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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, June 5, 2009

More Tales of Ammo Purchases and Retail Adventures....

Wow, I have been fairly fortunate as of late when it comes to actually finding some ammo. Today I actually scored twice. Once at a big box retailer with a blue sign headquartered in a Southern state and yet later at another big box retailer with a red sign that hails from "that state up North" as we like to say in Ohio. In both locations I found a limited number of boxes of Winchester white box 180gr. FMJ .40 S&W, 5 at the blue store and 10 at the red store. The blue store would only sell my 6 boxes at a time so I cleaned him out. The red store would only sell me 5 of the 1o so some other lucky guy or gal is going to find them later I am sure. The red store had all 10 boxes shoved in the back of the lowest shelf so most people looking would never of seen them. I just happened to squat down to try and find the price of another round that they had on the shelf and noticed them. The blue store was selling each box for $16.97 while the red store had theirs for $19.99. When I asked a manager if they would match prices since I still had my receipt from blue store in my pocket they said that they would only match advertised sale prices and also would not allow me to buy all of their stock as they would then have to reorder.

Can you tell the difference between these 2 boxes? I can, the one on the left is from a big box retailer with a blue sign for $16.97, the one on the right is from one of its competitors with a red sign for $19.99. I don't know, maybe the one on the right is magic or something...

So I stated back to him what he told me that they would not match there key competitor's price and they would rather not sell me their last 5 boxes of ammo from their already cleaned out shelves. He nodded North and South back at me. OK. I guess we are worse off economically than I thought. Maybe the red sign store is hoping for yet another government bail out of retail giants and don't think they need to be competitive with the biggest gorilla in the game. Oh well, I bought the 5 boxes that I could since I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to stockpile some .40 cal target rounds. Maybe I'll go back and get the other 5 boxes, but probably not.

Anyway, made some mad purchases yesterday and grew my ammo stores of .40 by 500 rounds and also picked up another brick of .22lr for the hell of it. My contributions to stimulating the economy.

My happy little pile of ammo from yesterday, ready to go into the ammo can behind it.


SuperFrikinAwsome said...

I want your job money bags!!!!

Huey148 said...

That's pure credit card right there! :-)

maskedhobo said...

I need to get some more ammo. I need it all 7.62x39, 9mm, .22lr, 12GA. Glad to see someone with ammo. :)

Huey148 said...

This was pure fluke here, generally I buy a box of something each payday, I have been stockpiling 7.62x54 due to the low price (24.99/100 rounds) and the fact that I don't think there would be anyway they would ever ban a round for bolt action rifles.