling for a new law.

"The governor believes this is an enforcement issue," Strickland spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said. "The laws on the books should be more tightly enforced."

Dispatch reporter Mark Niquette contributed to this story.


Anonymous said...

As I said on another thread.

All this video documents is that the ATF and local authorities are failing to enforce current law.

They freely acknowledge that the activity that they filmed and documented are already federal crimes...yet they insist that passing just one more law will put an end to it.


Until they can demonstrate that there is any effort at all being put forth to enforce existing laws, there is no point in passing new ones for the ATF to fail to enforce.

Huey148 said...

Sailor C, you speak the truth.

Kevin Delaney said...

How can you enforce the current law? Have an officer at all private tables overseeing all their transations? The guys selling to people who stated that they could not pass a background check should be put out of buisness. They are breaking the law.

It would make it harder for the private individual to sell a gun but since everybody and their brother has been talking about this issue any person with the intention of breaking the law knows the easiest way to get one.

BTW the westland show is GHETTO. Im not suprised that it got mentioned.

As far as im conserned, they can pass new legislation. I have nothing to hide. I don't care except for the fact that it puts me at the mercy of dealer. Who you already know IS GOING to rake you through the coals any chance he gets. I may have to get my FFL if this passes!!!! Im smelling MONEY!! lol