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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome the newest member of the family, and say goodbye to a few friends

Trying to clear up some of the drafts I have left unfinished so please keep in mind that this post was originally supposed to be published before the SIGebration post last week.

OK, lets get this out of the way, the Bersa .380, the Taurus PT845 and the Hi-Point 4095 carbine have all been sold. A SIG Sauer P220 .45 ACP has been bought. There, done.

What? You just got the Taurus and told me how great of a pistol it was? True, but its no SIG. SIGs are known as some of the most reliable and rugged pistols in the world with a reputation far surpassing the Taurus brand. I think it it fair to say that this was definitely an upgrade to the Taurus.

But what about the magazine capacity issue, the SIG only holds 7 or 8 rounds, that's part of the reason you got the PT845? Again, true, but then it is also said that what can't be said with 8 rounds of .45 probably can't be said with 12 either. Besides, the desire for a de-cocking lever on the PT845 was directly linked to my eventual desire to get a SIG at some point.

In addition, there were other things about the Taurus that I thought I could overlook but they eventually got on my nerves a bit.

  • The grip: The grip seemed a bit too big, even for my meat paws. I know it was a double stacked .45, but I have held other double stacked pistol in .45 and they didn't seem that big. Plus the plastic they used with the "aggressive" moldings never really caught on with me.
  • Plastic hammer and safety: I mentioned this in my review, even though I am sure that its use is fine and will stand up to wear, I still feel better knowing I have actual metal for these components.

All in all, I would still recommend the Taurus PT845, but not before recommending their PT1911 as a .45 choice. It's a good pistol, but sometimes I think plastic needs to take a back seat to tradition, and the tradition in this country is for all metal .45 pistols.

I will miss the Bersa, it was a solid and dependable gun. I had hoped to keep it for my wife's eventual use, but alas, I don't ever see her having any interest in my hobbies. Since I bought the P-3AT I have not had a use for it as a .380 platform. I sold it to a gentlemen from Mansfield, Ohio who produced a CCW on the spot and cash. I still highly recommend this pistol if it fits a need that you may have for a backup or second pistol.

I have not mentioned the Hi-Point 4095 carbine much on this blog. It fires the .40 S&W round and is a bit ungainly on the eyes, but points and shoot well in use. It was one of my first purchases and served me well. Unfortunately it was more of a "niche" weapon in my collection, relegated to a "what if" roll here and there. With the cost of ammo going up I didn't fire it much when I could use those rounds to practice with a pistol that I would carry instead of use for sport. Again, I still recommend the Hi-Point brand if they have a product that meets your needs. James from Hellinahandbasket.net offers a free pistol and self-defense course to people in financially disadvantageous situations. Hi-Point products would meet most of their needs in my opinion at a reasonable cost (<$200 for their C-9 9mm pistol, taxes, a box of self defense ammo and 2 boxes of practice ammo).

Now these posts got out of sequence between starting on one blog and then never publishing the draft and starting another after but you already by now know about my SIG. I LOVE IT!! This pistol feels so good in the hand it is really hard to describe. Here's a bit more SIG lovin'.


Kevin Delaney said...

I read somewhere that the hammer on the PT 845 was plastic also and it looks like it is but actually it IS metal. It just has a plastic looking finish on it. The only way I found out is cause I had it in a colder room in the house and the hammer felt really cold like metal.(plus i touched it to lip just to make sure. I know it sounds crazy but i wanted to be sure.)The decocker is also made of the same metal.

Huey148 said...

no way that was metal, but if you say so...

Kevin Delaney said...

If you think of it, remind me and i'll show you.

Unknown said...

The hammer and safety are metal. I have a 845. Trust me its Metal.