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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pachmayr Tactical Grip Gloves

While looking through the free, online version of Guns magazine last month I noticed that Pachmayr has introduced a new line of slide on grip enhancers for tactical handguns called the Tactical Grip Glove. Being only $14 or so I just had to get one for my Glock 22 and try it out. Got it in the mail on Monday but due to being sick, I did not get a chance to test it out on the range until this evening. I got to admit, this grip sleeve works as advertised. It slips on easily as it is very pliable but had enough tackiness to it to grip the weapon once installed and not move out of place. Anyone who has struggled to get a Hogue Handall on their pistol will know what an advantage this is. It provides a very soft and cushioned feeling to the normal 2x4 like grip of the Glock. It provides secure purchase for your hand and the back of the sleeve mimics the Glocks own backstrap stippling. As far as reducing recoil, I would have to say it does but not as much due to the material it is made of, but more in providing a slightly larger area for the recoil to be absorbed onto in the backstrap width. But it does reduce recoil in my opinion, so good for Pachmayr. If you have a pistol lying around in need of a good, cheap grip and they have one for your particular pistol I would recommend this product highly.

Link to the product page here.
Grip off...
...Grip on! Notice how the backstrap for the sleeve mimics the Glocks own backstrap.

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