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Friday, July 17, 2009

CNBC interviews S&W CEO Michael Golden

The Firearm Blog ran this yesterday and somehow I missed it on their page, go figure. Again, that's one site I always mosey on over to daily, a lot of good stuff gets put up there.

Anyway, the "heads" over at CNBC's "Fast Money" have a chat with S&W CEO Michael Golden. Its a good 3 minute and change clip. Another take on the firearm industry as they point out the financial gains that S&W Wesson has made while the rest of the market has slid into the dumper. They touch on not just the gun buying frenzy that was post November 4th, but also on how S&W is trying to regain market share it lost to law enforcement and government contracts with their M&P line of products. I had a full size M&P .40 and while it was a fine pistol, I could not get a comfortable grouping with it. I traded it in on a Glock 22 and am much happier with what I can do with it. Strangely I have no issues with the M&P Compact version of the .40, the 40c and carry it in cooler times of the year.

Here's the vid.

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