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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Latest Reincarnation of my WASR-10 GP

Oh how boys love to tinker with their toys.

Yes, I know a AKM patterned rifle is not a toy. But I do like to mess around with it to alter its appearance to whatever I am in the mood for at the moment. I generally prefer to go with all original wood furniture on AK's but I have to make an exception once in a while.

Just as a reminder, this is the stock WASR-10 GP as it was when I bought it last year...

...and this is how it looks now!

Sorry, no can do comrade!!

What I've changed to date:

Added a Tapco synthetic stock. I have one of their folding stocks but I just prefer this type overall for its looks and functionality.

I added an enhanced pistol grip from the ATI "Strikeforce" package and also a new fire control group available from Red Star Arms. The FGC removed the long creepy pull of the original group and provides a clean, crisp break for each shot.

Modified the safety lever to allow the bolt to be held open, nice if you are on a range that is picky about that sort of stuff.

Another look at the safety so you can seen how I cut the modification.

I replaced the base sight with a Mojo peep aperture type sight. I have it zeroed for the battle sight setting on the original sight so it should be accurate enough for consistent hits on man sized targets out to about 300 meters if I do my part.

The front hand guard (lower) and heat shield (upper) are also from the ATI "Strikeforce" package. The small tactical rail shown on the side of the hand guard is there in case I want or need to mount my M3 weapon light to it.

and lastly a AK-74 style muzzle brake that I am still undecided about. I will need to run a side by side with it against the stock slant brake to decide which one I will keep on it.

Still looking to get a tritium front sight post, a optics rail to go on the mounting bracket on the left side of the receiver and a few other goodies. More to come.

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