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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Caviat emptor....caveat venditor

Buyer beware...
.seller beware.

I was recently in the mood to try and raise some capital for a new AR for the collection (Kevin at Superfrikinawsome stuff's banner pic has given me barrel envy) and thought about selling a piece of two of my current collection to use for start up money. I had read of a site called gunlistings.org which is like a Craigslist except it is strictly for firearms. I took a look at some of the postings to see what things were going for and to decide on what I may to get rid of. And add caught my eye, an individual was selling a Sig P220 for $700 OBO but was willing to trade a S&W M&P compact in .40 or .45 for it. "Hmmmm" I thought, "I have one of those I don't carry much and I have always wanted a SIG". I responded to his add letting me know I had what he was looking for and was immediately bombarded with email requests to meet. I had sent him a the same pic of the pistol I had given my LEO friend to post at his station which included my phone number (gotta watch what you send!) and started to get text messages as well. Before I knew it he was offering me the pistol a box of ammo AND $100 cash for my pistol, which only retails for around $500 to begin with. Strange but still interesting to me, hey it was a Sig we were talking about here.

I finally met with him on the way into work in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant to try and make a deal. The seller turned out to be a "kid" - as i get older all young adults continue to look younger to me - who hopped in my car with a cardboard SIG box and proceeded to produce the pistol. He had told me that the pistol was newer, BS. I looked at the barrel markings and they read "ka", which is Sig's way of annotating the pistol was made in 1990 ("k" being the code for "9", and "a" being the code for "0"). The kid obviously didn't know I would of taken the time to look this up. The parkerized finish was gone on the edges of the slide and there was excessive holster wear as well. I didn't even take the time to really take a look at the insides as the grimy throat of the chamber told me all I needed to know about any care given to this piece that he claimed to have cleaned the night before.

There were a few oddities about the seller also. Like I said he was young, I asked to see his Ohio drivers license so I could verify he was an Ohio citizen to do a transfer and he came back with he never did that as he didn't want people to be able to get his address and possibly come after him later. He did produce 2 EMS certification cards for me to "verify" him with that had his address RIGHT ON THE FRONT UNDER HIS NAME, with no picture to boot. NO GO. And what else was missing from the EMS cards, HIS BIRTHDATE! I may of fell off the turnip cart yesterday, but I didn't fall far. I know in the State of Ohio EMS qualifications can be given at 18 years of age.

I told him I really wasn't feeling the swap was going to be good for me and he instantly asked me how much more he would have to pay to get my pistol. I politely thanked him for his time, wished him luck on selling his gun and asked him to leave my vehicle. He promptly left but then sent text messages to me offering $200 and the $250 in additional trade cash for my M&P. WTF? Alarms were going off full blast now, do this trade and have a detective on my doorstep in the future. I promptly sent him a reply I was no longer interested and to leave me alone.

Was the kid on the up and up, probably not. Was he a "criminal" probably not as well. He seemed clean cut and expressed thanks for my service when he noticed my veterans plates on my truck. Chances are he was just a kid under 21 that couldn't buy a handgun legally in the state and was trying to do his best with a pistol he did have from another source. Then again he could of stolen that pistol and was trying to fence it through me and get a "clean" pistol in return. Either way, sorry Sonny, no pistol from me.

This brings up a good point, when doing business such as this your best bet is to always only sell to people you know and can trust or to people you can have a trusted party vouch for. I think in the future if I would do anything like this I will pay the fee to have a FFL store do the transfer for me or only deal with individuals that possess current CCW licenses that I can verify in person that I will know by that basis that they have a clean background.


James R. Rummel said...

Great post!

For what it is worth (not much, admittedly), I think you showed some really good judgment by walking away.

Joe Allen said...

"...only deal with individuals that possess current CCW licenses "

Bingo. That's my personal NICS check. I also do a simple bill of sale with all the address info of both parties. I always tell them that it's for their protection too - if I go and do something stupid with the gun they can show who they sold it to and when.

SuperFrikinAwsome said...

I seen that website and i bookmarked it just in case i ever wanted to use it. But ill probably delete it now. That situation would have made me very unconfortable. That person was up to no good and i'm sure that he was unable to attain a gun on his own legally. Huey, you defininaatly did the right thing.

Good post!

PS Thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have let him, or anyone I didn't know, get in my car. It's just not safe. Stay on the sidewalk or walk inside McD's and do your talking in there.

Huey148 said...

thats a damn good point! I learned my lesson, never again.