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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Leatherman" The little tool that could

I was at a campground in a cabin a few weekends ago when we discovered that there was no can opener to be found. What to do, what to do? Fortunately I was able to whip out my leatherman tool and "quickly" remedy the situation with the P-38ish can opener affixed to the tool handle. Voila, the goodness of a can of Bush's baked beans was accessible to all.

For a long time multipurpose tools were limited to your basic Swiss Army or Boy Scout variety. Then one day a young engineer named Tim Leatherman (that's him on the left) came up with a no brainer nobody had though of yet, " hey let me put some tools on the handles of a set of pliers and make it fold able so you could put it in your pocket". The rest is, as they say history. Now the market is flooded with these things made by just about everybody. To me though, they are all "Leathermans"

Thanks to the Leatherman our dinner was saved and we could peacefully toot around the campfire all evening.

The little tool has been a constant part of my EDC (every day carry) gear for many a year. EDC is a dedicated post in itself for another time but the gist is this, always carry the essential tools and items that you may need readily accessible at all time. The thing I really like about mine is the size. Compared to some of the gargantuan tools out their today, mine is very compact when stowed and the sturdy leather pouch for it is as compact as it is also attractive on my belt. In addition to the can opener there are the normal pliers and knife tools along with several screw driver blades and other small tools. Very helpful for adjusting something at the range or cutting box tape when needed. You never really know what it can do until you need it, and when you do you'll be glad it is so easy to carry that you have it.

My "classic" Leatherman that I probably bought at an Army PX some 15+ years ago.

I carry the "old" style Leatherman Tool (all that it is marked) that was made by Leatherman's company first before all of the "Xtreme" product labeling kicked in. You can't even find it mentioned on their web site. I mean really calling a pocket toll a "Wave", "Crunch", "Core", "Surge" or "Blast" is just marketing. They are all (save the "Crunch") a lot a like in that they are all based around a set of pliers that deploys kind of like a butterfly knife. The tools differ to a degree but the same basic premise remains.

In this pic you can see how small the Leatherman is when compacted.

This is the Leatherman (stainless, bottom) compared to a Gerber multitool that I got overseas as part of the RFI (rapid fielding initiative) program. I used the Leatherman and threw the Gerber in a duffel bag for my entire tour.

The Gerber next to the Leatherman in their respective pouches. Which one would you put on your belt?

Do yourself a favor and pick one up if you don't have one already. It is a good savior in time of trouble when you have nothing else to rely on. Your baked beans will thank you.

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