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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slick AK reload

Anybody who asks will know I am an unabashed AK lover, its a simple and robust design, whats not to like. And despite what some pundits may claim, it is not as unergonomic as it may seem. I have seen this technique before for changing mags, while not quite as simple as an AR reload, it does the job and doesn't require the shooter to take his dominant hand off the grip or lose focus on the target.

Notice that this technique does require some dedicated practice in using your equipment. Make sure your personal SOP (standard operating procedure)for your gear dictates that mags are placed in the same place and position each time so you can instinctively use it as shown without fumbling through it.

Thanks to The Firearm Blog for this one, don't know why I haven't posted something like this before in defense of my beloved AK.

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