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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poll results: AR versus AK, AR Wins!!

Wow, need to pay more attention in the future. The polls closed on this one a while ago and (due to the color change of the blog) I missed the end. The AR beat out the AK by 12% of the votes, which even with this type of polling I think can be ruled a win for Stoner's black rifle.

Final results:
AR: 77 votes (46%)
AK: 64 votes (38%)
Neither: 26 votes (15%)

I am curious though, 15% of you chose neither the AR or AK, what rifle would you choose then? Lets give you a chance to make your voices heard. Not a poll, but a comment thread here hopefully.

Here is the situation: Some type of SHTF scenario occurs that you need to "Di di mau" outta there in a hurry. You only have a few minutes to run to your safe and pull ONE rifle out and take it and a bandoleer of ammo with you. What would it be? And for the fun of it, what pistol would you take as well?

Here are my choices: AK and a SIG P220. AK due to the reliability factor and SIG due to the cartridge size.

Post your responses, I am dying to hear what you have to say!


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but I'd probably grab the AR.

I'd prefer a heavier bullet at lower velocity...especially against targets that have a low probability of wearing body armor (like, say, your friendly neighborhood rioters and thugs)...but that AR platform is just so light and maneuverable...

Someday I'll have a 6.8spc AR and I'll be much more comfortable with it as an urban SHTF rifle than 5.56.

Another Gun Guy Brian said...

I'd grab the AR, only because if I grabbed an AK I wouldn't have any bullets.

Bradley said...

Its called an FAL, the best battle rifle ever!

maskedhobo said...

If I had an AK, that would be what I take, that and my Sig P226 in 9mm.

Secesh said...

I'd grab my AK and my XD45, I like the 13+1 mags. And 40 rd. mags for the AK.