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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guns & Ammo's Complete Book Of The AK47

Still working on getting my thoughts together and some pics to complete my review of the Taurus PT845. On a side note for now....

Picked up Guns & Ammo's Compete Book Of The AK47 today at a carry out for $8.99. Money well spent. It really isn't a book, but a rather thick magazine chocked full of stories and articles about the AK and with a TON of color pictures. It starts out with an outstanding story about Mikail Kalishnikov. I know he is the former enemy of my country, but you have got to respect a man who was only driven by the desire to protect his Motherland and not (purely) by communist idealism. The fact that his lifestyle even by Russian standards is rather pedestrian because he reaped no major financial rewards from his design - and it content with that - bear witness to this.

The magazine also covers other articles such as improving the base rifle, origins of the different types of AK's, zeroing and - most interestingly to me - how to use the ubiquitous cleaning kit found in most AK stocks imported. Many of these articles are well documented and explained, great information if you are just starting out with your first AK or if you want some good reading material if you already have a few.

It states on the cover it will be on newstands until June 16, 2009. Grab a copy while you can!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking for the Guns & Ammo Complete book of the AK-47 2009 issue as pictured in this blog. If anyone has one for sale.Please contact me.