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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Awsome Freebie for you!!

Hey, want something FREE!! Thanks to the WeaponsCache, here's a deal you cannot pass up!!

Receive a free 1 oz. trial bottle of WeaponsShield CLP simply by sending an email to the company's founder George at gcfennell@steelshieldtech.com with your name and address and viola! In about a week you'll get a tube of this stuff. I say a tube, but it is actually in one of those precision needle applicators. I looked it up online and if you were to buy this it would be $9.95 + shipping. You simply can't beat this deal.

A $9.95 value free for the asking! Click on the pic for the manufacturer's link.

Of course there's always a catch. George is hoping that after the first vial of this you'll want to buy more. I have yet to shoot with it on my weapons but I used it to clean and oil a couple of pistols to test and it seems like pretty good stuff. It has a more dense viscosity than normal military grade CLP. I plan on taking it to the range and doing an more in depth review of the product.

To some oil may be oil, but proper lubrication is one of the key factors in a weapon's reliability. According to the WeaponShield site, the patented ingredients in WeaponsShield CLP bonds to the metal surface of your weapon under heat and pressure and provide an "advanced boundary shield", providing long term protection to your investment. Sounds a lot like Slick-50 for your car, and since I think that product is worthy of my dollar I may just be back for more of this after testing it out at the range.


Another Gun Guy Brian said...

Thanks Huey. I look forward to trying it out myself.

Gotta love free stuff.

Anonymous said...

I sent a request and got a reply within an hour. After 20 plus years of GI Breakfree I'm looking forward to moving into this century.


Anonymous said...

After getting some free time on Sunday I decided to give it a try.

I've been fairly anal about maintaining my guns since my first enlistment in the Marines in 76.

I field stripped an old 1911 and went through it with a patch wet with Weapon Shield coming up with only enough dirt from the gun to slightly soil the patch.

Moving to the bore I was able to remove some fouling that Break Free seems to have left behind.

I then removed the extractor and firing pin, which I don't pull every time I clean the gun.

The Weapon Shield cleaned these parts adequately.

To be fair My gun had been cleaned and lubed with GI CLP and stored for 6 weeks or so. I didn't think there would be a lot to clean.

I moved on to a Charles Daly Hi- Power I had recently bought new, and only given a cursory cleaning with GI CLP when I'd brought it home.

The Weapon Shield did an excellent job on this gun which hadn't had the same continuous care as my older guns. A lot of factory crap, and even traces of rust were easily removed.

The product appears to be a good cleaner and lubricant. As a preservative time will tell.

I hope to get some range time soon, and see how the guns shoot with the Weapon Shield.

Semper Fi!