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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some PT845 Videos (not mine)

I have been meaning to get a video together on the Taurus PT845 that I reviewed last month. I guess I have been too lazy to really get it together. I did bring my camera to the range last time but the batteries were dead. Seeing how this has been the most viewed and commented post of mine (probably because, as I pointed out before, Taurus itself has pitiful little mention of it on their own website) I will try and get it done soon. Here are a few vids I found on Youtube to tide you over until then.

Mad Ogre's gun store counter review

For anyone who doesn't know the Ogre, he's a vet that works in a gun shop in Utah and has a pretty interesting site, www.madogre.com. He has plenty of good vids on Youtube. Matter of fact, this is the video that initially got me interested in the PT845.

Notice at 0:41 in the video that he retracts the slide slightly to check that a round isn't loaded before he pulls the trigger. He does this despite the fact that he has worked the action without a magazine in previously and cleared it. He is a professional to be sure. Good safety habits stay with you even when you aren't on the range.

Range video of the PT845 in action by JonWhipple.

Good video of the PT 845 firing. This guy humbly admits that he is not a great shooter, I'll take his first grouping from 7 yards any day of the week.

BTW, getting a hold of Taurus this week to address my issues with the slide that I outlined in the review. I am really loving this pistol after the last few trips to the range!

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