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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Could you spend your money better than the government?

For those not in the central Ohio area, the Mayor of Columbus has put a .5% income tax increase on the ballot for a special Aug 4th vote in Columbus to fund the operating budget for the city. This tax would affect me because I work in Columbus, but I am unable to vote on it because I am not a Columbus resident (taxation without representation?). The points that the mayor has emphasized are continuing to fund the Police, Fire and EMS services without cuts in their services and also maintaining the Parks and Recreation Department and Libraries. I wonder what ever happened to all that stimulus money that saved the jobs of those police recruits back in the spring that the president was so happy to give that he came here personally to congratulate them?

I am personally mixed on the issue as I have many friends and neighbors that are police officers and firemen for the city and would hate to see them affected. On the other hand I hate the way that they made a "special" election for this issue in August (so know individual candidate could be associated with it in November I'm sure) and, from what I have heard on a local radio station, are only really focusing their efforts to make it known in areas of the city that have high support rates for the current administration. In addition the city has, in my opinion, spent frivolously on other projects such as spending $6 million on rehabilitating a run down theater or $3 million on putting in community planting areas near a existing conservatory.

Just happened to catch this web letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch today:

Tax increase

Now that the Columbus Mayor and officials have shown that they are incapable of doing what you and I must do when our income changes, live on what we have left, they are pushing hard on an income tax increase. There is only one way they can coerce/blackmail the tax payers into voting yes, restrict or remove those services the actual tax payers receive like Fire, Police, Libraries and swimming pools. Don't be fooled most taxpayers actually only use one or two of those services. Lets say you would miss the library, for example a raise of .5% income tax on 100K income is $500.00, so instead of using the library you take your $500.00 and go to Half Priced books, do you believe you really think will spend that much a year?

Also don't be fooled by the claims Police and Fire protect you, mostly they deal with the after math chalk line and investigate, and pour water on the soldering embers of what used to be a home. You want protection go to Vance's buy a gun and Lowes and pick up some smoke alarms.

When government helps it's just too expensive, tell them no please. By the way never did they speak about rolling it back when times get better!

Don C., Blacklick

Don makes a couple of good points about how you could spend your money better and more efficiently than the government can, but I doubt anyone will seriously take this point to the people. Truth is I can trust a person, but I can't trust people. That's part of the reason I have a CCW. I can trust my friends, but there are a lot of other people out there I don't know. Some people would use the money as Don suggests, but there are also a lot of people that would waste it or simply not even realize they have a "windfall" and just continue to live as they do without the services proposed to be cut. I've already reconciled myself to the fact that $400 or so will be coming out of my paycheck extra for the next few years. In fact, it will probably be permanent. Ever hear of a tax being repealed on a ballot that was initiated by the government?

Still a good question can be generated from this letter specifically directed towards my blog's audience concerning the police and fire departments being pretty much reactionary in nature. Here goes.

Theoretical Situation: The city you lived in said that they were going to severely cut police protection in order to preserve fire protection but you were going to be given a one time only tax credit of $350 to put towards a burglar alarm, security improvements to your home (locks, window bars, ect) self defense training or (legal) firearm for protection in your home. You currently have none of these for the sake of the question.

Which would you choose?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments!


SuperFrikinAwsome said...

Let me just start by saying that you hit the nail on the head by saying " You dont trust people as a whole" Thats the whole reason I started buying firearms. I have a wife and a little girl with Cerbral Palsy in my house and I didnt want anything to happen where i couldnt defend them, my house, or my belongings.

I accidently left the garage door open overnight last summer. When I realized it it was too late. whoever it was, came in and stole a $500 saw, my daughters portable DVD player, a $200 socket set and my trust in socioty. It seems that too many people care about themselves too much to care about anyone else. I believe that statment applies to politicians as well.

To answer you ? What would I buy? Another gun and bullets. My locks on my doors work just fine. If someone is in my house and i didnt invite them in....well.....I hope that never happens cause it will not be good for anyone.

Huey148 said...

Good points, but lets try this again. Assuming you have nothing to start with and only a $350 budget, what items would you buy?

Just to get it rolling here are my choices:

High security deadbolts, door reinforecement and striker plates, window locks and a good 2" dowel for the sliding door, and flashlight (all about $150 at Lowes)

Hi-Point 9mm and 2 boxes of ammo ($200 at any shop)

Yes you read that right, a Hi-Point. Hey if I'm on a limited budget I would buy what I can afford that I know works. I have reviewed the C-9 before and have no problem endorsing its use.

If James from www.Hellinahandbasket.net reads this he may agree with me. Working within a budget is not easy with tough decisions to be made. My logic here is the locks would slow down an intruder long enough for me to detect him and give me time to retrieve the pistol.

I think sometimes I take it for granted that the wife and I make more than adequate scratch and I live in a decent neighborhood. Many people around me live on much less and in much worse areas. The folks at Sig, H&K and some others leave these folks behind in prices. Most folks on a limited budget will buy what they can, regardless of the "cool" factor. I am just trying to get outside the box here for a bit and role play a different scenario for me.

and Kevin, Hey, we still need to go shooting, you available Wednesday?

Kevin said...

Well I would go the opposite way you did, I would go and get the gun/ammo first, and put the rest into locks etc.
It is a hard question to answer, since although I can see myself forced into a situation without a gun, I can't see myself not having the simple tools to have made my home already secure, and to improve/improvise on what I already have installed.
But for the situation at hand, the gun is more important than securing an empty home. I can cut down a mop handle (need the broom more often) block all entries but one, and buy a better lock for the main entrance.... Less Police deterrent will make the criminals bolder, therefore the best return for your money is self defense, they will have more time to defeat even the best locks/bars/alarms so the ROI there is smaller.

SuperFrikinAwsome said...

Im still sticking to my first decision. A gun and bullets. So be it a high point. Like i said. My locks work. All it will do is slow them down. If they want to get in they can regaurdless of the fancy bolts or securtiy hardware you get at Lowes.

As far as wednesday shooting? My grandfather in law is getting put in a nursing home. So I will be in Hilliard movong some furniture and helping with the transition. Poor guy! I'm not looking forward to getting that old.

Oh ya! I went to delaware rifle range today! Drove all the way out there to find out it was closed on Monday and Tuesday!!!!

Just my luck!

Next wednesday? Powder Room? PT-845 & my Beretta 92FS.