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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh God!..... I've got Sigititus!

I was down in my "man cave" last night (aka Huey's Haven, or maybe it should be the "fat cave" after looking at my gut in the mirror this morning!) organizing some of my firearm related stuff for once. As Kevin, and anyone else who has been down there will attest, its a constant mess. It is a collection of stuff we never unpacked from the move 4+ years ago, the accumulation of 20+ years of military crap that has exploded all over the place, computer salvage from many past projects and of course, things that make you go boom! I must have ADD to a degree because I can never seem to end one project down there before I start another and they always seem to gang up on me and create a bigger mess than either one of them alone could ever make.

I was actually entering pistol data into a software program I am reviewing for here and I thought to myself "do I really need 4 CCW pieces ?". Each has its place in the collection but, especially since I got the Kel-Tec, my CCW duties are pretty much down to a "cold" and "warm" pistol choice. The P3At is pretty much taken over the duties the J-Frame and Bersa had. For my "cold" CCW piece I have been using a Smith&Wesson M&P 40c pistol I picked up when my "big" pistol was the M&P 40 . I eventually got rid of the full sized M&P because I was having trouble shooting it (groups sucked, got a G22, problem solved) but kept the compact version due to its size and caliber. I also got extra mags with S&W promotions and two holsters for it so I really hated to let it go with the other one so it stayed. I shot it last weekend and, frankly, was disappointed with my accuracy with it. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a certain pistol just does not work for you. A quirk or some ergonomic discrepancy between you and the weapon or whatever, but sometime a particular pistol just doesn't work. Springfield XD's are like that with me, they seem to be great guns but they just don't sit in my hand right for me. On the other hand I have always loved the feel of Sig pistols. My friend Greg had a used P220 that I always loved to shoot until he sold it (without consulting me first, the nerve!). I have looked at them since but price always seemed to be high. Now I am in a position where I may have 3 pistols to sell/trade towards a quality Sig.

The object of my obsession......the Sig P229

Its the same piece used by various government agencies to include Immigration and Customs ,the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security (hey, aren't those the guys that said I was a potential threat because I'm a vet?). It fires either SA/DA or DAO, to include the Sig specific DAK action. Its hammer fired which I like, it allows the "strike two" capability for a primer misfire and has a manual de-cocking lever on the side. There is no manual safety as the long (but steady) initial pull to cock and release the hammer serves as enough for most instances.

Yes, its bigger than the M&P by over 1/2 a pound and has a different manual of arms. It is also hammer fired and holds 2 additional rounds. The extra heft in the piece supposedly helps tame the recoil of the .40 round. The recoil in the M&P is pronounced but manageable. The Sig is a bit pricey, they are running at around $760 on sale here in Columbus, but Sig is offering a $100 rebate to LEO and retired military personnel (bonus for 20+ years of service! btw, Glock has been offering specials to LEO and military for a few years now) so my total cost would be $660 or so. I figure with all the extras I could get $500 for the M&P and then sell the J-Frame for around $300 and cover it including a few extra mags and a holster.

Tempting, very tempting.........


Dave Sohm said...

I have a 9mm 229. Get it! You will not regret it.

Huey148 said...

I had a day off yesterday and went to a local range and rented a P229 to shoot a box of American Eagle 180gr fmj with. The accuracy was there but not phenomenal as some claimed, then again it was probably just me. New gun, new learning curve, plus I disassembled it and it looked like they used mechanics grease for lube, definitely needed a cleaning.

Still, it feels great in the hand and the recoil is VERY managable.