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Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Good Man Among a Few Good Men

Found in the news

History Channel host finds cash on Montana street

  • Wed Apr 8, 6:56 am ET
MISSOULA, Mont. – Actor R. Lee Ermey is living up to the Marine Corps' mantra: "A Few Good Men."

The former Marine drill instructor and host of The History Channel's "Mail Call" was in Missoula on Monday to film a segment for his upcoming series, "Locked and Loaded," when he said he found some cash. A lot of cash.

Ermey, best known for playing the drill instructor in Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket," said he was driving with crew member Harlan Glenn to a museum when he spotted a black object on the road.

Ermey stopped the car and picked up the bag, which contained cash and checks that looked like they were meant for deposit in a Native American fund.

"Just on one deposit slip alone was, like, $3,700, and another one for $2,800," Glenn said. "There was easily $8,000 in cash and the rest in checks."

Ermey told the Missoulian newspaper he thought: "Some poor guy right now is probably getting fired, probably having the worst day of his life. So what we did was we went right down to the Wells Fargo bank and deposited it for him."

Don Luke, a business expert at the Wells Fargo branch, said he was surprised to see "The Gunny" stroll in.

"We weren't sure if it wasn't 'Candid Camera,'" Luke said.


I had the opportunity to meet "The Gunny" last year at an appearance at Vance's Guns in Columbus. While he was a bit brief with anyone who wasn't wearing Marine apparel, he never less took the time to thank you for coming and sign autographs, take pictures and the like. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy and lives up to his bigger-than-life reputation in person. I have no doubt that he would of done the same thing if he had found the money and not been a celebrity.

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