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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hugh Heffner helps wounded warriors!

Say what you will about the man's tastes in "art" but at least Hugh knows a good cause when he sees one. The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) provides services and support to service members injured and maimed between the time they are still active members and the transition out of the military. They provide everything from advanced occupational therapy, financial aid for struggling members with service related injuries, retreats for the families of injured service members to morale and welfare activities and everything in between. For most severely wounded vets, the time after their injury may be the most scary and traumatizing period of their service. Many go from being in a environment where they are surrounded by many close and trusted friends to being a number on a chart in a hospital somewhere dealing with their injury surrounded by strangers. The WWP seeks to help the member during this time with services that the military may not be able to provide due to financial, manpower and other restrictions. We have a lot of injured vets out there now that would have died in previous conflicts that were saved by modern medical services. Many of their needs are new and unmet, its the WWP goal to ensure that we don't leave a man behind in this battle to care for our own brothers and sisters.

I will give the military this, they are doing a much better job now that in the past in getting service members connected with their families after their injuries. It is not uncommon for the government to fly family members to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany (where troops are flown after treatment in theater) to be with their wounded loved one. They then are provided opportunities to be with their injured service member throughout their convalescence, if practical. If nothing else, to allow a family to be with a dying service member during their last moments is worth the price of the transportation alone.

Back on the subject of the title of this post, Hugh is not only donating the proceeds of the event to the WWP (tickets can go for as high as $15,000) but also inviting 40 injured troops to attend as his guests. That is great, especially if you consider that some of these guys may have self esteem issues after being injured and possibly being disfigured or missing body parts. To be surrounded by beautiful women and treated like rock starts has got to be a great feeling for those guys. I hope that a few females vets are invited too and get to mix it up a bit as well. Just being in the limelight is great therapy for these troops!

I am not trying to make a moral judgment on Hugh or his history, I'll leave it up to each of you to decide that on your own. I just thing any act designed to benefit our troops is worthy of at least some acknowledgment, if not some thanks and praise.

Here's the story from Fox News (you know that non-news news station.

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