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Friday, June 19, 2009

One More For The Vault

Funny thing happened on the way home from work the other day.....
I got a message on Facebook earlier this week from my friend Eric with whom I went plate shooting last month that this coming weekend was the next match. After paying for the centerfire division you can fire the course in the .22 division for free. Now, last time I had a barrel of fun so I was sure not to miss out on the entire experience this time. Trouble is the .22 pistol I own is a S&W 22A semi-auto which I have found to be, while accurate, lacking in decent sights. I have cast an eye from time to time at the Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 and they were on sale at the local volume sales dealer I shop at here in town (yes the one I complained about in an earlier post, I went back - hey I do the same thing with Wally World). Brought my 22A in for trade but they would only give me less than half what I paid for it in trade so I bought the Mosquito on sale for $299 anyway and kept the S&W. After I got home I realized what a waste this was. I already had a .22 pistol (gentlemen - pay attention here, this type of faulty logic often gets us in trouble with the wives) and don't use it as much as I thought I would. I just spent another $300 on a pistol with the same function because it looks "cooler" - and trust me the Mosquito does, like a somewhat small P226.

The Sig Saure Mosquito

I have always tried to buy weapons that I saw that fit a particular niche in my "arsenal" or for a particular collection purpose by either type or interest. Right now realistically (ignoring some pieces that I would like to get but are waaaay over my head in the price range) I had a "triad" of weapons that I wanted to get in the near future. A decent bolt-action hunting/sport rifle, an AR variety EBR (Evil Black Rifle) and a medium frame .357magnum for field and target use. This additional .22 did not fit any of these roles, nor could I see it significantly improving upon the role for which pistol I had bought it to replace.

So I took the Mosquito back intending to wait a while longer. Unfortunately I found out that all they would do is issue a store credit so I either kept the pistol I didn't want or find something else. And then I saw her.......

She was beautiful..

She was powerful...

She was almost perfect...

And she was priced right.....

love at first sight!!!!

"She" was a used Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum six shot medium frame revolver. I found her tucked away under the newer pistol for display in the Ruger case, I was looking for a GP-100 but then found this classic. The Security Six was Rugers foray into the law enforcement and security market back before the onset of the semi-auto fever that took wheelguns off the hips of our police officers and replaced them with 15 shot steel and plastic wunderguns. Ruger specifically designed these particular pistols for durability and purposely over-engineered the frame and parts to withstand thousands and thousands of rounds. Upon examining mine I found a little holster wear and some mild usage marks on the weapon, but it appeared to be a pistol that was shot occasionally and taken care of pretty damn well. I ran the serial number, 159-XXXXX, and found that it was produced somewhere around 1983. Over 25 years ago and it still looked like a newer pistol. It is solid, it feels commensurate with the power of the round it fires. The .357 Magnum is the real deal. Its rounds power out of the 4" barrel at 1200 up to 1600 feet a second creating massive power dumps on its target up to and exceeding 700 foot pounds, depending on the load. It has been a trusted round since its adoption in the 1930's. More than just a lengthened .38 special cartridge, the .357 Magnum introduced a whole new meaning to the words "hand cannon". You now had a cartridge which excelled at almost any task at hand, personal defense, defeating automobile engine blocks (of its day) and also could be used to take medium sized game. You name it and the .357 has done it. Also, being base on a .38 special, it would still accept and fire those rounds for training or less strenuous duties if needed.

Now THIS is a beautiful pistol! Even is slightly worn!

There is some minor holster wear but overall this pistol is in over 85% new conditon, not bad for a pistol made when I was 15!

The grips are plastic and not the original wood that would of been on it, but they look nice and seem to work fine in my hands.

Again some wear on the sights, but they are adjustable and seem to be in really good shape and just need a bit of darkening on the corners and edges.

Six rounds of .357 magnum goodness awaits!

The pistol is a stainless steel model with a 4" barrel, plastic grips and adjustable sights. Like I said, other than the serial number and some wear marks, you would not think that this pistol was over 25 years old. I can't overstate how much I love looking at and holding this piece. I only paid $350 for it so with the trade it I only got zapped for an additional $50 and got a much more powerful piece for the collection, and one for which I had a "need".

I am going to take it with me to the steel plate match tomorrow and shoot it a bit afterwards if I can and will post my experience with it in a few days.

Video of the Ruger Security Six from Youtube (gotta love that YouTube)


SuperFrikinAwsome said...

I know we have never met but if you and your buddy would like some company when you go to your next steel plate match id love to check it out! Ive allways wanted to get involved in something like that but i never knew how to get into it.

That is a nice looking revolver! I have a GP 100. It is one of my favorite guns to shoot. Good call on taking the Sig Back. Especially since you already have a .22 pistol.

Huey148 said...

I'll hook up with you this week and we can get things locked with you for the match next month.

The Gp 100 is the next evolution of what the Security Six started so you should have a pistol for life too. My Six shot perfect today, it is great firing magnum rounds!